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Forsaken Origins by wiz_yann
Forsaken Originsby yana
Humans and the Demon race... they are never in good terms. The first war have befallen between them half a millennium years ago, with the participation of the three lege...
Perhaps this is Love by Blue__Majesty
Perhaps this is Loveby Bluejiniee
It's always been Wonyoung's dream to enter in the prestigious Enozi University and her dream came true when her auntie decided to send her to Seoul to be the caretaker o...
KimKim's Kids by wizayone
KimKim's Kidsby Izzy
Kim Chaewon is a successful artist in a group with her two best friends. She's married to the love of her life, gorgeous model, Kim Minju. However, a part of her still f...
Arrange To My Ex Best Friend (Annyeongz)√ by kwonpay
Arrange To My Ex Best Friend ( IZ*ONE!IVE!YURINA!
Yujin and wonyoung are Best friends but what will happen if someone will come into there life and broke there friendship what if they'll just wake up without them being...
There's You by KYOCHUU
There's Youby uwu jisoo uwu
A succesful solo artist, Yena, who has her name built in the industry ever since her debut 2 years ago had a scandal with Jo Yuri, the main vocalist of the youngest grou...
Color Outside the Lines by Yenasyn
Color Outside the Linesby Yurigetic
The school's troublemaker Jang Wonyoung is at the risk of expulsion after one of her pranks go a bit too far. In order to save her, Class President Ahn Yujin makes a dea...
Fifty Shades Of Ahn  by prebimbim
Fifty Shades Of Ahn by uno
Wonyoung found herself attracted to the tsundere queen from IVE University named Ahn Yujin the famous basketball player. Author: Uno Twitter: @premiumnbly
Charmed? I'm Not (annyeongz version) by IVDV22
Charmed? I'm Not (annyeongz IVDV22
The more Wonyoung plays hard to get the more Yujin wants to go after her. An AU in which Wonyoung can't seem to fall for Yujin's charm (Originally written by rutabega. A...
More Than Words by Achan_21
More Than Wordsby Achannie
A KangBi AU wherein a certain quiet transferee piqued the interest of the Student Council President "You sure are an interesting one, Ms. Kang"
Meeting you by unniefan17
Meeting youby unniefan17
"Meeting you once was just a coincidence. Meeting you more than once was beyond my control". Sequel of Finding you
actions speak louder than words // kim minju + kim chaewon by chaengstrawberry
actions speak louder than chaeng's strawberry 🍓
"Actions speak louder than words..." "What?" The younger one confidently smirks and shrugs, "Just... wait and see." Kim Chaewon had never b...
The Trouble Makers || Izone AU by gAeNaTiOn
The Trouble Makers || Izone AUby tal
"Is falling inlove a trouble too?" date started: 07/29/20 date ended: ?/?/?
gay oneshots (BOOK 3) by Shippingbrotatochip
gay oneshots (BOOK 3)by straw-very gay ;p
[ranked #1 in wonako - 7/16/22] [ranked #1 in mintomi - 6/5/22] = MAINLY IVE AND IZ*ONE, and a few gg's i stan = consists of: *an excessive amount of fluff *some steamy...
"Yujin, i love you. Would you give me a chance?" "Of course, Wonyoung, i will." I hope i will give light for you to us BE TOGETHER. I Love You. When...
V O I C E || YulYen by yul_iii
V O I C E || YulYenby raine
"You know, speaking up for yourself doesn't hurt you." Date Started:05/12/20 Date Ended:08/27/20 Highest Ranking(s) #1 - yenyul #1 - 2kim #2 - chaekura #2 - eu...
||A Desire to Love and Trust|| Eunbi x Nako by Mizuki_48
||A Desire to Love and Trust|| Mizuki_48
When a spoiled royal princess meets her soon to be fiance, she starts to care more around her and starts changing after spending time with her soon to be fiance First e...
The Library... | ✔ by Innocence_Maknae
The Library... | ✔by (๑¯∇¯๑)
Yena is a popular student always get a love letter every day but then one day she met a girl in a library and her name is Jo Yuri. Yuri is a simple girl and yes Yena fa...
Annyeongz Fluff Oneshots (j.w.y and a.y.j) by lovedivefiction
Annyeongz Fluff Oneshots (j.w.y lovedivefanfiction
yes the title says it all. Plagiarism is a crime!!⚠️⚠️
[✓] rebel ➳ annyeongz by stmwrites
[✓] rebel ➳ annyeongzby ㅤ
[ eng • chat | narration ] ❝ in which yujin started to have feelings for her step-sister, wonyoung. ❞ © stmwrites 2019 PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!