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Take This To Heart: KakaSaku by myhumanerror
Take This To Heart: KakaSakuby re:
She found it in the most unlikely places, at such strange times. Haruno Sakura was a little girl too in love with the idea of love to realise she had it in front of her...
Kakashi's Mission (Kakasak by Airin0606
Kakashi's Mission (Kakasakby Airin0606
Kakashi and Sakura were both trapped in a blizzard for days. The moment Kakashi's body goes into a hypothermic state-a core temperature that's too low-his brain and nerv...
Fate Written in Stars by YourEmpressXancx
Fate Written in Starsby EmpressYi
After the Shinobi war Sasuke finally came back to the Hidden leaf village and everyone was happy to see him and welcomed him on that same day Sakura was talking to kakas...
A forbidden Story! (Kakasaku) by hatakekiim
A forbidden Story! (Kakasaku)by kimm
she was once seeking for love and attention but she never knew where she was destine to find it or why. But all she knew was she loved being around and felt like she co...
kakashi rapes sakura by ThunderyNights
kakashi rapes sakuraby thunder
kakashi forces sakura to love him
Moments by Nikkette
Momentsby Jewel
Love happens in moments. These are theirs. KakaSaku.
Kakashi x Sakura - That silly girl by renellfox
Kakashi x Sakura - That silly girlby renellfox
Sakura hasn't been feeling very confident lately as a skilled shinobi, and avoids Kakashi Sensei. Kakashi doesn't take this lightly. 18+
Accept or Decline? A Kakasaku Story🍃 (SLOW UPDATES) by weeb-noot
Accept or Decline? A Kakasaku Stor...by weeb-noot
It was obvious that the shinobi were going to lose in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Sakura was assigned a mission, one where she could never come back to the real world. W...
Sakura Kakashi love story (Discontinued-rewrite in description) by ashaly50000
Sakura Kakashi love story (Discont...by Breanna
This story is discontinued! I have a rewritten version that I am still working on. It's called Midnight favor and you can find it on my profile. It's a much more mature...
You're my safe place! by KakashiHatake317
You're my safe place!by Kakashi Hatake
My first fanfiction ever, im still in beginning but im hoping to do better. All the characters are 18+
Contradictions {KakashixSakura} by jokergirl2001
Contradictions {KakashixSakura}by jokergirl2001
"Sakura and Kakashi? Those two have been living in their own world since Naruto and Sasuke left." Tsunade casually said. "They're even betting on which on...
•Tears of Blood•°KakaSaku°🍋 by Kakashi_cvm_drinker
•Tears of Blood•°KakaSaku°🍋by Kakashi_cvm_drinker
A sad story of Kakashi and Sakura. Quick Disclaimer this story contains: KakaSaku Different Au/a bit modern bcs they have have phones bcs why not Sh suicide Lemon Sad S...
The fangs blossom Kakashi x Sakura one shot by MADomingo
The fangs blossom Kakashi x Sakura...by MADomingo
This is my first kakasaku one shot on Wattpad. I know it's not excellent and I make it seem so much easier to fall for a guy twice your age but I wanted it to be short...
𝒈𝒍𝒖𝒆. by vasiadiadein
𝒈𝒍𝒖𝒆.by vasia
Author: Lady Icicle Summary: Because she was the glue that held them together, and she would do anything for her boys. Warnings: Character death, Angst, Hints of Team Se...
Konoha's Cherry Blossom {REWRITTEN} by KairosElysian
Konoha's Cherry Blossom {REWRITTEN}by Kairos Elysian
One of the most cruel thing you could ever do is leave someone without telling them why. There's nothing more painful than not knowing you weren't worth an explanation...
On Her Terms (A Kakasaku Oneshot) by Cinnabun_Frosting
On Her Terms (A Kakasaku Oneshot)by MJ Yoo
Sakura has had enough of waiting for Sasuke and Kakashi just happens to be a victim. (Disclaimer: I don't own Sakura, Sasuke or Kakashi. They're the work of Masashi Kish...
KakaSaku: The Hero in the Red Scarf by HatakeGirl
KakaSaku: The Hero in the Red Scarfby HatakeGirl
Once, a family went to camp in the woods. They were a family with one 6 year-old daughter. The next morning, the father told his family they were going fishing. In their...
Later Than Forever 》 KakaSaku by lilxanfuhyobihh
Later Than Forever 》 KakaSakuby żėnösynė
This has lemons in it! Be warned! I am also not very good at descriptions, just read the first chapter and see if ya like it! ❤️ Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any...
Universos Conectados (Completita) <3 by LizAra534
Universos Conectados (Completita)...by Araliz
Nuestra Historia comienza en el momento que Sasuke ataca a Sakura en Naruto Shippuden, pero en lugar de que Kakashi la salvara, lo que hace es mandarla a otro universo j...