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Mine~♡ (Myg×pjm)  by Xiao_backstreet
Mine~♡ (Myg×pjm) by - Tyler -
A Yoonmin au where , Jimin a CEO , have troubles with his life when he feels a presence at his penthouse. Yoongi working as a ghost hunter , helps him. ( Read of more )...
I Can Make It Right - A Darshan Raval Fan Fiction by Nehhaa_
I Can Make It Right - A Darshan N E H A 💫
We had it all, didn't we? The love, the peace, the trust. But somehow the empire we built came crashing down. And the love we felt was replaced by anger and hate. I neve...
Him, always him by Nehhaa_
Him, always himby N E H A 💫
"Why did you let her go?", She asked. "Because there where she belongs, to him, her home. No matter how far she will go, she'll always run back to him tha...
Whom does quotes not inspire ? It inspires everyone. And my life totally depends on quotes . A quote describes everything very Beautifully like: Sky Rain Tears Smile Hap...
Something  by Smile_Everyday_lol
Something by Smiles
Idk I wrote sum of this a long time ago and I just remembered that I had it somewhere lol
Complicated Love (a Bars and Melody fan fiction) by bamaremyidiots
Complicated Love (a Bars and bamaremyidiots
This story is about a girl called Kira and her Complicated Cinderella Story. Important- Charlie and Leo are the same age in this fan fiction which is important to know...
SMILE by KhushiSingh2074
SMILEby Khushi Singh
Your smile can act like a lifeline to a sad person
Rules Of Loving by justloveyourself_
Rules Of Lovingby Love Yourself™
A book where we see what builds up self-hatred And also how to slowly turn that hate into love. Just like a good wattpad bad boy story XD So join in, read, laugh and lov...
keep smiling| batim Fan Fiction (English version)  by InkBendy199
keep smiling| batim Fan Fiction ( Ink Bendy
Bendy is the protagonist of a children's cartoon. Leather he has only one problem. He can not stop smiling. He gets help from his friends and the studio staff. Can you m...
little notes: positivity book | X by DinosaurRebel
little notes: positivity book | Xby the dinosaur
notes for me and you and everyone: here lies positivity and self care hey there, yes you silly! this book is filled with words that could help you through your day! so...
THE WISDOM by vidurshi
THE WISDOMby the_fluttering_feelings
we often find excuses for our rotten life,we blame our life for our failures..but here comes a tale that would allow you to relate your positive vibes to the real world...
My Wierd Write Ups by things_happen__
My Wierd Write Upsby dumm-yy
Love is the most beautiful experience one could have. Surely it change once in good. Sometimes opposite, might break your heart, leaves you wild.
a 16 year old self love journey  by nicoleefinkl
a 16 year old self love journey by nicoleefinkl
just a girl journaling, trying to get her thoughts clear and founding her way to self love and self acceptance through rough experiences
Mention Your Faves by Mimi_love_cookies
Mention Your Favesby 🔆Mimi🔆
#We_Turned_A_New_Leaf ~~~~~~~~ Thanks for all the support you have shown us so far! Cover by @_musu__
You must have faith by Soundboxismyname
You must have faithby Soundboxismyname
If you are in a point in your life where you don't know if everything will be okay read this.
Pusong Martir by Ashamars
Pusong Martirby Ashamars
Tula ng isang babaeng iniwan sa pangalawang pagkakataon pero hindi sumusuko, nagmamahal pa rin .. Hanggang sa puso nya ay naging martir.
Sweetheart Tales by XxsweetblondiexX
Sweetheart Talesby XxsweetblondiexX
Just a little stuff about me.the ya xx