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Owari no Yaoi by ugly_melon
Owari no Yaoiby ugly_melon
This story will be one-shots about the following ships -MikaYuu -GureShin -CrowFeri -KimiYoi -ReLa I hope you enjoy this book [DISCLAIMER] I do not own Owa...
One Mistake Leads To Another by MoonLightKnight1771
One Mistake Leads To Anotherby Moon Light Knight
Boy x Boy relationship between two close squad members. But what will happen when one is caught kissing another man? Will there relationship be ruined? Or will it just...
Pirate Romance [Discontinued] by tessyoc
Pirate Romance [Discontinued]by tessyoc
The love story of two very opposite people at status but similar at heart. Prince Yuichiro Amane of Hyakuya Kingdom finds himself pulled into a world that he had only im...
Eyes like Emeralds {MikaYuu} by sourmeraki
Eyes like Emeralds {MikaYuu}by sour.meraki
『"What if doesn't work? I know you're the love of my life but... what if you're not my soulmate?" I began to cry, burying my face into his chest. "Don't...
The Look In Red Eyes by fallingmistinthedark
The Look In Red Eyesby Misty
Once upon a time, Mika had a family. Once upon a time, Mika was human. Once upon a time, Mika lost it all. Upon trying to escape from the underground vampire city, Sang...
The Crime of Loving You by crapidoodles
The Crime of Loving Youby crapidoodles
New Family by yoichi542
New Familyby Cupcake Phoenix
It had been a simple mission. Get in, kill the Vampire noble, and get out. Now, 6 of their group had been captured and 5 were in the process of becoming vampires by Feri...
KimiYoi Oneshots :D by makotoshipsyou
KimiYoi Oneshots :Dby makotoshipsyou
just some kimiyoi one shots i made cuz i want more of these 2 :) also these two are my otp in owari no seraph :)
Run away with me ( kimiyoi fanfic) by Pacerz
Run away with me ( kimiyoi fanfic)by Ingy Pace
There was a small town out side of the school kimizuki had already patrolled it and he knew with his cursed gear he could keep yoichi safe so "yoichi run away with...
Mika x Neko!Yuu [MikaYuu][ON HIATUS]  by yuukou_ii
Mika x Neko!Yuu [MikaYuu][ON yukii
I decided to make a Neko!Yuu x Mika fanfic bcuz why not? Mikaela is just a simple student who studies at the Seraph Academy and he has a adoptive mother named krul she w...
In The Midst of Chaos by Yandere_145
In The Midst of Chaosby Yandere_145
The year was 2020 and the all-out war between humans and vampires was at its highest point. Yoichi and Kimizuki were in training to join the Moon Demon company and becam...
The Heat of Summer (MikaYuu) by hinekureneji
The Heat of Summer (MikaYuu)by Hinekure Neji
Yuichirou Hyakuya's life has been upturned more times than he can count. Removed from his parents' custody at eight years old, he was bounced back and forth between mult...
Colors  by DoctorOrgansTaken
Colors by Doctor Organs
Art by: Official art from "Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen." Guren is too coward to confess. Shinya is too busy with his family issues. Yu is trying to...
Your Love Is A Song by fallingmistinthedark
Your Love Is A Songby Misty
One-shots of all my OTPs based off of different songs. They can be fluffy scenarios, smutty scenarios, angsty, bittersweet, and even fun. I may take requests of songs fr...
Owari no Seraph One-Shots by axiinite
Owari no Seraph One-Shotsby axinite
- owari no seraph one-shots - pairings included: • Mika x Yuu | Mikayuu • Guren x Shinya | Gureshin • Shinoa x Mitsuba | Shinotsu • Kimizuki x Yoichi | Kimiyoi • Rene x...
The Jedi and The Sith (Star Wars AU, Mikayuu story, and female Yuu) by Superkid0704
The Jedi and The Sith (Star Wars Superkid0704
After witnessing her friend get captured by Ferid, one of the the Sith lords, Yuichira Amane (Yuu's female name) devoted her life to becoming a jedi to be able to get re...
Little canvas{Kimiyoi} by Teeny-weeny-coconut
Little canvas{Kimiyoi}by Kokonatsu
Modern boyxboy Yoichi Saotome has always been self conscious about his body. He has always been smaller and physically weaker than the boys at his school. Kimizuki, Yoic...
Ship Texts! by BlueflareTheNerd
Ship Texts!by BlueflareTheNerd
Just some yaoi ships and their texts! We do not own any of these characters, they belong to the creators.
Kimiyoi (one shot) by Pacerz
Kimiyoi (one shot)by Ingy Pace
Kimizuki x yoichi sad oneshot Warning triggers maybe Sad yeah