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Pirate Romance [Discontinued] by tessyoc
Pirate Romance [Discontinued]by tessyoc
The love story of two very opposite people at status but similar at heart. Prince Yuichiro Amane of Hyakuya Kingdom finds himself pulled into a world that he had only im...
Lovely~ (mikayuu) by FireEllie99
Lovely~ (mikayuu)by forg
Yuuichiro wakes up in an unknown pink bedroom. He finds out he's been trapped in a labyrinth for keeping subjects deemed worthy of being the Vampire Prince's bride. Howe...
Eyes like Emeralds {MikaYuu} by sourmeraki
Eyes like Emeralds {MikaYuu}by sour.meraki
『"What if doesn't work? I know you're the love of my life but... what if you're not my soulmate?" I began to cry, burying my face into his chest. "Don't...
The Mermaid and The Boy ||Gureshin|| by shinyahiragay
The Mermaid and The Boy || shinyahiragay
This is the story about a boy named Guren Ichinose who's parents drowned when he was only 7 years old. Since then his aunt has taken care of him, not allowing him to go...
Remember Me { Mikayuu & Yuumika } by Oceanaura_
Remember Me { Mikayuu & Yuumika }by Lura🌌
" Promise me one thing.." Yuu said, locking his eyes into his." Yes my love?" His deep husky voice said as it sent tingles along Yuus body. " Re...
Sen, yaraların ve ben || Kimiyoi by imai_amai
Sen, yaraların ve ben || Kimiyoiby imai
◃:✮.❃ Tetikleyici içerik barındırabilir lütfen buna dikkat ederek okuyun!! (!tw! -mention of self harm) ◃:✮.❃ Galiba tek türkçe kimiyoi fanfic bu 👉👈 ◃:✮.❃ Keyifli oku...
Mika x Neko!Yuu [MikaYuu][ON HIATUS]  by yuukou_ii
Mika x Neko!Yuu [MikaYuu][ON yukii
I decided to make a Neko!Yuu x Mika fanfic bcuz why not? Mikaela is just a simple student who studies at the Seraph Academy and he has a adoptive mother named krul she w...
Mikaela things by Best_Girl_Shinoa
Mikaela thingsby Best_Girl_Shinoa
just a bunch of one shots like crack stuff I randomly think of during the day, most of which includes Mika.
owari no seraph things by mika-chan136
owari no seraph thingsby mikayuu
So I always wanted to create a "book" of owari no seraph where everybody can share or simply read or look at; arts, oneshots, jokes or other things! If you are...
Mitsunoa - Colors by Fizz_is_the_name
Mitsunoa - Colorsby Fizz
Boh presto arriverá una bio migliore ma per ora vi dico solo che avevo la mitsunoa in testa e ho deciso di scrivere una fanfiction. Enjoy~
Cuento de papel [ mitsunoa y mitsumika ] by mikashindo
Cuento de papel [ mitsunoa y ZaacK
mitsuba es una estudiante que va comenzando primer año de universida y se da cuenta que todos sus amigos de secundaria y preparatoria estaban alli mitsuba se puso mas f...
Through the Night by fallingmistinthedark
Through the Nightby Misty
Yuu Ichinose was never meant to feel worthless. Mikaela Hyakuya was never meant to be alone. Shinoa Hiiragi was never meant to take all the blame. Mitsuba Sangu was neve...
Your Love Is A Song by fallingmistinthedark
Your Love Is A Songby Misty
One-shots of all my OTPs based off of different songs. They can be fluffy scenarios, smutty scenarios, angsty, bittersweet, and even fun. I may take requests of songs fr...
Drops of blood- Mikayuu by kimykitty12
Drops of blood- Mikayuuby SinfulKitten
This starts at the end of Season 2. It will not be following the Manga. Yuu, his friend's, and(*cough*lover*cough*) Mika are coming back from living near the ocean, bec...
ons texts ♡ by kaomisa
ons texts ♡by mimi ✧
Just cute/funny/sad¿/other kinds of texts from the Owari no Seraph cast! I don't take requests, only suggestions. :) I'll update when I have the time.
Seraph Of The Stars by iamhappydoodah
Seraph Of The Starsby hand mania
A long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far, away... The Empire is creating human/alien crosses called vampires. These vampires are Force-drinking dogs of the Empire, o...
In love with the enemy  by FeridLiz
In love with the enemy by FeridLiz
In cooperation with @Honeyconney (If anyone wants to read good German Fanfiction.... Go there.) The German story is on her account. This contains Mikayuu, Kimiyoi, Gure...
The Heat of Summer (MikaYuu) by hinekureneji
The Heat of Summer (MikaYuu)by Hinekure Neji
Yuichirou Hyakuya's life has been upturned more times than he can count. Removed from his parents' custody at eight years old, he was bounced back and forth between mult...
Satanic romance by Best_Girl_Shinoa
Satanic romanceby Best_Girl_Shinoa
This idea is from the wonderful Mazura-chan from her book Owari no plots! Mikalea was the greatest vampire in all of hell, he was the strongest, the smartest, the most b...