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"Unknown Curse..?" { CRK AU } by imaginemebeinghot
"Unknown Curse..?" { CRK AU }by Madeleine's mom
this story is about Espresso and Madeleine, so in this AU: espresso is normal at the morning, also is Madeleine, but once it turns dark at night, espresso will get up an...
°•~You Are My Sunshine°•~  by Bunnyismylife
°•~You Are My Sunshine°•~ by What do I put here
Knight cookie was trying to find his princess or his love one, so he ask fire spirit to come but knight cookie realized he find his love one all along.
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots(DISCONTINUED :( ) by Lilac_is_a_bottom
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots( Shalka💜🍄
This is mainly Madelespresso, YogurtLilac, Cloverice and more idk I love Espresso, Lilac and Licorice okay. (Not actually mainly those ships now) Just random stuff when...
💕F̶A̶L̶L̶I̶N̶G̶ 💕 by suvjuu
💕F̶A̶L̶L̶I̶N̶G̶ 💕by ✨Raven
The Cookie Kingdom is being attacked by the Red Dragon! Not many Cookies are surviving. Some stayed to fight the ferocious beast while others fled the shattering kingdom...
Cookie run Fluff/Angst by Owlhouseships3
Cookie run Fluff/Angstby OI FOR FOCKS SAKE
Yea some cookie run fluff and angst The cover is all of them happy and stuff because I'll probably be doing more fluff but idk REQUESTS ARE CLOSED NOW
Crk fanfic (I dunno what to name it)  by Peach-Tea-is-me
Crk fanfic (I dunno what to name Tea_is_me!
Princess and knight cookie come to Yogurca because the princess is supposed to meet Yogurt Cream Cookie to talk over getting married and then Knight and Lilac try their...
Royal Romance by OhJustSomeone
Royal Romanceby OhJustSomeone
Cheesecake Cookie invites several of her pals to a large party at her manor, including Princess, Knight, Pistachio and White Choco Cookie. Knight Cookie planned on leavi...
FireKnight Story by FireSpiritKinnie
FireKnight Storyby Fire Spirit Cookie
Just a lil thingy uvu I will update the title, description, and cover later but for now it'll remain like this
Princess cookie activities!!  by Yumi_d1e
Princess cookie activities!! by Yumi
Okay, this is about Princess cookie learning new stuff, meeting new cookie friends, and I'm learning new activities with Knight cookie! and probably Wildberry cookie & T...
The berry family//cookie run kingdom by PockyFrogs
The berry family//cookie run Clumsy
Childish Adventures {Cookie Run Really Short Stories) by CandyDiceCane
Childish Adventures {Cookie Run CandyDiceCane
This is just a oneshot book with all the cookie run children No smut,lemon,lime,nsfw. dont even suggest ships are allowed but only keep it with the children, i dont want...
Spirit knight  by im_aclown
Spirit knight by im_aclown
Knight cookie passed away during a mission this au explains how others deal with it especially Since it was princess fault
Cookie run Non-con by pinkish_gutz
Cookie run Non-conby Fatherless?
It's not Halloween, but I don't care I'm not updating everyday tho
Cookie Run Headcanons  by DanielKitty
Cookie Run Headcanons by Blondette
My own headcanons don't take seriously cause they aren't Canon
The noble three. by tambaou
The noble tambaou
Many kingdoms roam Earthbread, a world filled with lively cookies each one differing from each other. These kingdoms held the cookies within their tiny snickerdoodle hom...
A Herb cookie and Sparkling Cookie story by Spazz35
A Herb cookie and Sparkling Spazz35
Look their isn't enough fan fiction of this so I will just gonna make sum. I'll update and what not when I can. Also the cover image is by 망꼬망꼬 on Twitter I found it on...