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Starlight (Legolas-Fanfic) by Grneyes0987
Starlight (Legolas-Fanfic)by Grneyes0987
I entered my story in the 2022 Wattys! #watty2022 The one ring has been found, 9 companions join together to defeat Sauron; but what was unexpected was another companion...
LOTR X Reader - The Lost Lothlorien Princess by BerjhawnGideon
LOTR X Reader - The Lost Berjhawn Gideon
(Y/N) Is a normal girl who has always felt out of place. one day after a traumatic event she ends up in middle earth with a whole new realization as to who and what she...
Free Fall (Thranduil x Reader)  by MiddleEarthWriter
Free Fall (Thranduil x Reader) by MiddleEarthWriter
You and your faithful friend toothless the dragon had wondered the lands of middle earth and beyond for many years, but when you caught wind of a battle you couldn't jus...
To Keep a Promise by azmataz91
To Keep a Promiseby Allison
When the Valar brought Glorfindel back from the dead he made a promise to Elrond that he would protect him as he had protected Earendil all those long years ago. When th...
Staying Alive {Hobbit Fanfic} Thorin/OC by Element-Of-Dreams
Staying Alive {Hobbit Fanfic} Lithôniel (Ashley)
A young dwarven child is found one cold night on the outskirts of the Blue Mountains by a guard. Questions and problems slowly rise. For instance, Who left her their to...
FireFly by StrangerWithAPen
FireFlyby StrangerWithAPen
Fire-Elves, a defeated race during the Dark Ages. Only a few managed to escape before being hunted down once again. Their powers were of unlimited strength. A kin of E...
In Darkness She Remains by ElodieMae
In Darkness She Remainsby ElodieMae
Middle Earth stands upon the brink of destruction. Scales that rival that of dwarvish Mithril. Strength of flight that could unearth trees from their deep roots. Teeth a...
The Highland Elf [Lord of the Rings story] by Crite4343
The Highland Elf [Lord of the Crite4343
The Highland elves, his race, being competely wiped out, Dyadis was cursed to become an undead elf and forced to serve under the Dark Lord Sauron. When the hellspawn fel...
Another World, Another life by Vardainiel_Goldliv
Another World, Another lifeby Trisha Mae D.R. Manlangit
There is another life in another world Life is a test with so many problems, questions and answers Each life have a great value Each person have a big purpose Each pers...
Secrets are ment to be kept by JezJadeRiddleMalfoy
Secrets are ment to be keptby Jaedyn’s Star
Previously known as "the tenth companion." Anora, Daughter of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn, princess of Lothlorien and bane of Smaug, joins the fellowship...
An Unexpected Journey? You Better Believe It! by bangtanforeverduh
An Unexpected Journey? You bangtanforeverduh
A girl was backpacking with her dogs to her cabin in the woods for a nice, relaxing hunting trip and falls asleep in the snow in New Zealand. She wakes up in a forest th...
Scales and Arpeggios: A Lindir x Reader story by RandomElleth
Scales and Arpeggios: A Lindir x Írui
Lindir is brought to Lothlorien because he thinks he's doomed to be a bachelor for all his life. Lady Galadriel proves him wrong with one vision.
Find Your Heart(A Legolas Love Story/ Fanfic) by wonderfulwillows
Find Your Heart(A Legolas Love Lilly Willows
*WARNING I WAS 12 WHEN I WROTE THIS AND IT IS TRASH. CHECK OUT MY NEW LEGOLAS FANFICTION FOR BETTER WRITING* Ginerva is a strong-willed, hot-haired, Orc-killing elf that...
Love Will Find A Way (Legolas Love Story) by PowerPeach
Love Will Find A Way (Legolas PowerPeach
Ana Galadrieldotter is the Faye Mate of Legolas Greenleaf. The night of Ana's birth she was cursed by Sauron. Will Ana have a happy ending? Or will she be under the cont...
The Protectors by HollyBowden4
The Protectorsby Holly Bowden
So this is based on Diversity's Genesis Tour. With the Destroyer stronger than ever Diversity must use their powers to protect not only themselves but the land in which...