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Stone Blind (Legolas x reader) by melancholy_darling_
Stone Blind (Legolas x reader)by wtfauthor
(y/n) was an elleth who carried a very peculiar charm, if you could call it that. She wasn't like all the other elves, no, she didn't like to read, ride horses or go on...
Elemmire- A Legolas Love Story by Kt_love
Elemmire- A Legolas Love Storyby Kt_love
~2013 Watty Award Finalist~ Imagine spending the first forty years of your life held prisoner in the Mines of Moria surrounded by smelly Orcs. For Lady Elemmire this has...
Of The Sun (The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings/LOTR) by jinx1996
Of The Sun (The Hobbit/The Lord of...by Jinx
Anariel (Ahn-na-re-el) is the youngest daughter of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Like her mother she posses great power, but unlike most elves she seeks adventure an...
Daughter of Mirkwood [Lord of the Rings | Haldir] by DarkLadyAthara
Daughter of Mirkwood [Lord of the...by DarkLadyAthara
*Complete* A Lord of the Rings FanFiction A Daughters of Middle Earth Story Formerly Titled "Some Things are Meant to Endure" The only daughter of a King w...
Bringer Of Hope {A Middle Earth Fanfic} by Element-Of-Dreams
Bringer Of Hope {A Middle Earth Fa...by Lithôniel (Ashley)
Gwaeneth (Gwae-neth) part istari, the other half-elf. Has lived in the City of Dale her whole life. Tragedy strikes when she's very young, making her see the world diff...
Lost and Loved (Lotr-Haldir & Anamir) by anahrose1977
Lost and Loved (Lotr-Haldir & Anam...by Alice Wonder
It was hard enough losing your mother but imagine discoveringvyour brothers lived in the citadel and your father was trying to kill you. Fleeing the city and country yo...
How I Ended Up In Middle Earth. (LOTR Fan Fic) by MsElijahWood
How I Ended Up In Middle Earth. (L...by Sierra
18 year old Alice Graham is an avid Lord of The Rings fan. She saw every midnight showing, ripped every article and picture out of the magazines that were involved with...
Daughter Of Lórien || Book 1|| by LightofLaurelin
Daughter Of Lórien || Book 1||by Arien
Celebríel is the first-born daughter of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrían, though her parentage is not easily recognized. Unlike her other siblings, she does not carry the...
Legolas Imagines (The Hobbit) by lokilas
Legolas Imagines (The Hobbit)by L.K. Eless
Romance, betrayal, angst, and more! Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions with this series of Legolas one shots based on imagines. For the purpose of making these...
Thranduil Imagines (The Hobbit) by lokilas
Thranduil Imagines (The Hobbit)by L.K. Eless
Romance, betrayal, angst, and more! Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions with this series of Thranduil one shots based on imagines. For the purpose of making the...
So The Journey Begins by TheCrazyOne97
So The Journey Beginsby TheCrazyOne97
Book One "From the time we are born we start making choices. At the time when we are young we learned that our choices come with consequences. Some are good, and so...
Into the West (A Lord of the Rings Fan Fic) by intotheneonlights
Into the West (A Lord of the Rings...by Yasmin
The Eldar say that those who marry late have strange fates and love certainly came late for Amaruil Celebrindal, a noble Sindar, friend of Arwen Undomiel and the love le...
" The Daughter Born of Hope & Light " LOTR fanfic  by Behean
" The Daughter Born of Hope & Ligh...by Daughter of a wolf and dragon
(the Hobbit & Lord of the rings Fanfic) In which Aragorn & Arwen Have a Daughter Before the War of ring . Lùthìen Elemmírë was her name ,The Jewel Star Of her People bu...
Song of the Marchwarden - A Deathless Death by Haldirs-Melda
Song of the Marchwarden - A Deathl...by Haldir's-Melda
The last of the Teleri is back, and she is back to love and fight. Join the story with Gaeariel, as she finds love in Haldir, and an enemy in an old friend. #1 The Lord...
A wounded warrior by LordoftheRing_fan13
A wounded warriorby TheTomBoy
AragornxLegolas What if Legolas got hurt in Moria and what if Aragorn had to help him? Slash :3 If immortality wasn't a problem. I don't own any of these awesome charac...
Singing Princess: Hobbit by BiancaEvans2
Singing Princess: Hobbitby LegolasG5*
This is a story about a an elf princess from Lothlorien. When she was on her way for the twenty-sixth anniversary feast of her dead older sister. She was kidnapped by th...
Athëa - Queen of the Savages by nindeanin
Athëa - Queen of the Savagesby Deanin
"Not another tenth companion fanfic" Well...yes it is! 😁 ****** This is my first fanfiction. Please help me with your comments and/or your love. I have a spec...
Only Time  by OlgaPinsky
Only Time by Olga Pinsky
(An Official Wattpad Fan fiction) Follow Hedraliel, Legolas' wife as she gives a first hand account on how they met, the multiple love triangles that nearly separated th...
Princess of the Woodland Realm||LOTR by ChasingElliott9
Princess of the Woodland Realm||LO...by Aranel
Princess Aranel Thranduiliel, younger sister to Legolas, stubborn like her brother, headstrong and fiercely independent. This story follows Aranel from the events of Des...