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Life After Death (#1) by SebJenkins
Life After Death (#1)by Seb Jenkins
*HIGHEST #31 IN HORROR* FEATURED + WINNER OF NINETEEN AWARDS + NBR SPOTLIGHTED! Max is in his late thirties, stuck in a dead end job, no wife, no girlfriend and no frien...
Second Chance At Life by jenique87
Second Chance At Lifeby Jenique
Have you ever thought about what you would do if you ever got a second chance at life? Well this is My Story.... My second chance at life.... Not all of it is sunshine a...
A Pirate in Time (Completed) by megsley22
A Pirate in Time (Completed)by Megan Happel
After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entire...
LIFE AFTER DEATH by preeran_adorer
The two strengths of preetas life come back but with a twist 🙌 peep in too know
Targaryen Madness  by Drinor7
Targaryen Madness by AGameofThrones
We all know what happened in Season 8 Episode 6 but what if Jon would have been fine with Daenerys burning down Kings Landing and actually wanting to build the new world...
Evolved by CaylahWest
Evolvedby Caylah West
Elliot Harper, or Ellie as she likes to be called, thought she was a normal girl about to turn 16 when everything went up in smoke. Just a normal day at school turns int...
Death After Death (#2) by SebJenkins
Death After Death (#2)by Seb Jenkins
Sequel to Life After Death *BEST #38 IN HORROR!* Max finally found something worth living for, but she was taken from him. Now he will fight across a bleak and mi...
After (#3) by SebJenkins
After (#3)by Seb Jenkins
Max and Lizzie have made it to the safe haven, but at what cost? Their friends are scattered across the city, alone and scared, at the mercy of the unimaginable horde of...
The Infinite Nothing by xgiannx
The Infinite Nothingby gianna
Tristan talked about Socrates and Plato and about purpose and life after death. Ivan had a hard time remembering his own middle name. When Tristan and Ivan meet at a fun...
Falling, Fallen by PocketfulloffPosy
Falling, Fallenby PocketfulloffPosy
Floriann is just your normal gay boy at a British school which isn't as bad as it sounds surprisingly. But everything of course changes because of a school trip to the...
The devil's challenge by Jessbvt
The devil's challengeby Jess
Tala ends up in hell. She has met the devil, Lucifer and they hate each other. Her only problem is that she's playing in a game where Lucifer is the judge of and her onl...
Just around the corner by Lisie19_stories
Just around the cornerby Lisie
Losing the love of your life is hard but navigating life afterwards is harder. Laura, mother of two and widow, tries to move on with her life after the death of her husb...
Our little story: Boboiboy BlazeXIce by Zenuex
Our little story: Boboiboy Utential
To the end that I will fight Let you know that I am right We just blast the limits out of sight To your light that I must find Let that spark in us unite Blaze and Ice...
the angels | w2s  by zimzimmaaa
the angels | w2s by zim
don't stay up with homemade dynamite / in which she sets herself alight, only to find the light of her 𝘢𝘧𝘵𝘦𝘳life. trigger warning - suicide, death, fire lowercase i...
Life after death (hxh various x reader) (Killua, Kurapika, Gon X reader) by Yeeting_my_deku_wig
Life after death (hxh various x Death to da phantom troupe
How many times have you died? How many times have you tried saving your friends? Or them saving you? Its more then you can count and that's a fact. When will this cur...
Life after death by Caitlyn_Gill
Life after deathby Caitlyn_Gill
Skylar realizes too late that we are only given one life and nothing good comes after it. *This story was written for my English class and I would really like feedback...
A New Life (COMPLETED) by Rhitchco
A New Life (COMPLETED)by HF_FanFictionWriter
A near death experience strengthens the bond between a group of friends with a renewed sense of life, love and success.
Dark Jonerys (Old) by Drinor7
Dark Jonerys (Old)by AGameofThrones
The Story starts in Beginning of Season 8 Both Jon and Daenerys can't be burned 18+ Abandoned
We Do It Together by Silversong203
We Do It Togetherby Noobzlikeus
Alternate Universe Canon Divergence.... The Maiden made of light grants life back to five Targaryens she felt were wronged. But what happens when her mate The Lion of n...
One More Chance; A Snape & Lily Fanfic by auctor_jade
One More Chance; A Snape & Lily auctor_jade
Severus Snape is offered a second chance at life, a privilege not many receive after death. But what does he do with this extra chance? Being back with Lily is miraculou...