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Unfaithful | Jenlisa by Nerdy_Frozen
Unfaithful | Jenlisaby Frozen Yukimori
"I knows she's unfaithful and it's killing me inside to know she's happy with some other guy." - Lalisa Manoban Based off from Rihanna's song 'Unfaithful' Wher...
The Star and The Fangirl - A JenLisa fanfic by YesNoYes1
The Star and The Fangirl - A BeforeYouAsk
A short story where Lisa, who lives in Thailand, fangirls over Jennie, a famous singer from Korea. Lisa gets a chance to see Jennie sing live and is even more blown away...
Heart in Seoul - Jenlisa G!P by jenlisashorts
Heart in Seoul - Jenlisa G!Pby Jenlisa
YOU and I are Meant to be ❤️
BLACKPINK oN cRaCk by rosiezavocadoo
BLACKPINK oN cRaCkby Pasta
Yeongan! As u can tell by reading the title.....pinks are on crack (made this book cuz I was bored, lol) Ok bye.... Highest Ranks - #1 in Jisooturtlerabbitkim #3 in bl...
READERS X BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) by chaengchip
ONE-SHOT + IMAGINES STORY OF READERS X BLACKPINK ~ feel free to drop some requests
Stuck in the Moment (Jenlisa)  by jenlisa_jaurello
Stuck in the Moment (Jenlisa) by angel ✨
What if life gives you another chance? What would you do? Lisa Manoban, one of the most influential photographers of the 21st century, discovers something, or rather, s...
JUST FRIENDS(Liskook) by liskookie_is_life
JUST FRIENDS(Liskook)by author mimi
They both have feelings they can't admit because one wrong move can end it all,will they confess?
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
A Jenlisa AU wherein Jennie is an artist and Lisa is an actress Jenlisa Adaptation A/N: This story is not mine. All credits goes to the author and will be taken down imm...
See U Later by Blacklangpinks08
See U Laterby ;
How a married couple go through a matter of life and death ⚠️Do not read if you are sensitive ⚠️
coffee | taehyung x lisa ✔️ by ajkshiiiii
coffee | taehyung x lisa ✔️by author-nim
[End] " don't worry, I never stop falling in love with you " Where Lisa has too married the unknown boy even its hard to accept it because Lisa already have s...
BlackPink Texts by mpatient054
BlackPink Textsby multifandom
Jokes about Blackpink (huehuehue sorry..) ~cover by: @rirenzone on Instagram (thnx mah fren)~
Open Your Eyes (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
Open Your Eyes (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
The one where Lisa's been having a pretty crappy day and gets home to find a stranger crying on her couch. Stranger turns out to be best friends with her roommate, Rosé...
BLACKPINK Diary  by ThePurpleEyedHime
BLACKPINK Diary by ❥Purple
Compilation of one shots (Reader X Blackpink, Chaeyoung X Lisa, Jennie X Jisoo), Imagines, Reactions, Facts, Memes, Blackpink as your---, etc. (This is the things I do w...
Love Scenario ✔︎ by peachiroo
Love Scenario ✔︎by an
❝ you suck as much as I do. ❞ 𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐀𝐔★༄ • originaly known as "Text me • blackpink and Bts ships • request officially closed • no hating or Ill bite you...
"He who have been keeping on chasing her for she is the exact Replica of the only woman that he Love" He's an Immortal, while she is not. He used powers, whil...
Notes (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
Notes (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
About a summer where two opposite worlds clash. Infatuation, jealousy, love and mysteries unravel threatening to pull two young girl apart. Jenlisa Adaptation A/N: The s...
Heart on Your Sleeve by jendeurio
Heart on Your Sleeveby jendeurio
She has one friend though. Jennie. And Jennie's nice. Lisa likes Jennie. Sometimes, Lisa might even think she loves her. Originally Camren, Converted to Jenlisa A/N: Thi...
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My End Game (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
My End Game (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
Five years later, they meet again in New York. When the leaves are turning gold. Of growing up, moving on, and the chance to begin again. Originally Camren, Converted t...
The Bet  by MAXIMUMPAIN694
The Bet by Jennie Kim
Jenlisa Fanfic Where lisa's cousin bet lisa to make Jennie Kim fall inlove with her. How can Lisa win the bet if she's the one who's falling too? Date Started: [01/01/1...
The Baby - A JenLisa fanfic (ONE-SHOT) by YesNoYes1
The Baby - A JenLisa fanfic ( BeforeYouAsk
Jennie and Lisa have now been dating for a while. Blackpink as a group have been given a couple of days to relax, which the duo decided to spend by hanging out together...