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MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys 2012 Poetry Contest  Entry by MsButterfly
MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys Gabrielle Yana Concepcion
An entry for Attys 2012 (Competitor) poetry contest consisting of 10 poems written in 10 different poetic form. Contents: 1.Kyrielle: "Death" 2.Shakespearean S...
Piece Me Together; It Won't Make A Picture by KJac093546
Piece Me Together; It Won't Make K. Jac
Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions. Of each of these, we all have millions, Maybe billions, Not even, we have trillions. Articulate them with words and sounds, Figura...
Hilarious Limerick Poetry Collection by TiffanyMcFudge
Hilarious Limerick Poetry TiffanyMcFudge
Do you want a laugh ? Do you feel an urge to read non-dreary poetry ? well , my friend , you've come to the right place with my book that's sure to leave you gigglin...
A jar of Thoughts by Intricate_details
A jar of Thoughtsby Steff :D
A simple miscellaneous collection written by yours truly. All rights reserved.
Limericked! by thecrazydino
Limericked!by SD
A collection of silly, crazy, funny Limericks to lighten your mood and brighten up your day. Cover by: @cattown_graphics
She by JumbledSymphony
Sheby Jumbled Symphony
Poems dedicated to women and girls by a girl
just poetry by ScarletNostalgia
just poetryby Niyati Bhatt
occasional poems that cross my mind
SIFAR...nothingness by -Nynaeve
SIFAR...nothingnessby Nyna
Sifar, the urdu/arabic for 'nothingness' Fits this collection of random rambling mess, Which for better or for worse, Are all in poetic verse. Featured in WP_Poetry...
Limericks Sonnets Haikus & Poems by writingxdaises
Limericks Sonnets Haikus & Poemsby victim of wattpad
The Book of Haikus, Limericks, Sonnets, & Poems. All Right Reserved ©writingxdaises 2015™ Do not steal my work or else.
BEHIND THE GLASS WALLby Sulaiman Muhammad Gana
Collection of limericks, haiku and random poems. -Sometimes we wish to speak our minds but couldn't. -Sometimes our tongue is full of words waiting to be free. -If every...
Spoken Words Collection by dhex_marpea
Spoken Words Collectionby dhex_marpea
A collection of poems, six word stories and spoken poetry
Limericks for Fun by friu_a
Limericks for Funby friu_a
These Limericks are custom made and hope u like them Please vote, comment
Poems from the Quill, by Olan L. Smith by CottonJones
Poems from the Quill, by Olan L. Olan Smith
"Poems from the Quill" is where I place current works that don't fall into other collections. It is here you will find obscure poems that range from constraint...
The 99 Poem Challenge ~ by Warrior_Prophet aka PJ Perry by Warrior_Prophet
The 99 Poem Challenge ~ by PJ Perry-Roberts
The idea behind this 99 Poem Challenge group project is to build a folder of poems that are all completely different in style . The challenge is also to complete within...
°Pieces Of Me°  by monstaxpuppy
°Pieces Of Me° by .
A collection of cringeworthy poems I write when I get sudden and unforeseen inspiration. Don't ask me why I'm sharing it, I just am.
A Mix Of Limericks by openadoor34
A Mix Of Limericksby Karen
Limericks, some of which were in my other books, and some that are new.
This poem is a portrayal of daily life on an alpaca hobby farm in the coastal township of St. Helen's in an idyllic setting in Tasmania, Australia. It is also an opportu...
My poetry book by MyIntrovertedSelf
My poetry bookby MyIntrovertedSelf
A couple years ago I did a poetry book, here it is.