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Ally Beifong by spitfiregrey
Ally Beifongby Greyson
❝I am not my mother, but I carry her title. I am not my grandmother, but I carry her legacy. I am the Avatar and I protect the world. I am Ally Beifong, and I make my ow...
LIN BEIFONG ONE SHOTSSSS by beifongsimpbot
LIN BEIFONG ONE SHOTSSSSby Bei fong Supremacy ✨
Because you're a Lin simp, and so am I. So here's feed your addiction 😩✨ Enjoy whores 😩✨✨✨
Lin Beifong x reader Oneshots (FxF) Imagines by kokobeee
Lin Beifong x reader Oneshots ( Koko <3
Just making a one-shot book for lin cause why-not? Also you can make request!
The Transfer  by cherrych0nk
The Transfer by cherrych0nk
Y/N is a firebender officer that has been transferred from Ba Sing Se to Republic City PD. Can she and her new boss get along or will it be a disaster? Let's find out.
Kyalin Oneshots by queerquest
Kyalin Oneshotsby queerquest
Just little Kyalin ideas I come up with. Some chapters will contain smut, some fluff.
Determined |lin beifong x fem reader| by i_simp_for_whoever
Determined |lin beifong x fem ✨SIMPLY A SIMP 💕
After Y/N and her best friend Hanna moved to Republic City to look for jobs, she gained a great reputation, friends and much more. One day however, their building floode...
Book 3 "Change"  by gbow1999
Book 3 "Change" by Gbow1999
Book 3 of Akari Series Read book 1 and 2 first DON'T READ SUMMARY IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS!!!!! Two weeks have passed and now Team Avatar has new enemies...
Book 1 "A Promise" by gbow1999
Book 1 "A Promise"by Gbow1999
170 AG the year of change for two friends. It is finally time for the Avatar, Master of all four elements, to learn airbending. But before she can learn airbending she...
Kyalin Moments by pokySolberg
Kyalin Momentsby pokySolberg
Kyalin in small moments
Like it used to be by RainbowGirlLOL13
Like it used to beby Natalia Patricelli
After the whole Kuvira and Tortuga ordeal Lin is frantically looking around the city for two very important people to her. Her son and daughter, Kuzon and Sora. When Ten...
Regrets (Complete) by queenmagnus
Regrets (Complete)by queenmagnus
Lin and Tenzin thought they had lost their child and their relationship broke up because of it. Years later their world is forever changed by a surprising reveal. Follow...
Breathless {Kya/Lin} by sour_mochii
Breathless {Kya/Lin}by Sour_Mochii
I do not own any of the characters or writing from Legend of Korra or Avatar: The Last Airbender
While The Parents Are Away by BeifongFirebender
While The Parents Are Awayby BeifongFirebender
I just thought it'd be cool if we got to see the children of the Gaang go on an adventure together. We have Linzin pre-canon, and of course lots of family feels... The a...
She is Chaos [korrasami] by in_jail_out_soon45
She is Chaos [korrasami]by in_jail_out_soon45
This is a SEQUEL to 'My Duty' I suggest you read that one first otherwise you'll have no clue on what's going on. ----- The rose was soft, cold, damp... red. The flashes...
Tattletell (Kyalin) by queenmagnus
Tattletell (Kyalin)by queenmagnus
Lin doesn't like to tell Kya when she's been reckless. Luckily, a young firebender doesn't mind telling on his boss from time to time.
TLOK | KYALIN | oneshots by purpleflamingo883
TLOK | KYALIN | oneshotsby Purple Flamingo
cover credit: a dump of my tlok (mostly kyalin) oneshots (there's smut, there's angst, there's fluff, there's platonic stuff, some are short...
a day in the life by kingbats
a day in the lifeby kingbats
Takes place after book 4 This is pretty much just about the daily life of Kya and Lin Hope you guys like it! I do not own any characters or ideas from atla or tlok
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 3 > LOK by xdistantwords
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 3 > LOKby ✩
( third book in the The Longing series ) In only two weeks, Republic City had undergo a new era. Not only did the Harmonic Convergence cover the city in vines and upset...
KyalinWeek 2020 by ThoughtLin
KyalinWeek 2020by ThoughtLin
Little shorts for Kyalin week! - This is my first attempt at any kind of fan fiction, so any and all feedback is appreciated!
Robbed by Ivylovesdogs
Robbedby Ivy Tan
This depicts the events after the scene where Lin's bending was taken from her in the episode 'Turning The Tide'.