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What is wrong with Mindless Self Indulgence? by -nogoodlefttogive-
What is wrong with Mindless Self razz/lilith⚢︎
Read Chapter 2 Jimmy is Being Sued. That should be more than enough for any sensible person to stop supporting this band. I rarely respond to comments, so if you want to...
Aw, Sugar 💛Petekey by TrashQueenKilljoy
Aw, Sugar 💛Petekeyby Look Alive Shippers
"You know what name I like if it is a boy?" Pete asked "No, what is it?" Mikey looked up at the elder man. "Jason." "I'm going to bed...
lindsey way photos by peesugar
lindsey way photosby they/them
I stan all of msi so hard big OwO 2 all of em I stan SO MUXH SHOOTME
Meeting Lyn-Z [Mindless Self Indulgence] by left--
Meeting Lyn-Z [Mindless Self left--
Amy lived a pretty normal life with her family. She had one thing in life, her favourite band. This band, Mindless Self Indulgence, meant the world to her. What will hap...
Romantic Notions (Frerard) by astro-twink
Romantic Notions (Frerard)by love is the point!!!
Introducing Gerard Way, famous romance novelist and advice columnist for the local newspaper under the nom de plume of Dr. James Amour. Despite being practically an exp...
Can You Fucking Believe It? by pntyshot
Can You Fucking Believe It?by ky the guy in the sky
Gerard Way; an antisocial and depressed outcast in Cemetery Drive High. Lindsey Ballato; an in-your-face independent and rebellious woman, being known as the shy and in...
From a New Perspective by Youngblood_Maniacs
From a New Perspectiveby Patrick Stump's Seagull
Everyone knows that Frank Iero is not the tallest person,so he has to deal with some stupid comments. But what happens when Gerard's chemistry project went wrong and acc...
Romeow and Dogliet by thebeecabin
Romeow and Doglietby thebeecabin
A love story between two complete opposites
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville by EmberTheUnknown
Early Sunsets Over Monroevilleby SomeGirlWithWayTooMuchTimeAnd...
Gerard could only watch as his entire life crumbled around him. Everything he'd worked for, cherished and loved was stolen from by some unknown flu-disguised demon. Noth...
The day he met the bendy girl by cjstar01
The day he met the bendy girlby Slut for comments
Honestly guys I was looking at videos of Lindsey and she was doing her bendy shit and I was like "yooooo hot" So here we are. It all started with Franks new co...
Baby, I'm An Anarchist  by 6GonerKilljoy6
Baby, I'm An Anarchist by 6GonerKilljoy6
Lindsey witnesses a punk getting arrested for no reason... She can't let it happen.
The Ups and Downs by FunGhoul77
The Ups and Downsby i need a life
It's a well-known fact that Frank Iero is a bottom and Jamia Nestor is a top. It's a less-known fact that Gerard Way is gay and Lindsey Ballato is lesbian. It's a well-k...
lindsey way by fjjdkdkjshdhd
lindsey wayby fjjdkdkjshdhd
just a bunch of pictures of lynz
everywhere in the stars ( gerz ) by littlewagon
everywhere in the stars ( gerz )by somethinginthewayshemoves
gerard meets lynz on tour at projekt revolution and immediately falls in love . . . he's met her before but will this time be any different? (NO FRERARD) requests are o...
And Brother If You Have The Chance by Books_Idk_
And Brother If You Have The Chanceby Books_Idk_
The infamous Party Poison hasn't heard anything about his brother for 6 years, but now he knows exactly where is. When he and his comrades go to Battery City to save him...
art book!! by raytoronto
art book!!by boston
mcr fanart, digital drawings, and film photography.
Sois mon bébé (Frerard) by pansyfrnk12
Sois mon bébé (Frerard)by pansyfrnk12
(Not completed) Warning: This story talks about abuse, bullying, self harm, and death. I recommend you don't read this if you're sensitive to what I just listed. Please...
two art freaks in love  by l0v3gh0ul
two art freaks in love by a sewer rat
its the first day of junior year and Lindsey is tired of everyone's shit the only thing she wants to do right now is drop everything and move away the last thing she w...