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Coalesce In Darkness ♡ Frerard by vampirexchild
Coalesce In Darkness ♡ Frerardby -ˏˋ ♡ ˊˎ-
At a young age, Frank Iero is exposed to the hidden world of vampires. After never finding or seeing the man who saved his life one night again, Frank is on a desperate...
Band members x (male) reader by pretty_in_punkk
Band members x (male) readerby Party dad
Let's be real this is mostly my chemical romance
Adopted by Gerard Way by mikey_fucking_way_
Adopted by Gerard Wayby I Exist
Charlie was a normal rebel that you could find at every city. But when her rebellious actions get her sent away (again) she needs to learn to trust her new family as she...
The Light Behind Your Eyes (Adopted by Gerard Way) by im-soo-fancy
The Light Behind Your Eyes ( #1 namjoon lover
12 year old Violet was a loner. She didn't need anyone, they didn't need her. She thought that was how she was going to live her life. But when Violet is adopted by G...
Upstairs- Ferard by groovylady
Upstairs- Ferardby groovealert
Gerard Way was one of most hated teachers at Belleville High. Can Frank Iero change that?
What is wrong with Mindless Self Indulgence? by -nogoodlefttogive-
What is wrong with Mindless Self razz/lilith⚢︎
Read Chapter 2 Jimmy is Being Sued. That should be more than enough for any sensible person to stop supporting this band. I rarely respond to comments, so if you want to...
Cinderblock Garden (Adopted by All Time Low) by im-soo-fancy
Cinderblock Garden (Adopted by #1 namjoon lover
14 year old Juliet (Also known as Jay) was a born and raised street kid. Jay has shoplifted and stole for most of her life, she's even been in jail. She is absolutely...
lyn-z way by -suspect
lyn-z wayby i
mostly pictures because I have an unholy amount of them. [highest rank: #2 in lyn-z]
adopted by gerard way by aestheticrenee
adopted by gerard wayby 𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖊
Victoria | 13 | has lived in the New Jersey Orphanage for 6 years| boys, friends, and family all come her way to finally call herself lucky Started: June 13th 2017 Ended...
Twins (Frank Iero x Reader) by Nessie612
Twins (Frank Iero x Reader)by Nessa 🖤
A cute little story where you meet a very handsome man through your twins.
Adopted by Gerard Way by warpedkilljoy
Adopted by Gerard Wayby Jen
Lainey was just an orphan, her parents died on Valentine's Day and she is and outcast. Her idol, Gerard way, surprise adopts her after she almost died falling out of a t...
Adopted By Gerard Way by tapoutlife
Adopted By Gerard Wayby that boy boi
SOOOOO MANY TRIGGRRS IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!!!! 15 year old Jessica was left by her mother. Her father was her only family besides her grandfather, who hated her for the...
perfection // gerz by lynzmsi
perfection // gerzby lynzmsi
Gerard Way and Lindsey are the perfect couple; but Lindsey wants to try adding another person into their marriage- she tried this before with a male: however, it did not...
Meeting Lyn-Z [Mindless Self Indulgence] by left--
Meeting Lyn-Z [Mindless Self left--
Amy lived a pretty normal life with her family. She had one thing in life, her favourite band. This band, Mindless Self Indulgence, meant the world to her. What will hap...
Babysitter by Maker-of-History
Babysitterby Midnight
Gerard Way is a lonely man with a little girl. His wife died in a tragic car accident and he needs a babysitter to help him take care of his daughter, Bandit. You jumped...
Mindless Self Indulgence Flops by GladionWantsACookie
Mindless Self Indulgence Flopsby ememi
Jimmy, Steve, Kitty, Vanessa, and LynZ fucking die. - Some of these are flopfics, crackfics, and actual shipping or angsty bullshit :)) hope you fags enjoy ♡
What is the Nowaymikeyway Blog? by kingofgxtham
What is the Nowaymikeyway Blog?by 🌂
since some people dont know much about what happened
Marked (Frerard) by Abrene
Marked (Frerard)by Abrene
Gerard Way is your average teen just trying to fit in...that is until he finds out that he's a vampire and gets sent to an inclusive boarding school in New York for supe...
aprendiendo a vivir; frerard by killyourselff
aprendiendo a vivir; frerardby katy
Gerard tiene un extraño tipo de cáncer, su novia se aleja poco a poco, su mejor amigo pasa a ser un hermano y un terapeuta inexperto entra a llenar el vacío en su vida y... my dad!(mcr fanfic) by itzlilz
#20 my dad!(mcr itzlilz
14 year old poppy was walking home one night when suddenly someone kidnap her but who was it? Why?