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Grace and Love || Link x Mipha by BrynTro
Grace and Love || Link x Miphaby BrynTro
[Book 4 is out!] Mipha and Link had been growing a strong relationship with each other before the Calamity struck. Will the Calamity be stopped and allow Mipha and Link...
One More Chance (Link X Mipha) by mikeanthony321
One More Chance (Link X Mipha)by Michael Smith
(Breath of the Wild)(Strong Link x Mipha shipfic) After defeating Calamity Ganon, Link wishes to learn more about his past relationship with the late zora princess, Miph...
His Future Is In The Past by Andremoi_88
His Future Is In The Pastby Andremoi
Summary: With Ganon destroyed, the Champions gone, and Zelda crowned Queen, Link ponders his future and works to recover a past love. This story begins two years after t...
Me and you forever (Link x Mipha) Botw by janedirect139
Me and you forever (Link x Mipha) Jane
Link is given a painting of him and Mipha from 100 years ago and unlock a memory of Mipha but.....................there is a mystical property to this painting that link...
Dreams Cut Short by Sondash_Studios
Dreams Cut Shortby Sondash Studios
They finally achieved victory. Ganon was defeated. The dreaded apocalypse everyone had feared for centuries was now a threat no more, allowing peace and harmony to envel...
Under the Red Tinted Sky by Le0drith
Under the Red Tinted Skyby Le0drith
Link has always had a problem with the blood moons, but they seem to affect him in a way as well. They seem to strengthen him, not only physically, but mentally as well...
Link & Champions Group Chat by Sondash_Studios
Link & Champions Group Chatby Sondash Studios
This book stars Link and the Champions messing around in a group chat on Sheikah Slates. The timeline takes place one year before the Calamity, though I will incorporate...
Lost in the Wild: A Link x Mipha story by StarFormer3757
Lost in the Wild: A Link x Mipha StarFormer3757
The Calamity was defeated, but it seemingly costed the Hero's life, whose corpse mysteriously disappeared, much to the Zora Champion's grief. When she and the other Cham...
Love in Zora's Domain by Andremoi_88
Love in Zora's Domainby Andremoi
In an AU, on the day of the Great Calamity, Mipha put her love for Link and concern for Zelda ahead of Daruk's plan to rush to her Divine Beast. This story about Link's...
Romance at Hyrule University by MiphLinkGiyuShino
Romance at Hyrule Universityby Katrina Lau
Mipha and Link were studying at Hyrule University. Mipha is a really smart girl and got all A in her result and Link is a sports star, he is good at playing every sport...
Little Moments by BrynTro
Little Momentsby BrynTro
[Book 4 is out!] This is the 2nd book to my first book 'Grace and Love'. Just like the title of the book says, this will be a lot of little moments, or shall I say, one...
Between the Lines || Link x Mipha by BrynTro
Between the Lines || Link x Miphaby BrynTro
{This is the 4th book to my 1st book 'Grace and Love'. Obvious spoilers for book 3} What happened in the time while Link and Zelda were gone? What happened to Mipha and...
Change and Sacrifice || Link x Mipha by BrynTro
Change and Sacrifice || Link x BrynTro
[Book 4 is out!] {This is the third book to my first book, 'Grace and Love'. This book might make some call backs to my second book, 'Little Moments', so make sure you r...
One Last Try by Sondash_Studios
One Last Tryby Sondash Studios
(Currently being remastered with extra dialogue/details + improved story structure.) Nearly a month's time has passed since Ganon's demise and life in Hyrule can now res...
The adventures of link and mipha (and others) by kieralee255
The adventures of link and mipha ( Gamer kitten
This is a adventurous story of unexpected events note it is a mipha x link story the champions play a main role though. meet a special character along the way and more (...
Our Childhood Memories by Sondash_Studios
Our Childhood Memoriesby Sondash Studios
"The young Hylian looked so... daring and charming. He looked at me with an air of curiosity and waved, giving off the cutest smile I've ever seen. Maybe... maybe h...
Links Champion: Mipha by katiesbooksandstuff
Links Champion: Miphaby Katie
Mipha finds Link ill in the woods and tends to his illness. Then a blizzard hits, leaving her and Link trapped in a cave together. Will they make it out alive? I'm bad a...
Mipha's Savior by GlorytoBelka
Mipha's Saviorby GlorytoBelka
Within the depths of the divine beast, Mipha is fighting a losing battle against the scourge Waterblight Ganon. When all seems lost, an unexpected savior arrives to fulf...
Mipha : Champion of Vah Ruta by Dovepawthunderclan
Mipha : Champion of Vah Rutaby ZeldaCat12
This story is a sequel to my other story, Mipha : The Zora Champion. This story might be a bit hard to understand if you haven't read the first one. Mipha and Link are...
Then I Will Heal You by PensiveArt
Then I Will Heal Youby Pensive
Kinda a Link x Mipha fanfic. But with less of the SAUCE. It's not just gonna be focused on those two. I'll say it now, I know this is not accurate to the game, and proba...