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Through a screen | Bangchan  by m4nix1e_
Through a screen | Bangchan by kai <3
"Bangchan knows i exist?! What is life?" started: 11/6/23 ended: 16/9/23 Rankings: #1- bangchan (19k) #1- idol (16k) #1- internet (14.5k) #1- longdistancer...
Anidita:MEDIATOR by prachiojha_27
Anidita:MEDIATORby Prachi Ojha
🥈-painful #4-babu #5-colors #16-anidita #17-aurrisht The story is from manorma track where anirudh gives two options to bondita and she chose to go to dalahouse!!!
Tution Wala Pyar - S2 (Long Distance)  by Fictional_Writing_12
Tution Wala Pyar - S2 (Long Distan...by Ishaan (Bear) 🐻
Season two continuation where I left you all in the last season. Now Avni and Sid are in a Long distance relationship phase? Will they make it? Or something else will...
Dil Na Janeya 2 (Completed) by RiddhimaPaul
Dil Na Janeya 2 (Completed)by SidNaazFan
In a love story two people meet, fall in love, overcome many obstacles to be with each other and then finally become two bodies one soul. But is it the end of the love s...
Dragons, Weasleys and a Healer by Chapter1991
Dragons, Weasleys and a Healerby Chapter1991
"I need a distraction. Maybe some more drinks?" "No, no more drinks." She closed her eyes as she listened to the music. "What then... -" Be...
ကျွန်မရဲ့ သစ်ရွက်လေး by maythuma
ကျွန်မရဲ့ သစ်ရွက်လေးby Thu
သစ်ရွက်လှုပ်တာမြင်ရင်တောင် ရီတတ်တဲ့၊ စိတ်ကစားတဲ့ အရွယ်၊ ငယ်ငယ်တုန်းက ကျွန်မမှာလဲ သစ်ရွက်ကလေး တစ်ရွက်ရှိခဲ့ဖူးတယ်။
How We Met: A Tinder Story (Larry Stylinson)✅ by larry_love_ED
How We Met: A Tinder Story (Larry...by larry_love_ED
Harry and Louis are college students who live in different states but meet over Tinder. Given the distance, it seems impossible that they will ever meet in person. But w...
Soulmates by AidenSummers
Soulmatesby Aiden Summers
When Jack was dragged to a Christmas vacation at his best friend's hometown, he thought nothing of it. However, all that changed the moment he lay eyes on Spencer's brot...
Pixels | Yoonmin✔️ by Mai_Spring
Pixels | Yoonmin✔️by Mai
Where Yoongi meets and becomes friends with his favorite youtuber, only to find that it's hard for them to live so far apart from each other, but they find a way to make...
october and us | poetry [ editing ] by wordsbyel
october and us | poetry [ editing ]by el
if love itself was written into a book .
affection. | dreamwastaken by tonkrunchie
affection. | dreamwastakenby tonkrunchie
❝ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇, 𝐇𝐄 streams on 𝐓𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐇. 𝐒𝐇𝐄 watches. and gets 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐈𝐂𝐄𝐃. ❞ being 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐆 isn't scary. it's the 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 you feel while being young. 。...
The Acceptance by haleemah_noor
The Acceptanceby haleemah_noor
We can describe Ameerah's love story as a destiny...........
Until We Meet🤎 ~ jayules by johanniefandom
Until We Meet🤎 ~ jayulesby jayules
"sometimes you have to breakup to realize what you're missing" - jayden
Long-distance sweethearts by Toe_licker1
Long-distance sweetheartsby Toe_licker1
A FanFiction between my best friend and her Norwegian boyfriend 😊 PS. I have their consent so don't come at me👹
Realised. Embraced. Sacrificed. by shewhowriteslove
Realised. Embraced. Sacrificed.by S
~Completed~ Meera Thapar opens her diary after ages, reminiscing all the old times. After completing her graduation, she was back to her town for a small break. Little d...
carve my heart with your name | poetry by wordsbyel
carve my heart with your name | po...by el
every love story has its own heartbreak .
Heather : Complexity of love by Vik_ad
Heather : Complexity of loveby Eileen White
So.. Let me share the story of Christy's life here... The ocean hidden in her eyes... She fall in love like everyone does.. But not everyone is lucky enough to be loved...
Rainbows & Promises by NiyaKV
Rainbows & Promisesby Niya K V
"I'm feeling emotions I've never felt before," he murmured, pressing his forehead to hers. "I'm keen on explorin' these sentiments with you. There's no pu...
Heebiejeebies | s. o'neal by humansunflower
Heebiejeebies | s. o'nealby killa ky
in which he's in love with his best friend or in which she would do almost anything for a different life