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THREADS OF LOVE by SameeraHashmi
#1 IN MUSLIM ON 17/07/2021 #1 IN DUBAI on 22/6/2020 #1 IN TRADITIONAL ON 28/12/2020 #1 in Arab at 27/06/2021 #1 in desert at 4/07/2021 #1 in father-daughter on 18/11/202...
Iman wasn't your typical girl who wore a hijab. She was a strong businesswoman who sacrificed a lot to get to where she was now. One day, when a man threatens to buy her...
Her Emirati Prince by ___kara03
Her Emirati Princeby Khadeejerh👑👑💜💖
Fauziya Ahmad, a 20 year old introvert, was very well sheltered growing up loses her best friend and grandparents in a car accident whom she was very close to After comp...
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Love by magicallovely
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Loveby L A V L E E N
Sitting on the bed, I was waiting for my husband to arrive. It was our wedding Night. I rolled my toes as the visuals of him slowly touching my cheeks, making love to me...
Meant To Be? (Completed) by zainahyousef
Meant To Be? (Completed)by Zainah Yousef
Aisha Al Qamar She's the perfect girl who has everything handed to her on a silver platter. She gets everything she wants and everything that she's ever wanted. At 22, s...
Fix me (COMPLETED) #Wattys2016 by Ronymacaronni
Fix me (COMPLETED) #Wattys2016by Rania
Highest ranking, #1 in spiritual ( 10/7/2016 ) until ( 5/ 9/ 2016 ). How can you fix something that's already been broken, several times? I am damaged, used and...
Prince of Knights (An Arabic Love Story)✓ by TheQueenofDarkness
Prince of Knights (An Arabic QueenofDarkness
Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Historical Fiction. Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Spiritual Category. Winner of Best Muslim Readers' Choice Awards: Pr...
Being a princess was no easy task, especially when your life was always filled with guns and threats being thrown at you since a young start. Anisa Hassan grew from it a...
Healing by thedesiroyal
Healingby Naushin 🤎
A halal modern love story of 2 Muslims trying to heal themselves from their pasts and move forward as better people. (Ongoing: 2 new chapters posted daily) (If you're lo...
Arta - the last princess by NellyLtf
Arta - the last princessby Nelly
"Who did you say she is?" Osman demanded from the man. The prisoner was shaking and pleading for his life but did not say anything as he got aware of the terri...
Definitely Not Interested by Hijabi-Princess
Definitely Not Interestedby Anonymous Writer
Being a high school Muslim hijabi was already a lot to deal with but add a crazy life and it gets all too messy. Trust me Malak is a badass girl that doesn't take shit f...
Back To You ...  by ayishaaa03
Back To You ... by Nubian Princess
What Happens When Supermodel Tahany's Marriage Is Tested With Trials & Tribulations With CEO Ibrahim ? Second Wife or Second Life ? Co-wives or Enemies ? Enjoy Babes...
Onions Don't Make You Cry by 1407Endless
Onions Don't Make You Cryby Endless1407
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you-- I'm going to ask your dad for your hand in marriage." "Oh Jacob, you can't... it's complicated." Me...
Inevitable by XSomething_SomeoneX
Inevitableby XSomething_SomeoneX
There are many challenges in life, losing wealth, losing power and losing loved ones just to name a few but the challenge isn't those problems themselves, it's how you d...
Good Kid-Bad Kid[COMPLETED] by highdisdain
Good Kid-Bad Kid[COMPLETED]by highdisdain
Highest rank: #1 in Teen Fiction Cover designed by @shatteringsoul14 **************************** Badr AbdulQadir is the prince of Cedochi, the largest gang in New For...
My Arabian Husband by RirinPutriAbdullah
My Arabian Husbandby Ririn Putri Abdullah
"Daripada menikah dengan lelaki pezina, lebih baik aku menjadi istri ke empat bandot tua!" teriakan Farah memenuhi kamarnya disusul dengan tangisan meraung yan...
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING) by samukasoo
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING)by Samaa Kabbar
From opposite sides of the tracks comes a novel of two unprecedented lovers. Dunya Kareem and Cameron Miller are two individuals who are so confident about who they are...
The life changer by Theveiledmuslimah
The life changerby Mayyah Wale
Her name is Jawaahir A 19 year old modest,pious,and gentle muslimah .always putting her trust on Allah who makes her the child her parents hates and maltreat as a maid...
Halal Is Halal by OwnerOfTajMahal
Halal Is Halalby صائمہ‎
Muslim Jokes 3 Wallah Someone is back :P Jokes and stuffs..!!
mysterious angel || felix by choon-hee7
mysterious angel || felixby 춘희
لــمــاذا غــمــوضــك هــذا يــلــفــت الــإنــتــبــاه ؟ رواية بطلتها فتاة ذات ماضي أليم تخفي ضعفها تحت ستار الغموض ・يمنع نشر الرواية في حسابات أخرى أو إقتباس فكرتها...