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Dark Love Poetry by HarmonyInDarkLove
Dark Love Poetryby Harmony in Dark Love
Love is Tangled but, the ones who are successful in untangling it, are the best lovers on this planet. This love can cause a lot of things, it did cause a hell lot of th...
amateur poetry by AndrayaLinton
amateur poetryby Andraya Linton
these poems are inspired by my journey through love. they hold a deep meaning in my heart and my soul. i hope you enjoy.
My & Nori's LOVELY TWEETS by Positive_Creek
My & Nori's LOVELY TWEETSby Positive_Creek
A collection of best Tweets & Love Quotes We send each other on our Twitter TL's ( - so you Probably Saw it - If you're Following Us There! ^_~ )
Song Lyrics <3 by bemine0011
Song Lyrics <3by bemine0011
Vote if you like the songs i'll be putting here. This is for my own benefits but I also would like to share it. :)
H.A.T.E.(Hearts Are Torn Everyday) by lifeguru
H.A.T.E.(Hearts Are Torn Everyday)by lifeguru
Masterpiece . It's a captivating story about human condition ,destiny ,love and dreams. It's all about life ... A little bit of everything
Tera Mera Office Wala Love - Shuv. by VibhuRastogi
Tera Mera Office Wala Love - Vibhu Rastogi
This story is something absolutely real friends. It's a story of a dashing Boy and a sweet Girl :) and the footsteps of how they met and how their amazing love story got...
Protecting the Lycan Princess  by RobinThomaspson
Protecting the Lycan Princess by Robin Thompson
Mateo Crestfield....... Crestfield is a well known name among the were- community, for they were the only bloodline that has green eyes. They were also known for their b...
Chances by ValerieCreel
Chancesby Valerie Creel
A young womans aspirations for tomorrow will bring her to depth of her knees as she learns that death can come anytime for our family.
Vampires and Werewolves by JCKMxxi
Vampires and Werewolvesby Jello X Carla X Karen X Mayen...
"What blood do I really have? Vampire blood or werewolf blood? Or maybe, both?" - Henrietta Twyla
To cope with this. by MollieSherwood
To cope with Mollie ッ Sherwood
This is just a blurb of whats been going on in my head. He left me... but i just cant seem to cope with it. This is my coping method.
who are we? by tiktok_story
who are we?by choose your tiktok boy story
this is a story of a girl named Tori Dabransky... OK ENJOY
The girl Who went to Miami by JoanneBattaglene6
The girl Who went to Miamiby Anonymous_Writer
Lilly was just eight when her mother died from cancer. For 11 years she has been living with her grandparents which she has been very happy about. Until Lilly has to mo...
Why can't i be just a regular girl, with a regular powers? by tsubasa
Why can't i be just a regular Jordan Anderson
Jessica Johnson is one of the few of her kind left in her world. For 5 years she has waited for someone to teach her how to use her powers. But when she finally gets her...
Kiss me, Kill me by Savvy_Sings_123
Kiss me, Kill meby Savannah Holt
Luna was an average girl, who went to an average school and had average friends. She had average grades and a average home life. Everything about her screamed normal, if...
Love  by carol1janice
Love by carol1janice
What if we look at those four words "LOVE" from a different angle...
yandere simulator nemesis kun x reader by Missy0118
yandere simulator nemesis kun x twisted girl yandere girl
you were friends with a yandere boy before he was shy but I understand that he was shy he name was nemesis kun
HATE THAT LOVE (ON HOLD) by lostgoddess
Meet Stacie a normal junior high school student who's passion is acting and have been deeply in love with her best friend... secretly. Enter Paul, your typical bad boy a...
love & just dumb // Amos & flora  by kamilaxlavande
love & just dumb // Amos & flora by kamilaxlavande
dumb in live and a just dumb , him a mafia with a bad temperature and her who just do give fuck but also have some angry issues