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Island for two- Luffy x Hancock fan fiction by kodyakcombs
Island for two- Luffy x Hancock Kodyak Combs
Sequel: This takes during the time skip, a week after Rayleigh left Luffy alone o...
Demon straw hat Luffy by AtharvaMishra0
Demon straw hat Luffyby Atharva Mishra
This is a story where Luffy ate two fruits that are the Avatar-Avatar fruit and Gomu-Gomu no mi, a Logia class devil fruit and a paramecia/Zoan mythical type, and became...
(Editing)A Pirate's Promise by oizys3
(Editing)A Pirate's Promiseby DAI
"In a world of pirates, Boa Hancock, carrying the child of Monkey D. Luffy, embarks on a journey with her crew. The story unfolds, revealing the strength of love, l...
Beautiful Mess by raina_wants_to_fly_
Beautiful Messby raina_wants_to_fly_
A one piece slice of life where Luffy and his friends navigate highschool and relationships. I do not own One Piece or any of the characters.
The king is back and it's here to conquer by Kinstrak
The king is back and it's here Kinstrak
Monkey D Luffy watches as his crew is murdered by Sakasuki Akainu and Blackbeard. Luffy is angry as the corrupted marine didn't even gave them a trial and just resort to...
his empress | luhan  by astrolla
his empress | luhan by sav <3
it was the motto of the company, "her emperor, his empress." in which luffy is the ceo of a makeup corporation and hancock is the designated model. drama, stal...
Too far apart [LuffyxHancock] One piece fanfic by Naru-writes
Too far apart [LuffyxHancock] spiky-blonde-writer
(Previously known as 'The Unexpected Nakama' but wanted to give it a name that better suits the story) Story set after this movie: One Piece 3D2Y: Ace no shi wo Koete...
Pirate Love Festival (Luffy x Hancock FanFic) by kodyakcombs
Pirate Love Festival (Luffy x Kodyak Combs
The third instalment of the Luffy x Hancock series Trilogy but can be read as a Standalone Set in the Movie Stampede, Hancock is invited to the Pirate Festival along wi...
The Pirate King's Family by StrawHatter10
The Pirate King's Familyby StrawHatter10
A series of one shots following the lives of Monkey D. Luffy, Boa Hancock, and Monkey D. Lucy. This series will have some cross over with my Zorobin one shot series so s...
The Dawn Of War: Strawhat Luffy  by TheBlackSunGodNika
The Dawn Of War: Strawhat Luffy by Sun God Nika
what if shanks didn't bring the Gun Gum fruit or as we know it, The Mythical Human Human Fruit Model: Nika, Sun God? but instead he brought a Fruit unknown to everyone t...
Mugiwara ice cream store by Violetsengke
Mugiwara ice cream storeby Onepieceshipper
Luffy upon makino's request decides to run a small ice cream shop, no one expected so many random things that can happen a long the way like a famous actress decides to...
The Fruit Theif (One Peice) by SearedCola
The Fruit Theif (One Peice)by ColaMan
While raiding Shakky's fridge, Luffy found a cluster of blue grapes, with weird swirls on them. "Oi, Shakky?" "Yes?" Can I eat the blue grapes?"...
"To Protect The Vulnerable and The Innocent !" A Marine Luffy fanfiction by ThatBastardOverThere
"To Protect The Vulnerable and PivotKid123
It is fanfiction about an alternate world where Luffy takes the path of a marine to make it his goal to become an admiral while serving Justice to the best of his abilit...
Operation Love Boat- Luffy x Hancock Fan Fiction (Sequel to Island For Two) by kodyakcombs
Operation Love Boat- Luffy x Kodyak Combs
Luffy has finished his training and now needs to meet up with his crew at Sabody. Boa Hancock will sail him to the island with her crew, but Elder Nyon and the Kuja Pira...
Mutual Solace by MidnightMars7
Mutual Solaceby MidnightMars7
After the War Of The Best At Marineford, Luffy is being haunted by new scars that cut deeper than the one that's carved in his chest and old ones alongside life long ins...
A World Ends  (An Anime Crossover) by OceanMan05
A World Ends (An Anime Crossover)by keep wave
When all the Dimensions of every heros homeworld been threaten of groups of Villians trying to destroyed or changed the foundations of realty will these heroes join for...
Grand Line High School by JoshuaHyuuga
Grand Line High Schoolby Joshua Ja
Hey guys! This is My first Onepiece fanfic. Well, I've been thinking of this fic for a long time and I think it's pretty cool so I decided to start to write it. Here're...
The Kingdom Of Roronoa (ZoroxRobin) by Lord_Roronoa
The Kingdom Of Roronoa (ZoroxRobin)by Lor.D.Roronoa
The story of the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, who's the first mate of the Infamous Pirate STRAW HAT MONKEY . D . LUFFY. Zoro never revealed much of his past to his fellow...
The 2 lovers  by VinsmokeGhostN
The 2 lovers by Mr.Prince
Luffy and hancock met when and her crew hancock went to fusha village thier she saw a little 4 year old boy staring at the ship holding a straw hat " in this au han...
King Of The World By GodsShadow by TomTheVillian
King Of The World By GodsShadowby TomTheVillian
By GodsShadow On Ao3 Summary: Luffy had achieved his dream. He'd obtained wealth, fame, power. Everything the world had to offer. He was the King of the Pirates. But now...