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The king is back and it's here to conquer by Kinstrak
The king is back and it's here Kinstrak
Monkey D Luffy watches as his crew is murdered by Sakasuki Akainu and Blackbeard. Luffy is angry as the corrupted marine didn't even gave them a trial and just resort to...
if luffy was sent back in time by giyuufan98
if luffy was sent back in timeby screen
all of luffys friends are dead black beard and akainu had killed them and were about to kill him when i send him back in time with all his current power to fix this mess...
Badass Luffy x harem (DISCONTINUED) by MochiMan56
Badass Luffy x harem (DISCONTINUED)by King Savage
Hey guys, this is my first story so take it easy on me. In this story, Luffy is smarter and stronger and is more ruthless. He also has a sick sense of humor. So please s...
(One Piece) Return To The Past by ChuXio
(One Piece) Return To The Pastby Ouie Cent
This is a story where Strawhat Luffy returned to the past and Changed everything in order to make sure his friends will survive and they'll all reach raftel together I d...
The Man Who Conquerors by Ace2378
The Man Who Conquerorsby AZURA Dracule Vain Midoriya
he was so close so close to achieving the one dream he set out to accomplish with him and his crew but he wasn't prepared to lose it all after so many years of sitting o...
The Dawn Of War: Strawhat Luffy  by TheBlackSunGodNika
The Dawn Of War: Strawhat Luffy by Sun God Nika
what if shanks didn't bring the Gun Gum fruit or as we know it, The Mythical Human Human Fruit Model: Nika, Sun God? but instead he brought a Fruit unknown to everyone t...
WE ARE LUFFY by ZakuD_Bain
WE ARE LUFFYby Zaku D Bain
So I had this idea of what if Luffy had the venom symbiote so I thought why not write a fanfiction on it also this will be a Luffyxharem and also Luffy will be different...
Strawhats In Dragon Ball(slow Updates and editing ) by Smiling_Shadow_69
Strawhats In Dragon Ball(slow Smiling Shadow
a story where after Luffy becomes pirate King but he and his crew are pulled into a portal that leads to the dragon ball world and Luffy DNA changes to be that of a sa...
Luffy Second Chance  by JasonDeanLawton999
Luffy Second Chance by Jason Lawton
What if Luffy lost everything but one strange being gives him a second chance at life
Series no.1  Deku and the new worlds :one piece by PokemomMaster
Series no.1 Deku and the new Pokemom Master
Izuku midoriya is an orphane in the one piece world he is then found by a group of pirates maned the sun pirates an crew made up of fishman tiger adopts izuku and raises...
The Pirate King and His Queens by OmMhatre8
The Pirate King and His Queensby Om Mhatre
What if luffy accepts hancock proposal and she joins the crew . Nami realises her feelings towards luffy . Everyone this will be slow story and i don't have a proper ide...
The Wind Demon Strawhat Luffy by JasonBlood7
The Wind Demon Strawhat Luffyby Jason Blood
Luffy eats a different devil fruit and is trained at the early age of 7 all the way up to 18 so different take on the usual one there will be at least 3 characters gende...
The One Who Stands Above All by JasonVoorhees999
The One Who Stands Above Allby DeadSoul999
What if Luffy after the war of the best was clinically dead for nine minutes and lost his devil fruit but was brought back but he inherited powers greater than any devi...
Luffy: Second opportunity [Translate to english] by Sacro97
Luffy: Second opportunity [ Axzel 55
Hello! ⚠️Warning: I may have misspelled some words, I am translating this from Spanish to English, from my story Luffy: "Second Chance"⚠️
Straw hat back to the past by Cummingsking
Straw hat back to the pastby Cummingsking
This story is heavily inspired by luffy's rewound adventures , cobys choose and new game plus witch are all 3 on (Disclaimer) I do not own one piece - Su...
Luffy in MHA by DamianMidorya
Luffy in MHAby Damian D Midorya
Luffy has accomplished his dream but at what cost he has lost everything from his nakama to everyone he ever met and became friends with everyone is dead and now after a...
Izuku Midoriya: Reincarnated Into Monkey D. Luffy (ON HOLD) by JosephAmbrose527
Izuku Midoriya: Reincarnated JosephAmbrose
So I decided to make a comment in my conversations about what should I do so here's izuku as Luffy
Collaboration stories by mrdragonking99
Collaboration storiesby Gian Rossotti
A set of multiple ideas in which Luffy obtains power from mythical beings of divine and diabolical nature which he will to become the pirate king that I want to write wi...