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A Simple Transaction (Erotic Short Scene) by LanaTyrsen
A Simple Transaction (Erotic Lana Tyrsen
Just a quick little erotic scene, for your enjoyment. 🖤
Mine. (𝚉𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚒 𝙵𝙵)  by m0qiii
Mine. (𝚉𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚒 𝙵𝙵) by Moqi
Story is about the twin brothers, one(Xiao Wuxian) who is calm, kind and lovely and other(Xiao Zhan) who is right opposite than his twin brother, what happens when one b...
Beautiful Girl by Vaachaal
Beautiful Girlby Vaachaal
World weary and cynical, Arnav Singh Raizada falls for a slip of a girl his sister challenges him to seduce. It's a different matter altogether that when he breaks her...
For Your Convenience by Deviant_Paradise
For Your Convenienceby Deviant_Paradise
In order to handle the pressure of being the perfect daughter Miho Seiki becomes a bit of a party girl. The longer she's in university the more her parents question when...
Lust at first Sight ||•KTH•|| by urlove4ever
Lust at first Sight ||•KTH•||by @urlove4ever
While walking towards the window, closing it and sliding the curtains slowly which led the darkness to take over the room with the allowance of some daylight from window...
Behing the Shining Lights (Finder no Hyouteki) by Lucicelo
Behing the Shining Lights ( Luci
Rising star, Takaba Akihito, thought Asami Ryuichi's sudden interest would wane for another person. After all, Akihito didn't have time to entertain a rich man's whim. H...
My Friend's Sister by cristineV_
My Friend's Sisterby Riri-san
"She's my stepsister for fuck's sake! Why would you do that!?" rosé asked angrily and never in all of their lives have they seen rosé so mad. "I don't see...
Satisfied by HeatherGrey07
Satisfiedby HeatherGrey07
The wedding was incredible, anyone would've thought so, but it only made Draco Malfoy's throat fill with bile. Most likely due to the fact that the beautiful girl on his...
My Caveman Lover // ShaggyxCaveman by winkwink_420
My Caveman Lover // ShaggyxCavemanby winkwink_420
Shaggy never expected this is how his friday evening would have lead to. Alone, in a cave with a monster.... or that's what everyone told him. But when he looked into th...
Saturday Night by Ysaleka
Saturday Nightby Ysaleka
"Lana..." "Let's get lost tonight"
Mistakes? by broughton67
Mistakes?by broughton67
One night, one party, one guy...two outcomes? Meet Henley Costello, high school senior, youngest of two children, and your average American girl. She's got a perky and...
THE PERFECT BASTARD by klutzycontessa
He can be the perfect guy. Fiercely protective. Steamily romantic. Then she learned that he's already engaged to be married... the perfect bastard.
Lust at First Sight//[ Jungkook x Jasmin ] √ by Danielle_Chan16
Lust at First Sight//[ Jungkook bbl_dcd
Jungkook is a badass and popular guy in your college. You're a total nerd and have him as your new roommate. you hate him at first and he has the same feelings as you...