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Web of Obsession (Cookie Run) by StarwingSgazer955
Yandere! Various x Reader (Cover in process. I'll probably make it a meme when I find a good one.) This is the story of a Cookie with a terrible curse. No one is quite s...
« Just a Highschool Crush... » [[ FIREWIND ☆]]  by imapinkcharcoalx
« Just a Highschool Crush... » [[ ꒰ ° *charcoal* ° ꒱
[updated at 4/15/24- ☆ ★ FireWind & some SeaMoon ★ +ancients and some other cookies mentioned in the background!! [maybe some ships mentioned too !] [i swear the cover...
꧁ || The dragon family ||꧂  by yai-himiko
꧁ || The dragon family ||꧂ by Yai_himiko
Welcome reader~ This is the story of the dragon sibling after Longan destroyed all cookie. well it be chaos? How funny is it going to be? Old memories? Family time? Good...
The first warrior of the Ivory Dragon by aliwubu
The first warrior of the Ivory ㅤ
LONGAN DRAGON COOKIE X READER. The Ivory dragon was indeed, the most feared and terrifying being in earthbread, known for their cruelty and disgust towards cookie-kind...
|| i in love with a bartender ||꧂  (hollytaya) by yai-himiko
|| i in love with a bartender ||꧂ Yai_himiko
!!Morden au!! Hollyberry cookie (top) x Pitaya Dragon cookie (bottom)
(OLD) My Sweetest Dream (Cream Unicorn x Pitaya) by velvetyyred
(OLD) My Sweetest Dream (Cream velvet 🍰
read the rewrite lol this version sucks cucaracha shit
•Deal• -Longan dragon cookie x Non-binary Dragon!Reader by Notlunareal
•Deal• -Longan dragon cookie x D.B.
As one of the weaker, surviving dragons, decide to team up with the Ivory dragon, Longan dragon cookie, and their "friend" Lychee dragon cookie. What adventure...
🍥 :: LycheeGlass | A mere cookie! by akiruwoed
🍥 :: LycheeGlass | A mere cookie!by akiruwoed
Heyo !! Creator of the LycheeGlass / lychee dragon x sugar glass ship :) heres my very first fanfic, anyways heres some random ass info -------------- Lychee x sugars a...
Dragon Life (A Cookie Run Dragon AU) by Ellacorcoran12
Dragon Life (A Cookie Run Dragon Ellacorcoran12
Firstly, there was Longan Dragon Cookie. They were born with the all the knowledge in the world. As Longan grew up, he lived a great life with his dragon parents in th...
🔥💖⚡💧Dragon Tales💧⚡💖🔥 by PoptartCandy34
🔥💖⚡💧Dragon Tales💧⚡💖🔥by Popucan
dragon cookie headshots and headcanons bc why not feel free to request in the comments! stuff you can request: -🪶tickling🪶 -🎀fluff🎀 -❤ship❤ stuff you can't request: ...
Longan Dragon and their dumbass kid (Read Description Before Reading, ily)  by TokoFoxy
Longan Dragon and their dumbass Longan step on me 🙏🙏🧎‍♂️🧎...
Longan has a kid now, uh. #DragonMilf or #DilfDragonidliketof 𝑪𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒊𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒉𝒖𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒔 𝒍𝒐𝒍𝒐𝒍𝟖 THE DRAGONS ARE SIBLINGS HERE‼️‼️ USE THEY/THEM FOR THE DRA...
A shadow dragon  by Poisonmushroomfan
A shadow dragon by Poisonmushroomfan
This is a au, Lotus dragon cookie goes missing, and the other three have to find them. They go on an adventure.
Theory spitfire- CRK by LilyFantasyWrites
Theory spitfire- CRKby LilyCC
Whats the past behind Twizzly Gummy Cookie? What is the Future for the TBD? What cookies might come in future updates? This is bunch of random theories I've come up with...
CAT STORY (hollytaya) by yai-himiko
CAT STORY (hollytaya)by Yai_himiko
The stray cat and the house cat ( comic and also in twitter)
Pitaya's origins by Asher_the_ace
Pitaya's originsby Asher
In this story, you learn the true origins of the legendary Pitaya Dragon Cookie. (Cover made by @venvoid on Instagram, please check them out!) Some characters were made...
Halo's Cookie run Au ramblings by HaloHalfAngel
Halo's Cookie run Au ramblingsby Halo
A book of ideas, jokes, and explanations of my cookie run au's
(DISCONTINUED) My Sweetest Dream (new and improved) by velvetyyred
(DISCONTINUED) My Sweetest Dream ( velvet 🍰
(cover image drawn by me) -- Pitaya has never had any luck with dating. Both of their previous arranged partners sucked, and nobody has been right for them However, one...
⚠︎𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐔𝐑𝐒𝐄𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐍 Mister Demi ♫ . ° • ☆
No one knows where the L̸̤̠̹̫̖͗̈́͑̅͆̏e̶̛̱̠̝͋̈́̎ͅg̵̥̬͙͔̝̜̤̻͗ê̸͔͆̍͊́͆̐͝ņ̷̡͕̗͉͚̹̂́̑͆͌̉͜d̷̛̮̺͎̻͖͕͍͑̋̄̍̕s̴̖̥̘̞͍͖̀̎̅ were... . . . not even the cookies who met them know wher...
The Girls in the Dragon's Valley by BandoriFan
The Girls in the Dragon's Valleyby Plush
Within the Dragon's Valley, two best friends find themselves lost in the dangerous area. Looking for something, although neither of the two know for sure what it is. Li...
The Moon and the Sea by miwanashimoto
The Moon and the Seaby kouuuuu
the cover has nothing to do with cookie run oops- ~ "This sword is part of my life force, Moon...if I drop it...I'll become frozen...maybe even forever..." ~ M...