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Always you🌹 by story_lovers_1
Always you🌹by Aditi
Story idea from @Syntaktis What will happen if Panchal have another princess?? What will happen if she become wife of two friends Karna and Duryodhan?? What will happ...
KARNA - MAHADEV'S DECIPLEby karna stories
I do not want hurt anybody's religious sentiments. This story is purely my imagination, what if karna in search of his guru after rejected by several guru was taken as d...
Rashmi by sri2006
Rashmiby sri2006
Rashmi - ray of light. Born from the holy fire, the youngest princess of panchal , Niyathi. Soft, caring for her loved one yet deadly for her enemies. Haunted by nightma...
Prakriti (Mahabharata) by sisimaanu
Prakriti (Mahabharata)by sisimaanu
When Prakriti herself become the part of great epic story of Mahabharata where she fight for the righteousness (dharm) along with Pandavas. Lets see how the story cha...
The Beginning Of Love by Debanya_lover_
The Beginning Of Loveby Ananya
They are the daughters of Narayan and Devi Lakshmi While They are the sons of Mahadev and Devi Parvati They hate each other to the core of their heart Peep in to know m...
Everyone needs love to complete themselves. Narayan needs Mata Laxmi, Mahadev needs Mata Parvati. But what about Amarsri ? Who would be eligible for the mighty Harihare...
This story is based on different forms of MAHADEV
KARNANANYA by Tareeni07
KARNANANYAby Vaishnavi
MAHABHARAT , the epic saga of every human emotion intimately weaved with dharma ( righteousness) and karma. A tale which changed the course of entire history and led to...
Betrayal- The fatal game of fate by Nishachari
Betrayal- The fatal game of fateby Nishachari
Why Pravu? Why did you do this to me? I believed in you, I always worshipped you and in return, this is what I got from you? What will happen when a God is forced to be...
Flow Of Time by Sukritha257
Flow Of Timeby WORD_ADDICT
She is the Apple of her family. He is the tree if his family need to rest. She makes everyone smile by her antics and pranks. He makes everyone proud by his bold and...
Alternate universe by missganguli
Alternate universeby missganguli
"I accept my fate Govind. I have committed several sins in these past years without intention of committing them. But that doesn't change the fact that I am a sinne...
ARJUN'S SUBHADRA -The Gandivdhari's Arrow by Kumarammu
ARJUN'S SUBHADRA -The Gandivdhari' Kumarammu
ARJUN AND HIS SUBHADRA. They were epitome of selfless love .Its that love 's sacrifice, that led to the continuity of the kuru clan through them .I'm glad that the coup...
Harihareshwari is finally united with both Narayan and Mahadev. She maintains the balance of the universe from Harihar lok, sitting on Nagraj Karkotaka with 4 young Brah...
KARN - God of Fate by avibaby23
KARN - God of Fateby anamika
what if Karna was a god born to stop the battle? what if Karna was the son of Surya dev and Devi sangya? what if Karna was supposed to aid Krishna to establish dharma? w...
Krishna travels by missganguli
Krishna travelsby missganguli
"Pranipaat...we are lost. I am prince Bheem and this is prince Duryodhan " a large man said. The girls looked at them weirdly. The three sisters looked outside...
Karn Twin sister  by Krishnaa_Panchali
Karn Twin sister by Drupadnandini
What if kunti got twins as a blessing from Mahadev instead of Bhagwan Surya Narayan? What if karna had a twin sister ?
Turning the Kaalchakra Backwards by PraronaMGomes
Turning the Kaalchakra Backwardsby Prarona M. Gomes
What if Karna didn't get cursed by his Guru? What if he had a different Guru all together? What if Kunti had come out clean to Pandu regarding Karn?
Singing competition- devtas by Rudranandini
Singing competition- devtasby Devki suta. krishna's sister
ever heard about a competition where devta fight. like singing or dancing. no? here is something for you all. Where ramayana character mahabharat characters and devtas c...
Unsung feelings by adikavy
Unsung feelingsby d.
Disclaimer: This short story is partially a figment of my imagination. I do not intend to hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings. My sole aim while writing this was to tr...
Devi Bhadrapraani : The Beginning Of The Universe by DeekshithaDulinti
Devi Bhadrapraani : The Deekshitha Dulinti
Driving back to the beginning of the universe, where the only source of light was an effulgent energy. On the request of the Devas, the feminine was born. With her sooth...