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Candle Flame (Touhou X Male Reader) by unrelatedapterix
Candle Flame (Touhou X Male Reader)by apterix
there once was a child born in a odd world called Gensokyo with powers that had yet to awaken but one day the child vanished without a trace just to come back to the odd...
Ordinary Shinigami (Bleach male reader insert) by krismar1
Ordinary Shinigami (Bleach male krismar1
Y/N was supposed to be a normal average human. Go to school, maybe some college, and get a job. You know, like a contributing member of society. But noooooooo, he just h...
Everyday Life At The Scarlet Devil Mansion's Library by MavTheStonks14
Everyday Life At The Scarlet MavTheStonks14
Around the Misty Lake there's a red mansion called The Scarlet Devil Mansion and the owner of that mansion is a Vampire that lived for hundred years, someone saying that...
touhou x fem reader by shikigul
touhou x fem readerby Scarlet Mage
Futa touhou characters have fun with you ~ also I made this for fun (* '_ゝ`)
"Can i go home now?"(Reimu x FemOC) by Clublake354
"Can i go home now?"(Reimu x FemOC)by
"Greeting my name is Armani or the main character of this story that I somehow got in. This isn't any spoilers. I just wanted to personally say hi to my people and...
WHTI : The lotus being by Croix-Lotus
WHTI : The lotus beingby Wil
WHTI, a boy formerly named Koado Willy, dies in his sleep, and is sent to Gensokyo to become the new priest of Hakurei Temple. In truth, those responsible are Moah causi...
[DISCONTINUED] Love Magic (Marisa Kirisame x Male Reader) by Jaxon0987
[DISCONTINUED] Love Magic ( Jackson’sWorLd
Marisa Kirisame...the "incident" solver of Gensokyo, along with Reimu...Y/n L/n...a boy who's to himself...Magic and spells have helped Marisa over and over...
a Pacifist In Gensokyo (Old) by jdjdgdjsjsy
a Pacifist In Gensokyo (Old)by Greg
(story is mine) [Y/N] is just doing his pacifist route and suddenly when he press reset he was transported to a forest instead of the underground see what happen in this...
When Touhou met MHA | Book 1: A Peaceful Meeting by SLuigi
When Touhou met MHA | Book 1: A SLuigi
*SEQUEL IS OUT* The outside world... has changed ever since the girls had arrived. People have evolved abilities called quirks. There are weird people with costumes call...
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A visit in Gensokyo. by CrashDragonKoro
A visit in Korotsu Yakumo
First of all. That's just a Reaper(Me/Male Reader) X Touhou book, because I F'N hate my friends and their punishments in bettings. Therefore, people. Never bet on someth...
Watching Elena of Avalor! by Kitty8804
Watching Elena of Avalor!by Kitty8804
Elena and Sofia along with a bunch of other people are suddenly transported to a place where they must watch Elena of Avalor! Characters from both Sofia the First and El...
Tell Me That You Love Me by Sellybelly411
Tell Me That You Love Meby Olivia
"And if we're putting all our cards on the table, you should know K.C. loves you." My brother Ernie announced. 99.9% of the time K.C. knew better than Ernie di...
yandere touhou x regular soldier reader by Warend8
yandere touhou x regular soldier Warend
I should have listen to that man and now I'm being chest by a bunch of crazy girls that wants me to be there husband not only that, they have powers that can easily kill...
Male Trap Reader x Touhou Project: I'm lonely and want to do something fun by ZeroDarkOctavious
Male Trap Reader x Touhou Ren Haru
Y/n the only entity live on his world because all the other are gone. He walk around the city with his plushie then suddenly got teleport into Gensokyo
When Touhou met MHA | Book 2: Barriers and Borders by SLuigi
When Touhou met MHA | Book 2: SLuigi
A greatest secret... can't be a secret when they tell it to others, right? Here is the second book of a collection: When Touhou met MHA!
Magi-Borne : A Touhou Project Fanfiction (Remake) by Yuuyakizami21
Magi-Borne : A Touhou Project Willyam Jordan
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." -H.P Lovecraft Magic. Some say that it...
Touhou Project Romance Stories by Kayto2538
Touhou Project Romance Storiesby Kayto2538
This is another story I've been wanting to do for a while. This will be about a series of guys who somehow get transported to Gensokyo. Also these will not be one shots...
Glitch In Reality : An Error God On Gensokyo (ERROR404!READER X TOUHOU) by User_Bronze
Glitch In Reality : An Error God Zen_Noir
A young man got murdered by a crazed thief. On his dying wish. The voice responds to his plead, granting him a second chance at life. with newfound power. On the new wor...
His Dark Materials  by TheNevers1896
His Dark Materials by TheNevers1896
Lord Asriel will stop at nothing to get the dust he needs to open the window to the other world, even if that means almost sacrificing his own child, Marisa will however...
The Lone Shrine Maiden's Wish by Cutie-sama
The Lone Shrine Maiden's Wishby Cutie
Reimu Hakurei, a human in a strange world full of extremely powerful humanoid creatures named Youkai, finds herself alone at the shrine of Hakurei, the very place Reimu...