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Skye's Forgotten Birthday by SkarshallFan22
Skye's Forgotten Birthdayby Mason Mccarthy
It's Skye's birthday except it would seem that everyone forgot about it except for a certain fire pup who's gonna make sure she has the best birthday ever.
PAW Patrol Rantings by Hurricane_Irma
PAW Patrol Rantingsby Sevyn
I will discuss some PAW Patrol characters and ships and other subjects about PAW Patrol!
Flying Into Love by SkarshallFan22
Flying Into Loveby Mason Mccarthy
There is a flight competition coming up, and it's stressing Skye out because she wants to win, but Marshall is by her side helping her deal with that stress while also s...
Paw Patrol: Xenods wrath by skarshall_159
Paw Patrol: Xenods wrathby Skarshall for life
Xenod a villain from Marshalls past comes back to get his revenge for Marshall thwarting his plans. Marshall has to protect his friends and Adventure Bay from the possib...
Truth or Dare PAW Patrol 2 by Amazing-Writer
Truth or Dare PAW Patrol 2by Eymyn
The Pups are Back to play Truth or Dare but this time, it's going to be Epic! Fantastic! Awesome! PAWsome! Amazing! All the ships are allowed to dare. Ships: Chase x Sky...
You And Me by SkarshallFan22
You And Meby Mason Mccarthy
this story will show Skye getting kicked out of her house for not having a job and being forced to live on the street. a firefighter named Marshall finds her in an alley...
Paw Patrol AU: EpicVerse (Season 3) by marshallskyePAW
Paw Patrol AU: EpicVerse (Season 3)by MarshallSkyePAW
Peace doesn't last forever, as mayhem strikes on their world once again. A mysterious red emerald, with having the power to absorb and manipulate the cosmic energy in t...
Marvel Studios Paw Patrol meets  Godzilla  by Robertglyn19
Marvel Studios Paw Patrol meets Robert Williams
Phase 1: Book 2: Sequel to Paw Patrol The Legend of the Werewolf! Join Marshall and the rest of the Paw Patrol in the Adventure of a lifetime.a new enemy will rise and...
Paw Patrol: Love Story Between Marshall And Skye by qwertyy_azerty
Paw Patrol: Love Story Between aka jennyyhere123
Marshall and Skye has feelings for each other but they don't know. How would they tell each other how they feel? Read to find out! This will include a little bit of Ryde...
Paw Patrol: Love Problem by qwertyy_azerty
Paw Patrol: Love Problemby aka jennyyhere123
Marshall likes Skye and so does Chase. But Skye likes Marshall and does not want to upset Chase. After a few days she found out Rocky likes her. What would she do?
Paw Patrol and the Curse of the Black Pearl  by Robertglyn19
Paw Patrol and the Curse of the Robert Williams
The pups are back! Ryder and the pups visit Skye's parents in the Caribbean. But when a mysterious pirate Ship appears, one of the pups begins to wonder who he really is...
Paw Patrol and Godzilla 2: Rise of the Titans  by Robertglyn19
Paw Patrol and Godzilla 2: Rise Robert Williams
A sequel to Paw Patrol and Godzilla: Pups meets Godzilla and the 2nd instalment to My Monsterverse. 1 year since the battle between Godzilla and kong, the pups are back...
forever mine by skarshall24
forever mineby Mason
This is my first story, so pls don't hate grammar too hard, and also I encourage anyone who wants to write a fanfiction like this to do it cause I love reading this ship...
Godzilla Jr by Robertglyn19
Godzilla Jrby Robert Williams
When a mission to discovering a new island horribly gone wrong, Marshall and Skye must work together to reunite with their team to get off the island. But the more time...
Love for the two of us by Deldrimurrin
Love for the two of usby Deldrimurrin
[First story] Marshall always had weird feelings for Skye, but he never knew what it actually was. "She was always my greatest friend!" Marshall would say Who...
Sweet Lovin' - A Skarshall oneshot by PopPunkLover23
Sweet Lovin' - A Skarshall oneshotby PopPunkLover23
What happens when a dalmatian and a cockapoo fall in love? Sweet Lovin'!
Pups And The War For Puplantis by LightningPelt12_
Pups And The War For Puplantisby Lethargic Author
One shell, split in two. One side is life, the other, death. The shell of death was never to see the light of day after it was sealed away, but somehow, it's been retrie...
A Paw Patrol Fanfic: Godzilla by Robertglyn19
A Paw Patrol Fanfic: Godzillaby Robert Williams
The Secret Project!!! A spin off to my first ever fanfic: Paw Patrol and Godzilla: Pups Meets Godzilla (please read if you want). This story takes place after the movie...
Marshall x Skye (Jealous Chase) by Followfoever2k
Marshall x Skye (Jealous Chase)by Followfoever2k
After Chase and Marshall got into a fight Skye
Skarshall photos by Four_Pups_Six_Ships
Skarshall photosby 馃惥FourPupsSixShips馃惥
Photos of Skarshall from the show. Some of these aren't moments, but they're still cute little Skarshall photos nonetheless.