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Chance At Love || Supercorp by AnyVision
Chance At Love || Supercorpby AnyVision
Being someone that have a name in a company might have a consequence... finding love is what Lena Luthor not master at but, what if one of her staff can break the ice? ...
She Saved Me (Gal Gadot/You/Katie McGrath AU) by lihoromanoff
She Saved Me (Gal Gadot/You/ lihoromanoff
Y/n life during the apocalypse. Her life was normal and boring, until the apocalypse happened. What happens if someone starts to make her way into her life? What's happ...
Champagne Problems (Katie McGath x Female  Reader) by lihoromanoff
Champagne Problems (Katie McGath lihoromanoff
Y/n's life is perfect. A good career in architecture, a supportive family, loving boyfriend, and a bestfriend that would go through the ends of the earth for her. What...
The Last Time (Lena Luthor x Reader AU) by lihoromanoff
The Last Time (Lena Luthor x lihoromanoff
The news of worldly destruction made Lena rethink her decisions in life.
❝sweetheart,❞ struggled stephen as he began to perform the spell. ❝unless i screw this up again, i'm going to marry you...
Katie McGrath/Reader by Katie_Luthor
Katie McGrath/Readerby ❤️‍🩹
Just Short Stories Into One Book. -|High Ranking: >| #2 in McGrath at November 25, 2019
Green Irish Queen - Katie McGrath & Character Oneshots by itsjust_katya
Green Irish Queen - Katie kia
Katie McGrath (& her characters) x Reader | Fluff The title is self-explanatory. The reader is mostly of female gender, so most pronouns are she/her. Anyways, enjoy! :)
Guilty by Katie_Luthor
Guiltyby ❤️‍🩹
You never knew your whole life will change by being stuck with a woman alone in an elevator and leaving you breathtaking.
The Carnival // Kara & Lena by AnyVision
The Carnival // Kara & Lenaby AnyVision
A short story about Kara and Lena. Kara thinks that her wife needs to loosen up a little bit because she always working at her office. Lena on the other hand, do anythin...
The Sworn Shield by boomer1123
The Sworn Shieldby Madison Mary Fuller
She is lonely and so he is, but together, they aren't anymore. And he is every bit as frail and bitter as her, but Lyanna deserves it, and he doesn't." They find ea...
The Date (A Colin Morgan And Katie Mcgrath Love Story) by TheJanoskianGirl
The Date (A Colin Morgan And Ariana Grande's #1 Fan
Colin finally get's up the nerve to ask Katie out on the final day of shooting Merlin. Will she reject him or will she fall in love? Continue reading to find out.
Hurricane Bianca ➳ Marvel by shezzaspeare
Hurricane Bianca ➳ Marvelby 𝒃𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒆.
You either need therapy, Jesus, Viagra, or all three. Fem!OC × Fem!OC, MCU | Alternate Timeline © Blessie (shezzaspeare) 2021
Katie's fan account by Nelly2560
Katie's fan accountby Nele
Eoin noticed that the owner of a popular Merthur fan account must be someone from the set. Of course he tells Bradley and Colin. The boys are now going to confront their...
Katie McGrath - Meant to be by youngtravelerbread
Katie McGrath - Meant to beby youngtravelerbread
Paris The City Of Love Sophie and Katie meet through the iconic spilled beverage move and soon find out it was really ~Meant to be~
A Christmas Story: A Nisse Fairytale (on hold) by Klauida
A Christmas Story: A Nisse Klauida
Eleanor and David move together with their daughter Emily to their new home at the farm, which Eleanor inherited from her parents after their death. They have decided to...