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jacket over hoodie over shirt | dreamwastaken by nevadawasnottaken
jacket over hoodie over shirt | bf simp :)
"is that where you sleep?" "yeah, i used to." "what do you mean?" "i stopped." "what for?" "i stopped falling out...
Bench Trio Oneshots by smileyotaku101
Bench Trio Oneshotsby smileyotaku101
Bench Trio Mini Stories! Usually cute but also angst bc yummy. I take requests but no smut or extreme gore, and advice or even hate is accepted :] Thanks for clicking th...
life on the line. || W. Soot ~ Angstfic by Marble_teaa
life on the line. || W. Soot ~ Marble <3
TW~: Self-harm, Abuse, Anorexia, Drugs, Alcohol, Homophobia, Sexual Assault, Suicidal thoughts Cover Art: @croudjay on Twitter Hey everyone! Chapters are constantly bei...
Monachopsis  by ZeepZoop_Z
Monachopsis by ZeepZoop
This a fanfic with orphan bench trio, angst, mental illness, and vigilante activities Idk how much I'll write here, I'm just starting this on a whim at 1 am on a Monday...
[: mcyt angst :] - DISCONTINUED - by anteat3r
[: mcyt angst :] - DISCONTINUED -by ant :] ♡
this book has been discontinued.
"I Want My Happy Ending..." Tubbo Angst/ Tubbo went insane au by BeezAlwaysBuzz
"I Want My Happy Ending..." BeezAlwaysBuzz
Tubbo was deemed to be successful, but after facing the death of his best friend, the Betrayal of the president of lmanburg, and his dad who he begs not to become, he fi...
Mcyt angst/fluff oneshots! Double Live DreamSMP and  Hermitcraft! by Mithical_C
Mcyt angst/fluff oneshots! Mithical_C
SO! I am bored and need mcyt angst cuz the world doesn't give me enough. Though I don't want to long off stories- I'ma be writing mcyt angst oneshots!!! I won't be mak...
Stung by a Bee || Tubbo Angst by eliisawesome_
Stung by a Bee || Tubbo Angstby eli
(Fanart is not by me, it is by @crocnapping on Twitter!) hello !! this story will contain mentions of the following: self harm; panic attacks; smoking; yelling; abuse; s...
Tubbo Angst And Fluff ♡♡ (Oneshots) by ALovejoySong
Tubbo Angst And Fluff ♡♡ (Oneshots)by Lemon 💌🎀
Art Credit (Cover art) Cyani07 on Tumblr ============ If Cyani07 is not comfortable using their art for covers let me know and ill change it :] WE HIT 1K, WOOOO :DD Th...
Mcyt angst by MilkFraction
Mcyt angstby MilkFraction
❥Here to write angst- ranging from little sad stuff to even suicide stuff. ❥I will put warnings in every chapter, like: Suicide, cutting, depression and ect. ❣︎Anyway, e...
No Visitors by kyubis_62
No Visitorsby cale
Michael has visited every building, every fraction, but... He hasn't visited Pandora's Box. What happens when he meets someone he isn't suppose to meet? Prisoner Dream A...
Life or Death - Tommyinnit Angst by sol-the-sun
Life or Death - Tommyinnit Angstby sol-the-sun
In which a meetup will spell life or death for a young streamer. ...
SLEEPY BOYS INC ONESHOTS by alastairthatcunt
-Wilbur centric -self explanatory -I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes I am dyslexic -mostly angst -I will state any information in the relevant chapters -c...
Friends, maybe. by AnonymousIcon
Friends, Anonymous
In which an anxious, depressed Tommyinnit finds out that perhaps he is not so alone after all. (This is my first fanfic so don't make fun of me please lol) TW: Angst, h...
𝑅𝑒𝑑 𝐸𝑦𝑒𝑑 𝐷𝑒𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑠 by The_Eret_
𝑅𝑒𝑑 𝐸𝑦𝑒𝑑 𝐷𝑒𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑠by Toby
Tommy, a 17 year old male, lived with his friends Tubbo [Toby], Ranboo [Mark], and Purpled [Grayson]. He started acting different, not in a good way. Tommy, will have t...
Muted // DreamSMP, Dream angst // canceled! by Mithical_C
Muted // DreamSMP, Dream Mithical_C
Mutism can happen when you experience trauma, amongst other things. This, though not always, is probably selective. Can mute people make noise? Scream? Laugh? This is a...
Benchtrio Oneshots!(DISCONTINUED) by _Dark-animatics_
Benchtrio Oneshots!(DISCONTINUED)by St0rms3nd
(Was a ghostbur one shot book!) So, since I've decided I liked making more stories about other characters in the smp aswell, then just ghostbur, I'm from now on Going t...
Mcyt GhostDream AU ~ Angst ~ by Serene_pond
Mcyt GhostDream AU ~ Angst ~by Astxrism
Basically an au in which Dream died, also I am still going to be writing my fantasy au story, but I wanted to do this one as well. TW; suicide, mentions of death, blood...
When Dreams Turn into Nightmares [DREAMNOTFOUND ANGST] by buffdude42069
When Dreams Turn into Nightmares [ buffdude42069
Life used to be so much better- so why did the fucking virus need to get in the way?! I loved my life- my friends- my mom- this has gone well to far. Year 2027. - "...
Falling apart blind Wilbur soot angst Also Sapnap angst (Re-writing) by Ghost4237
Falling apart blind Wilbur soot Ghost
If any content creator is uncomfortable with this I will take it down, just tell me! Wilbur was left alone in a town where a war happend. He gets in an accedent wich cau...