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Lovesick [skephalo fanfic] by SpiritualToaster
Lovesick [skephalo fanfic]by SpiritualToaster
Random ass fanfic I wrote out of boredom [CONTAINS SMUT]
SapnapxReader by dryegg
SapnapxReaderby dryegg
warning: smut, knives, blood, etc etc. you never saw this IMPORTANT this is a fanfic of his character/personality on the smp, not him as a real person. If he were to sta...
Dreamnotfound Smutshots & Oneshots by _strawberryc0w_
Dreamnotfound Smutshots & Oneshotsby NatLee
just sum good ol' smut...maybe sum angst/fluff who knows. Triggers will be put before the story begins :) anyways enjoy!
Quackbur oneshots by Scottyjameswife
Quackbur oneshotsby asshole
yea so I made this under some stupid thinking. Started: 25/01/22 Finished: __/__/__
Qmas Smut Also Fluff And Stuff by NixieBrown6
Qmas Smut Also Fluff And Stuffby Nixie Brown
mine and a friends characters not all smut mostly fluff and some smut and yes they are both quackity characters. Very gay story when I say very gay I mean it. Also for g...
georgewastaken | smutshots by angelboyf
georgewastaken | smutshotsby nex
hi! this is a smutshot book about georgexdream. all triggering content (if there is any) will be put at the top, alongside any of the kinks that will be discussed in t...
me x daddy dweam 🥺 by 0hheymamas
me x daddy dweam 🥺by ....
Hi baka 🥺 please read my story i spend so much time writing them
What should I do? || Quackity&Sapnap Fanfiction by user927462
What should I do? || Quackity& user927462
I am warning you now that my English is not good and there will probably be a few typing mistakes ... so if you find a mistake please comment on it. thanks <3 But ye...
AO3 Mcyt Smutshots by Backpacklmao
AO3 Mcyt Smutshotsby 😔
+2 more
skephalo smutshots by johnegbertoffical
skephalo smutshotsby John egbert
hi yeah I'm doing an actual one :) here's sum smutshots lads I wanna start doing fics :/ (join my discord- plz
sleeping pills || dnf  by gasolineflvr
sleeping pills || dnf by gasolineflvr 🖤 dnf
dnf ❣︎ George distances himself from the man he loves the most, leading him to a unexpected life. will their fates lead them back into each others arms? this is for fun...
Charitable - DreamNotFound  by roselingt
Charitable - DreamNotFound by rosie
When George travels to Florida to work on a charity project in a large animal hospital, Dream offers him the option to stay with him and Sapnap for the week. CW: smut
gogy wogy x dweam by -Anglewuz
gogy wogy x dweamby Angle
I have nothing better to do so I made this don't steal the cover it took 4755568587668758656443587585875 hours to make 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵...
I fell in love with my bully schlattbur by Patrickswayzes_wife
I fell in love with my bully peyton
I'm bad at writing so if I make any mistakes please feel free to correct me. this is sclattbur,there will be a few smut chapters but not a lot I will also tell you when...
Dream Oneshots by MothNotLive_
Dream Oneshotsby Moth
I-my friend wanted me to make this book 😀✋🏾
HERMITCRAFT ONESHOTS ( requests open ) by ethoslabsimp
hello! this is my first oneshots book for hermitcraft, and I'm so excited for this! i will write x readers/x ocs/any ship! i may do light smut but nothing extreme FLUFF...
technoblade x burger king by bigtiddiegirlfriend
technoblade x burger kingby bigtiddiegirlfriend
disclaimer: i have never watched any mcyts before nor did i know who technoblade was until my friend made a joke about me making a techno x burger king smut. I thought h...
mcyt smut by erotic_writer111
mcyt smutby erotic_writer111
please don't force ships on cc's this is 100 percent for writing practise. Warings will be in each chapter
mcyt smut by corpsenetwork
mcyt smutby alexis :)
mcyt smut bc im bored with life READ FIRST CHAPTER FOR INFO!!! #2 in dsmpsmut <3