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The son of eggman (female sonic harem x son of eggman. by Theswankyseal
The son of eggman (female sonic Jack Matthews
Eggman vs Sonia a battle that has transpired between the two for years on end with the blue blur always coming out on top and Eggman retreating waiting for another chanc...
Forbidden Lovers by GokuStormOfficial
Forbidden Loversby Goku Storm
Metal Sonic finds Sonic in the woods and then they keep meeting up.
Flirting With Disaster by GokuStormOfficial
Flirting With Disasterby Goku Storm
Amy gets captured by eggman and is forced to find a way out herself.
Sonic charaters X child reader by HeyElectricJupiter
Sonic charaters X child readerby Hey Electric Jupiter
includes Sonic (Duh) Tails Amy Eggman(cuz why not?) Infinite Silver Blaze And Shadow (Now includes Rookie, Knuckles, Espio, metal sonic and Mephiles.) I do not own Sonic...
Metallic Purgatory by Washingmachine1910
Metallic Purgatoryby The Washing
Miyamoto Fumiko, a 24 year old office worker ends up tragically dying in a plane crash. What should've been a ticket now to the afterlife, got transformed into a purgato...
The Gizoid and the  the Scrapped One   by FreddyJumpandRun
The Gizoid and the the Scrapped Freddyjumpi
An robot unsure of its origin suddenly boots up in an abandoned facility, wanting to know about its origins, it decides to explore. When doing so they find what their s...
Sonic's Life with The Teenage Robots: The Rivalry Ends by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Sonic's Life with The Teenage Undertale_Fan_Ultra
It was a normal crime fighting Day for our heroes in Tremorton. But when an Old Foe of Metal Sonic Shows up to help Stop Eggman, all of our heroes mut ban together to de...
𝑀𝑒𝓉𝒶𝓁  by FreddyJumpandRun
𝑀𝑒𝓉𝒶𝓁 by Freddyjumpi
Having lived a regular life and doing okay at School, i was guaranteed a Life in which i could live fine enough. The Universe however decided to say „Fuck You!" and...
The New Divide (organic Metal Sonic story) by Metal-17
The New Divide (organic Metal Metal-17
For too long, Metal has served Eggman in vain and endured his constant pigheadedness, but no more. No more will Metal let Eggman look down at him as a failure of a mach...
Diamond in the Sky by RoseyDanes
Diamond in the Skyby Dana Rose
After Eggman incidentally defeats Silver the Hedgehog, he's giddy to celebrate his haphazard victory at a luxurious, villains-only hotel. Unfortunately for him, the part...
♡ 𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂 𝐁𝐎𝐘𝐒 𝐱 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒 ♡ by speedy_boy_23
Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by Silverx721
Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: Silverx721
You're On My Mind - Tails x Reader by ThunderStrike455
You're On My Mind - Tails x Readerby Storm
So... IDK what this is but its something. I love this fox boy and decided to create this. Its more of a passion project if anything but I hope whoever reads this like it...
SONIC*AlTF1 by ideadud
SONIC*AlTF1by Letnoj Brown
Previously known as God damn it why do I have to be god in which are protagonists comes the evil Sonic the EXE Art not mine
Scream For Me by T-Night
Scream For Meby T
(Y/n), the human turned Mobian, was a sick experiment of Dr. Starline and Dr. Eggman. Rescued by Sonic, everyone supposed she would recover from the trauma that silenced...
Chaotic Power (A Mario Movie + Sonic Movie Crossover Fanfiction) by JadeSylvinaVA
Chaotic Power (A Mario Movie + JadeSylvinaVA
After Sonic's latest adventure, Tom and Maddie decide to take him on vacation in Brooklyn where the blue blur befriends a plumber named Mario. While working underground...
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shots by T-Night
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shotsby T
Oh no. I did it again. Got into another fandom. Welp, we're here now, and I've got ideas. Requests are strict as usual. But at the moment, they're closed.
Second Chance (Infinite x Fox Reader) ~Completed~ by KissedByTheCoolest_1
Second Chance (Infinite x Fox Shadow Simp
~I am the tallest of mountains I am the roughest of waves I am the toughest of terrors I am the darkest of days but for you... I am the most beautiful of mountains I am...
Love Error (Metal Sonic x Reader) by SkySparks3
Love Error (Metal Sonic x Reader)by Author Ori
When you get captured by Eggman, your whole life turns upside down. But when all seems lost, will an unlikely hero save you?
Welcome To My World by The_LazyRat
Welcome To My Worldby The_LazyRat
Izuku Yagi is a young boy who has a dream of being a hero, but because he was born without power, he was neglected and abused. One day he was left for dead when he was f...