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Whispered Away - A Whisper the Wolf x Reader fanfic (On Hiatus) by Soficreates257
Whispered Away - A Whisper the Wol...by The tired bi girl 💀
You are a skilled fighter, driven by the words Infinite told you when he burned down your city. You joined the Resistance to become stronger and to help stop the war. O...
Whisper x Reader by Projectcobra72
Whisper x Readerby Edge
Can love blossom on the battlefield? Time to find out... (No lemon just some fluff. And yes, that was a metal gear reference. Kept you waiting huh?)
Tangle and Whisper; Whispangle: The Slumber Party Confession. by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Tangle and Whisper; Whispangle: Th...by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Disclaimer: This story is set after the events of the Zombot Virus of the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comic series. I claim no owner ship to the Characters in this Story, the...
Tangle vs. Whisper: Out of Control by KitTheViewer
Tangle vs. Whisper: Out of Controlby Kitten Solder
When Whisper the Wolf doesn't pay attention to something Tangle the Lemur has to say, the accident threatens to destroy their friendship. In a shocking twist, Tangle is...
Sonic IDW: Shard A Robot with a Soul by TheGhost619
Sonic IDW: Shard A Robot with a So...by TheGhost619
Offscreen Eggman kidnapped a young hedgehog and exprimented on him for a project to destroy his nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog. But the project never finished and the subjec...
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shots by T-Night
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shotsby T
Oh no. I did it again. Got into another fandom. Welp, we're here now, and I've got ideas. Requests are strict as usual. But at the moment, they're closed.
Some Tailsper Moments I Made by WELDDOG
Some Tailsper Moments I Madeby JustaSonicFan
This is where I would make some Tailsper Moments I come up
Whispers in the Dark (A Sonic Fanfiction) by Bekiebookworm
Whispers in the Dark (A Sonic Fanf...by Bekiebookworm
No, you'll never be alone When darkness comes you know I'm never far Hear my whispers in the dark When Shadow the Hedgehog gets wind of a new faker imitating hi...
Blood Bonds by HeadMistressOfFVR
Blood Bondsby Nutmeg the Flying Squirrel
(Book 3 of the Spirit of the Phantom Ruby series) In Blood Bonds, a forgotten enemy is found and captured by G.U.N.; Eclipse the Darkling! Eclipse finds himself signing...
Eclipse's first encounter with Whisper by Edmundchedid
Eclipse's first encounter with Whi...by Edmond Chedid
After a hard battle against Eggman's fleet - Eclipse drains all of his energy and crash lands into Spiral Hill Village. He then meets Tangle and gets shown a tour of her...
The Guardian Angels (Silver x Whisper) by SilverNick1
The Guardian Angels (Silver x Whis...by SilverNick
Silver the hedgehog and Whisper the wolf have overtime come to have a great amount of respect for one another. Silver especially considering he was Whispers biggest fan...
Snuggling on a Rainy Day by Cambecca7677
Snuggling on a Rainy Dayby Snail
Tangle and Whisper are out having fun. But when a storm strikes and they're forced inside, they must find something else to do. Sadly, it doesn't help that the power wen...
Vulpecula et Anser by AbsoluteNegligence
Vulpecula et Anserby AbsoluteNegligence
Vulpecula et Anser: A faint constellation in the northern sky in the shape of a fox and a goose. Kitsunami finds himself having a conversation with a certain Guardian An...
Immemorial by AbsoluteNegligence
Immemorialby AbsoluteNegligence
"It reminds me of you," Whisper said, smiling bashfully. "Fluffy." "So," Tangle said as she grabbed the pillow with her tail and examined i...
This Isn't a Dream (Whispangle Oneshot) by Marlbearo
This Isn't a Dream (Whispangle One...by tangle the lemur irl
Whisper is no stranger to nightmares. From the war, the fall of the Diamond Cutters, to the Metal Virus, Whisper quite frequently finds herself being kept awake by night...
What's your Choice? by Zals46
What's your Choice?by Zals46
After Whisper goes through a horrifying Experience, her enemy offers her one last choice to make and its a very important decision to make since she carrys the weight of...
Sonic&Friends Oneshots by RandomIdiot231
Sonic&Friends Oneshotsby IDIOT
There will be stuff from other media, such as SonicX, Sonic Underground and IDW And most of them are rushed ❤️Ships❤️ Sonadow Whispangle Knuxouge Rookinite Vecpio Charil...
Expectations & Worries (Whispangle Oneshot) by Cambecca7677
Expectations & Worries (Whispangle...by Snail
(Set 2 months after my last fic [This Is Nice] but doesn't require you to read it to understand the plot.) 2 months after Tangle and Whisper got together. Tangle decides...
Sonic: Ashes To Diamonds by Projectcobra72
Sonic: Ashes To Diamondsby Edge
Some "what if?" I had. basically what if the Diamond Cutters came back from the dead and had Hemaska take Mimic's place. got this idea completely randomly and...
The Lost Android (Under rewrite) by ev_rebound
The Lost Android (Under rewrite)by EV_Rebound
What happens when a group of kids find a dangerous Android? After the excitement of the Metal Virus the Sonic Fanclub is trying to get back to what they do best. Having...