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Wolf and a Fox. by Skyarcher07
Wolf and a Fox.by SKY OR ARCHER
Takes place during the events of the IDW series.
My guardian angel (Whisper x male reader) by TheEpicSceptile
My guardian angel (Whisper x male...by TheEpicSceptile
You were just living your normal life on Mobius, until you were attacked by eggpawns. Thankfully, a mysterious soldier (aka Whisper the wolf) comes in and saves your lif...
The Guardian Angels (Silver x Whisper) by SilverNick1
The Guardian Angels (Silver x Whis...by SilverNick
Silver the hedgehog and Whisper the wolf have overtime come to have a great amount of respect for one another. Silver especially considering he was Whispers biggest fan...
Sonic The Hedgehog (IDW): Fighting For All Time! by True_Guard
Sonic The Hedgehog (IDW): Fighting...by MaxAetherOutput
This is the tale of a time patroller who is willing to save an entirely different universe rather than finding a way to go back to his world. Will he overcome new challe...
Freedom planet Kai the fire dragon's adventures by Glcheairs123
Freedom planet Kai the fire dragon...by Glcheairs123
A fire dragon comes and lives in a city called Royal Woods. Kai the fire dragon and the loud family must defeat a dangerous shadow dragon named Drazeros and defend both...
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shots by T-Night
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shotsby T
Oh no. I did it again. Got into another fandom. Welp, we're here now, and I've got ideas. Requests are strict as usual. But at the moment, they're closed.
A Mercenary's Oath / Male Reader x IDW Sonic (Comic Series) by PhoenixFD
A Mercenary's Oath / Male Reader x...by RISING_PHOENIX
Formed during the 'War to Take Back the Planet', the Diamond Cutters are an elite anti-Eggman team comprised of mercenaries who are dedicated to combating Dr. Eggman's a...
Whispered Away - A Whisper the Wolf x Reader fanfic (Discontinued For Now) by Soficreates257
Whispered Away - A Whisper the Wol...by ☆♡🩷 𝑺𝒐𝒇𝒊 🩷♡☆
You are a skilled fighter, driven by the words Infinite told you when he burned down your city. You joined the Resistance to become stronger and to help stop the war. O...
Sonic: infection by Projectcobra72
Sonic: infectionby Bofors enjoyer
The metal virus has torn the planet of Mobius apart... As far as everyone knew, there was no cure... Until now. Tails meets a stranger that may have the power to save hi...
Tangle vs. Whisper: Out of Control by KitTheViewer
Tangle vs. Whisper: Out of Controlby Kitten Solder
When Whisper the Wolf doesn't pay attention to something Tangle the Lemur has to say, the accident threatens to destroy their friendship. In a shocking twist, Tangle is...
Perfectly Imperfect: A Zesper Story ~Slow Updates~ by CogaPlush
Perfectly Imperfect: A Zesper Stor...by T.L La Latina
After the Zombot apocalypse, Whisper went off to clear her head, take a break, and try to forget everything she felt during the final act of the disaster. That was until...
Sonic Oneshots by RandomIdiot231
Sonic Oneshotsby IDIOT
There will be stuff from other media, such as the Sonic IDW comics MOST OF THEM ARE RUSHED ❤️Ships❤️ Sonadow Whispangle Knuxouge Rookinite Vecpio Charils (my *probably*...
Healing love (Remake) by Youngpanda15
Healing love (Remake)by Youngpanda15
This is a remake of a story called healing love that was taken down for no real reason so I'm going to recreate it the best I can for the people who remember it
Sonic IDW in Minecraft by JaylenUltra3100
Sonic IDW in Minecraftby Jaylen Staton
The Sonic IDW cast (and some of the Archie cast) have been teleported to the Minecraft overworld with their only objective to survive and find a way home...
Win Her Heart? (Genderbend Tailsper) by WELDDOG
Win Her Heart? (Genderbend Tailspe...by JustaSonicFan
"After The Events Of The Metal Virus and Peace was restored, Silent The Wolf (Genderbend Whisper) starts to feel something for Millie Prower or better known as Tail...
Scp-999 x Sonic Girls by Ricky3546
Scp-999 x Sonic Girlsby Ricky3546
Sonic is at Tails workshop checking on him. Tails have a special project that he be working on. Tails has invented some kind of portal that let you travel like here to t...
Vulpecula et Anser by AbsoluteNegligence
Vulpecula et Anserby AbsoluteNegligence
Vulpecula et Anser: A faint constellation in the northern sky in the shape of a fox and a goose. Kitsunami finds himself having a conversation with a certain Guardian An...
Silver Lining by Abyssalcast
Silver Liningby AbyssalCast
Silver the Hedgehog is a psychokinetic hedgehog from the future. With his future being doomed, Silver is forced to go back in time to save it. Despite the circumstances...
Tangle and Whisper stories by JaylenUltra3100
Tangle and Whisper storiesby Jaylen Staton
Hello I'm back and I'm making a new story again, this time it'll be a love story with some drama in it as well, please enjoy and feel free to comment anytime you want! ...
There's Good Inside Of Evil (A Tailisper Story) by WELDDOG
There's Good Inside Of Evil (A Tai...by JustaSonicFan
"Every Villain Has A Sad And Hurtful Back Stories, But Miles "Tails" Prower is the opposite, he is Sonic the Hedgehog's Sidekick and Brother-In-Arms, He W...