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Picture Perfect by Doug_03
Picture Perfectby Doug_03
Ashley is used to being in the spotlight due to her dad's fame as arguably the best actor of our time. She knows what the cameras want: perfection. Perfect hair, perfect...
Walk with Me #MidnightSunMovie by isabelleronin
Walk with Me #MidnightSunMovieby Isabelle Ronin
A short story of a broken girl and a boy who secretly watched over her. My entry to the #MidnightSunMovie contest.
Tuesday #MidnightSunMovie by imaginator1D
Tuesday #MidnightSunMovieby Anna Todd
Excited to have been chosen to write this entry on behalf of Midnight Sun and Open Road Films. Can't wait to see the love story unfold on the screen and I hope you are t...
Look Up by ereehu
Look Upby Rui (睿)
~ oneshot ~ A girl walks with her memories for one night. Just one. #MidnightSunMovie contest top ten finalist! 499 words (4 of which are these - thingies because appare...
Max and Harvey...Friends,Love,Or Hate?? by MaxMillsie
Max and Harvey...Friends,Love,Or H...by Max Luca Mills
Max and Harvey Mills are going to be in this story...Obviously,since the story is about them...This story is mostly about a young teenage girl who moved to England and m...
12 Hours. Period. | ✓ by forgottenwords928
12 Hours. Period. | ✓by Inka
nyctophilia (n.) the love of the darkness or night. When your period ends up unknowingly playing a part of your love story that fell apart a year ago, how can its nyctop...
Leap! by KCAchike
Leap!by KC
Three run-ins. Two people. One spectacular night. And all she had to do was...leap! A short story about two people who decide to go skinny-dipping. Will this adventure b...
The Fall #MidnightSunMovie by Raider-k
The Fall #MidnightSunMovieby Raider-k
Kit has always been THE girl next door for Ben, her best friend and neighbor. But now that she has an opportunity to finish school at a prestigious out of state academ...
love pickles (and i like you, too) by Amelia-Daisy
love pickles (and i like you, too)by Amelia-Daisy
Turns out words were a side dish, because that's exactly what I'm served.
The Stars in Our Hearts #MidnightSunMovie by cookieamongstars
The Stars in Our Hearts #MidnightS...by Jasmine
*Winner of #MidnightSunMovie Contest!* Sometimes, love doesn't have to be fancy dinners. Sometimes, a night under the stars will do.
#MidnightSunMovie by colleyflowers
#MidnightSunMovieby Col
Short story, long lasting love.
Better than Best Friends by -tangledthoughts
Better than Best Friendsby lexi
We were just best friends. Nothing more, and nothing less. Or so I'd thought, until one night changed everything. *** My 500 - word entry for the #MidnightSunMovie Conte...
Bittersweet | ✔ by Vapid_Ink
Bittersweet | ✔by Vapid Ink
One night was all that was left for Amari and Lisa before they had to part ways. One night that, while not spectacular, was still special.
A Compass of Love (Midnight Sun Movie Contest) by faruhway
A Compass of Love (Midnight Sun Mo...by faruhway
#MidnightSunMovie Contest Short story A love that makes each other feel loved. One that's shared under the moonlight. Follow me on Instagram for info about all my other...
Luna and the Sunwaker #midnightsunmovie by AdelynAnn
Luna and the Sunwaker #midnightsun...by Adelyn Sterling
Luna is the Moonwarden, a chosen guardian of the moon. Her duty is to set it in the sky each night and gather it each morning. Cloistered away from those who would wish...
blue neon by star-lite
blue neonby star-lite
"You don't find many 17 year olds at New York City jazz clubs, do you?" "And you don't find many good opening lines, do you?" "Yeah, that wasn't...
The Land of Nothing by Eddy_the_ghost
The Land of Nothingby Eddy_the_ghost
A romance short story between a young maiden and a young man who live in a colorless world.
Rapunzel ✔ {COMPLETED} by AriW00DS
Rapunzel ✔ {COMPLETED}by Ari
All four sides of Katie's world are falling, and she can't escape. _____________ #MidnightSun Movie {COMPLETED} All Rights Reserved --- "A story to read if you need...
Down The Rabbit Hole by beewest90
Down The Rabbit Holeby StarGazer
****written for midnight sun contest Elle is sent on a scavenger hunt by her boyfriend Nick. Its a special night, but bittersweet, because she moves back home tomorrow...