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You Have Me by Justanothergay2000
You Have Meby MJ
A Monster shows up at the Salvatore school and changes Josie and Hope's life forever
The Recovery by IAmKIM97
The Recoveryby IAmKIM97
Betrayed, broken and alone, Scott McCall and Lydia Martin enroll at Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted with hopes of recovering away from home after Teen...
eunoia // legacies  by diamondswhite
eunoia // legacies by e
❝call it quits or call it destiny.❞ eunoia noun beautiful thinking season one © diamondswhite, 2019
Kickin It with you (Jack Brewer) by emmaholland06
Kickin It with you (Jack Brewer)by emmarose0624
Emma now lives with her Uncle Rudy. And when Jack, the skater boy comes. Her life is turned upside down. She grows with Kim, Milton, Jerry, and Eddie. And of course Jack...
Walking Disaster- Hosie  by hosiesmp3
Walking Disaster- Hosie by hosiesmp3
There are two girls, pretty obvious. One girl is a party animal, the other one likes to stay away from crowds like that. One day Hope tried to stay home but her best fri...
Shadow in the North by EmMarlow
Shadow in the Northby Emma
What if a work of fiction wasn't fiction at all? What if we only thought it was fiction because it was written down, and we were separated from it by the page? Isabel Da...
His Trainer's Daughter (A Logan Paul Fan Fiction) by ally_fatima
His Trainer's Daughter (A Logan Ally 🥀
Alexis Lacroix. Milton Lacroix's Daughter. Yup! That's right! Milton, Logan Paul's boxing coach. Milton is a boxing coach, he coaches world Champions! One day, Milton re...
In a new light by Look_up_to_the_sky_7
In a new lightby Look_up_to_the_sky_7
I know the beginning isn't the best but I promise it gets better further on when a secret gets out you have to face it. Lizzie Saltzmann always dispised Hope why no one...
Missing Mr Thornton by bryony_grace
Missing Mr Thorntonby Bryony Grace
Margaret just misses Mr Thornton at the train station, she ends up marrying Henry Lennox her old friend thinking that Mr Thornton wants nothing to do with her, but they...
allisons cuz by AlecAlexC
allisons cuzby Mönster
"come on rain,maybe you should borrow one of my dresses." "why?" "because they are light colored and not so flashy." "listen here swe...
What You Wish For by CatWinchester
What You Wish Forby Cat Winchester
When Carrie Preston's favourite aunt dies she retreats into her favourite book, Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South, only to find herself suddenly stuck in that story and...
You Had Me @ Hello (Kickin' It Fanfiction) by Living_My_Way
You Had Me @ Hello (Kickin' It Deuce
"Jack...I don't know." I say reluctantly. "C'mon, Kim. We can do this! Don't keep me waiting, I know you want to." He says softly. I think on to our...
Mission Lindy » Kickin' It / I Didn't Do It by ShayWritesFanfics
Mission Lindy » Kickin' It / I Shay Spencer
❝I kind of got involved with the biggest drug cartel in the Middle East during my last tour.❞ Full description inside. |Completed| |Un-Edited| © 2014 Smilie254 {ShayWrit...
Tanner in The Center Boyxboy by MaxNight
Tanner in The Center Boyxboyby Max Night
Tanner Milton Son of District Attorney Scott Milton, and Shiela Milton loved the things he couldn't have. Harris Wheeler the older man who works for his father. Sven Be...
Hearts revival (a follow up from the North and South tale) by LadySchneefee
Hearts revival (a follow up from schneefee
Elisabeth Armitage merely exists, she is an exceedingly rich heiress feeling at odds with her life. She slowly discovers a way of making peace with her soul. On this jou...
Inseparable - Trolls Mythology AU by TheShy1sOut
Inseparable - Trolls Mythology AUby TheShy1sOut
Slow Burn Broppy Fluff :3 Just fluff, basically just fluff and almost nothing else. This is also my dream of writing trolls mythology. How was the trolls' world created...
I Will Always Be Your Sister by LoretoTenorio
I Will Always Be Your Sisterby Loreto Tenorio
Y/n is Hope's older sister by 6 years, Y/n was always targeted by Klaus's enemies, when y/n turned 13 she taught her self how to fight, Klaus was very protective of his...
[Discontinued] Kickin' It With...You? (Jack Brewer/Kickin' It) by kingslayer_stiles
[Discontinued] Kickin' It stiles ciel 💫
This is a story of a girl named Abbi Henning trying to get away from her problems that she thought would only happen in Seattle but when she moves to Seaford she notice...
On Purpose by PosieSaltzPark
On Purposeby Pining for Posie
This au is supernatural; what happens when Josie learns about the merge, how will she act and react and how does this affect the people around her? Not all characters w...
Kickn'it (Jack Brewer) by Bangtanlover2104
Kickn'it (Jack Brewer)by Elexismontgomery
I and re-writting the story to make it better. I don't own Kickn'it or the pictures I just own Noah.