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Salty Lie-la needs to go~ Lila exposed fics (Semi-hiatus) by Khemystery
Salty Lie-la needs to go~ Lila exp...by KHEM
🌸Semi-hiatus Different one shots of Lila getting exposed from Marinette to Chloe to Felix and many more! Cross posted from ffn and ao3. Please read and review! All char...
Total Drama Miraculous Island (Miraculous Ladybug & Total Drama Crossover) by vintage_retro_queen
Total Drama Miraculous Island (Mir...by vintage_retro_queen
Marinette is being sent to a camp in Canada by her class against her will. She and her family couldn't believe that her former friends did this to her. Her family was so...
Miraculous: Tales of Salty Situations by _TheMoonPrincess_
Miraculous: Tales of Salty Situati...by 🤍❅Misti❅🤍
A whole bunch o' salty Miraculous oneshots Requests are open so go request as much as you wish ;) ~~~ Baiiiiiiiiiii ._.
Daminette One-shots by Mare_Barrow42
Daminette One-shotsby MusicLover42
Just some Damian X Marinette awesomeness along with some salt for the class and especially Lila the liar... Note: I have sporadic posting so I'm sorry.
True Friends by -Marsh_Mallow-
True Friendsby Marshmallow
4 years after Lila threatens Marinette, what she says comes true. The class turns on Marinette, and bullies her because she "bullies" Lila. Adrien is no help s...
A Trip To Gotham by morganlbr
A Trip To Gothamby Morgan
Marinette had lost everyone except her parents, clients, and her 14 real friends due to Lila. When Marinette gets 2 classes to go on a trip to Gotham, what will happen n...
Broken....But Not Destroyed by -Marsh_Mallow-
Broken....But Not Destroyedby Marshmallow
After Lila got Marinette back in school, the class did seem a bit distant from her, but she trusted Adrien and followed his advice. Years after, Marientte works under Ad...
Reuniting by morganlbr
Reunitingby Morgan
Marinette was practically raised in the league of assassins. Her, Damian, and five other kids practically grew up together. That is until Deathstroke attacked. The good...
Angel's Guardian  by -_riru_ily_-
Angel's Guardian by Riruru
What will happen when two people with trust issues start trusting each other without their knowledge? Damian is always aware of his surroundings and always on alert. Wh...
song fic's miraculous salt (suggestions always open) cover by @tanjanette by Arkat09
song fic's miraculous salt (sugges...by Arkat09
Just a song fic baised book about Marinette. Lots of salt. Let me know if y'all want more then it will probably turn into a full book. Also no and I mean no adrianette u...
XY's Muse by night_fallz
XY's Museby night_fallz
After the events of Silencer, Marinette approaches XY in order to comfort him after his father, Bob Roth, insulted him in front of live television. As the days pass, th...
Fake Friends by morganlbr
Fake Friendsby Morgan
Mari and Bridgette are twins. Bridgette leaves and comes back for her little sis. She wants to introduce her big sister to her friends, but they have to be worthy of it...
Hidden in the sand by Dustycowskull
Hidden in the sandby Sage
Plagg had seen many acts of destruction in his life. The infamous T.Rex that was too dangerous to be kept alive, The Christian crucifixion allowing blood to boil and ski...
Perfect (For Me) by Charlaheart
Perfect (For Me)by
Song fic inspired by Perfect by Ed Sheeran Credz to the pep who did the cover art (on hold also)
Lukanette: All It Takes Is Time by AnonymousSnake977
Lukanette: All It Takes Is Timeby AnonymousSnake977
This is about the growth of Luka and Marinette's friendship, which eventually turns into a relationship in the span of a year. To go along with the time, the book is upd...
Miraculous OneShots [Requests Closed]  by MIMTASTIC
Miraculous OneShots [Requests Clos...by 𝐌𝐢𝐦
These are a series of OneShots involving Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. I don't make TwoShots unless asked. You can also request a OneShot, though, I can't p...
Princess Justice by Addybug_Stories
Princess Justiceby Addybug_Stories
Starts out similar to the episode Ladybug, but will Marinette be able to resist being akumatized? TW; Slight signs of depression. Nothing too bad, but it sure is there! ...
Miraculous Days in Beverly Hills (MLB & Beverly Hills Teens Crossover) by vintage_retro_queen
Miraculous Days in Beverly Hills (...by vintage_retro_queen
Marinette is accepted to a new high school. It did require her family to move, though. They didn't mind at all since the toxicity of Marinette's old school crossed the l...