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harry potter's adventure into the stars by dragon_samurai_13
harry potter's adventure into the dragon shogun
harry potter decided to take himself through the veil ten years after the war with voldemort ended, having no reason to remain with his wife, having been killed, and his...
Holly & Yew by kurama_63
Holly & Yewby kyūbi no kitsune
Author LovelyLotus Status 57 Chapters - Ongoing After a bout of accidental magic when Harry is six, Vernon goes too far. When Harry wakes up, he is gravely wounded and m...
Clarisse's Mom by M_Real_L
Clarisse's Momby IT'zMe
Harry got a mgical sex change (so she can still have kids and Harry was a transvestite) and became Rose La Rue (her mom's, dad's, dad;s grandmother's maiden name) moved...
Another Lestrange [DISCONTINUED] by soupyshroom
Another Lestrange [DISCONTINUED]by sour
"I assure you Master, this life is better than the last" "You say that every time Death" "But I mean it now" "I hope so..." •••••...
The Real Parents {TVD/TO} by jokermadhatter
The Real Parents {TVD/TO}by jokermadhatter
What if Esther and Mikael weren't the Mikaelson's parents? They had actually been stolen from their actual parents and had their memories erased. Esther along with her s...
The redo (Harry Potter- golden era) by boredhumanalert
The redo (Harry Potter- golden era)by Bubbles
It's post war and Harrison 'Harry' James potter is depressed. He's depressed that all these people gave up their lives for him. So in his sleep he just gives up. He dies...
Magic, Vampires and Shifters , Oh My! by DevilQqueen666
Magic, Vampires and Shifters , DevilQqueen666
After Graduating Hogwarts and helping to stabilize her world Lyra Peverel and Family decide a change of scenery will be good for them, what could possibly go wrong with...
Harry Potter and the Cursed Heart ~discontinued~ by calllmebyyn
Harry Potter and the Cursed C
It's the end of the war and Harry has won the war for the light. But now the truth is revealed and in a final act of betrayal, Harry's friends turn against him, taking t...
Deathly Grimm {HP x Merlin} by jokermadhatter
Deathly Grimm {HP x Merlin}by jokermadhatter
Merlin had been told to find the 'Deathly Grimm' and they would help him with his mission. However, he didn't know what the 'Deathly Grimm' was or if he was supposed to...
The Wizard And The Hunter, a Harry Potter and Walking Dead crossover by PsLemonMEWLON
The Wizard And The Hunter, a Garlic Bread
A Harry Potter and The Walking Dead crossover Harry Potter x Daryl Dixon Master of death!Harry Potter Very slow updates (Sorry)
Always with You | Pico x Boyfriend Soft Mod by stars_to_your_moon
Always with You | Pico x haru
[On Hold] "You're a disgrace to this family." Those were the last words Boyfriend heard before bolting out of the front door. His steps heavy as his heart race...
Dave&Bambi x Reader OS/HC{ON HOLD} by Suki_G0R3
Dave&Bambi x Reader OS/HC{ON HOLD}by 𝐒𝐮𝐤𝐢
Okay hi I allow some fanmods in this book so feel free to request random characters if I know them. I'm not a very good remember.🧍
Death ➹ Harry Potter by ritzmix
Death ➹ Harry Potterby Rita
In which Death decides that only she can screw her Master over, and that Fate and Destiny have no power over him. When her Master is in need of a helping hand, Death can...
Master of Death  by YU5UF12
Master of Death by YU5UF12
Hadrian Potter has returned to change his future. He has learnt the truth about his 'friends' from Death and Fate. After training for years and receiving the True Hallow...
Marriage Contracts! by Weirdkat24
Marriage Contracts!by Kat Parker
Harry Potter dies 10 years after the battle of Hogwarts. He thought his life had been rough but he had Ginny and their children things had been looking up for him. That...
The baby's Daddys by SetByeol
The baby's Daddysby SetByeol
Nothing had prepared Max, nor Tul, to what was waiting for them. And nothing could have gone worse either... ---- Beware, Bromance is part of this story ^^ Casts, pictur...
Simply Complex by RogenJamesCarter
Simply Complexby Rogen
Harrison James Potter-Black saw two wars in his lifetime. The first was as the Savior of the Wizarding World. The Chosen One of the Light. He fought the Dark Lord Volde...
Chaos And Curses • Harry Potter by calllmebyyn
Chaos And Curses • Harry Potterby C
Life, Death, and Chaos Rulers and conspirators, but now the ruled ... "Are you okay?" "No. People I'm highly attracted to make me nervous" ... "...
Hadrian Peverell: The Immortal Stuntman by colliepops456
Hadrian Peverell: The Immortal Slytherpuff's Ice princess
An event years before the beginning of Hogwarts causes the 'power he knows not' to awaken. How will the Wizarding World react to an intelligent Harry who will not be cha...
Discord Mod x E-Kitten Fanfiction ~ ❦ by AngusInk
Discord Mod x E-Kitten Angus
So... What if a discord moderator and e-kitten's story was actually... Decent? Meet Grendel, a 37 year young man prestigiously living in his mother's house. He has the p...