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ᴀ ᴅ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ | 𝘽𝙓𝙂𝙓𝘽 by slut4dia
ᴀ ᴅ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ | 𝘽𝙓𝙂𝙓𝘽by 𝐃’🦋
ᴀ ᴅ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ /əˈdɔː/ ❥ To love and respect (someone) deeply. ❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎ #1 in intersex #2 in polylove #1 in polylove...
You're strange, but I am too by internationalArmyx
You're strange, but I am tooby internationalArmyx
Hey, so I've been on here for a while and noticed that there aren't many MDLB stories so here's mine. The works centers around the "mommy's" point of view she...
The Jock, The Nerd and The Geek  by v_adams
The Jock, The Nerd and The Geek by V. Adams
The Jock: Paris Holmes, also known as Hermes. The most popular boy in all of Wystwood High who everyone hates to love. Pros: is an exceptional basketball player, but one...
Ma Fille Chérie | Billie Eilish by thepartysovernow
Ma Fille Chérie | Billie Eilishby ivy
(My darling girl) Billie Eilish, an newly founded musical artist gets a message from a fan. She quickly finds herself off into the deep end when she realises she's fall...
Little Wolf, Retold.°On Hold° by _Gantrick_
Little Wolf, Retold.°On Hold°by _Gantrick_
Read the warning page. Fin Swan, Bella's younger twin brother. When Bella decides for the both of them, they are moving to Forks Washington how will Fin's life change wi...
Three little boys (mdlb) by dansomniac
Three little boys (mdlb)by 💖CAT QUEEN💖
Rosa is a caregiver who falls is love with a 3 little who are in a very bad situation. Going from 1 to 3 little is a bit change but Rosa is up for the challenge of carin...
Titans little by Littlebeansminx
Titans littleby Littlebeansminx
In a world run by titans Edith gets chosen to be send to littles academy. *Inspired by "The kings little princess" I can't find the book anymore or who wrote...
Kidnapped to be a little by elisha_cuthbert12121
Kidnapped to be a littleby notting
Daniel becomes a baby girl to mummy Catherine.
My new life with Mummy (GL) by YurinBl00m
My new life with Mummy (GL)by Alice
Sammy has been a hidden mdlg for almost a year now, into mommy doms and still a virgin at 19 she tries her best to hide it. one day while looking at plushies she meets a...
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MDLB  Celeb Oneshots by user1022839
MDLB Celeb Oneshotsby user1022839
Some prompts of your favorite male celebrity's that are in madly (non sexual) relationship with you! Read the prompts to see how your adventures go with them throughout...
I'm not going to hurt you baby by ebradley8
I'm not going to hurt you babyby ebradley8
22 year old Camryn is a little who is in an abusive relationship can someone help her before she gets hurt. 27 year old Katharine is a mommy with no little girl and she...
Little Diaper Boy by BabyBoyBryce123
Little Diaper Boyby BabyBoyBryce123
In this world, people are classified under three different terms caregiver and littles. Caregivers want to take care of littles and switches. littles are people who act...
A Mama's Boy by DDTheDeedle
A Mama's Boyby DD
Evan is a 15 year old boy, he enjoys video games, tv, but something was missing, Until he met Ashlynn, The girl who changed his life. This story will show the journey of...
My True Happiness (DDLG Academy sequel) by KikoH2010
My True Happiness (DDLG Academy Cry Fox
Xea has been gone for two years, Kyle, Vanessa, and Fray have graduated. Xea has become stable in her emotions again. She decides it's time to be with the people she lov...
Mommy's Subbi3 by NotheLiar
Mommy's Subbi3by Nothe Liar
18 plus this is mainly smut
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The NFL Caregiver by user1022838
The NFL Caregiverby user1022838
Join Yn & Josh Allen as they're in a MDLB Caregiver relationship. Since Josh's' brain injury accident, it caused him to quit football and practically start all over agai...
Soft Hearted  by JFMyers
Soft Hearted by J. F. Myers
When Tristan is at a college party, he meets up with a girl from his English class, Beth. She invites him to "hang with the girls" and she starts to slowly get...