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Baby (michael myers x reader dd/lg) by RaevynEden
Baby (michael myers x reader dd/lg)by Baybfayce
Okay so this contains DD/lg if you dont like that then please dont read.
My Little Princess by Darxetta413
My Little Princessby Darxetta413
This is a second POV collection! I read a collection a bit ago that simply used "you" and "Daddy" so reading them was non-character based. I really l...
moonlight acadamy by DionNuggie
moonlight acadamyby Princess <3
thia story is about a acadamy called moonlight acadamy, it's for poeple that are littles and can find cg there. it's not a normal school, the cg's learn about how to be...
my emo alpha master by Anastasiaowsley
my emo alpha masterby Anastasia
Stasia is a 20 year old girl with parents who hate her, a sister that's a bitch, and now a mate that's a emo alpha? Not only is the alpha possessive, but he also loves b...
Mommy's Subbi3 by NotheLiar
Mommy's Subbi3by Nothe Liar
18 plus this is mainly smut
Ms Ruth's Little Doe (a MDlg story) by LetitiaRosee
Ms Ruth's Little Doe (a MDlg story)by LetitiaRosee
It's the 2400s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Zadie becoming vampire Ms Ruth's Little Doe. Zadie is naturally a little who was born into a...
Forever My Bambina  by xDani_Stefx
Forever My Bambina by xDani_Stefx
Carina has finally moved back in but Maya is still trying to heal . Diane suggests a coping mechanism that Carina is more than willing to help Maya with . WARNING: this...
Daddy's Little Forever Baby (a DDlg Story) by LetitiaRosee
Daddy's Little Forever Baby (a DDl...by LetitiaRosee
It's the 2400s and the world is run by vampires. This story takes place shortly after Daddy's Pumpkin Princess. I tried to make it a standalone but you probably will enj...
One Shots [Rated R] Book 2 by cherrypop12
One Shots [Rated R] Book 2by cherrypop12
Same concept as Book 1. There's about 30 chapters in that one. Like that this is just a collection of 1 chapter 'stories' with a Rated R theme. I try to vary it so hope...
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DOM & Little Academy 1 by monasabay0010
DOM & Little Academy 1by Little Scooby
Part 1. This is part of the Tiggger saga. Before anyone knew about vampires and them taking over the word, there were humans in charge. These humans really messed up the...
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Mon Petit Macaron (a DDlb Story MxFxM) by LetitiaRosee
Mon Petit Macaron (a DDlb Story Mx...by LetitiaRosee
It's the 2600s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Beau (little) becoming vampires Theo's (Daddy Dom) and Louisa's (middle switch) Petit Macaron...
Finding Delilah (DDLG) by Queen-Tanny
Finding Delilah (DDLG)by Queen-Tanny
Book 3 of 'Our Little Delilah." Who will find her?
THE UNSPOKEN SOULS  by Ms_blackmoon_
THE UNSPOKEN SOULS by Ms_blackmoon_
Eloise Davison A girl that known as spoiled and doesn't care about her looks or no self care but a sweet,kind and soft child although have savage and bich attitude when...
DEVILLE: HOODS & HORNS by jawncuffies
DEVILLE: HOODS & HORNSby jawncuffies
Our favorite Duo is back again on another Magical adventure full of love, lust, mystery, and danger! Follow James and Olivia who have fled the country for a better life...
Alpha and Pup by Izakmon
Alpha and Pupby Izakmon
The scattered tales of a man and his little girl.
Little Kaylee's Tantrum by PoutyPrincessKid
Little Kaylee's Tantrumby Pouty Princess
This is a story of a little girl named Kaylee who is having a meltdown type temper tantrum & is taken to a mental health facility for children where she is cared for in...
My Princess (michael myers dd/lg) by littlebxbyy
My Princess (michael myers dd/lg)by littlebxbyy
dd/lg relationship between a small girl and a notorious murderer.
Sugar To My Lolita by apolloundercover
Sugar To My Lolitaby Apollo
"It's okay darling, i'm right here. I've got you." "Thank you daddy." [] Contains Sexual/Mature scenes []
Daddy Andy Biersack. (SMUT, FANFIC, DD/LG) by Kenzi-Babe001
Daddy Andy Biersack. (SMUT, FANFIC...by Binki-baby001
This book is about a rather young girl, Evelyn Lynnay who is just only 16 years old an goes to Brook Field High School, And she is one of Andy's biggest fans.!! Andy is...
Always getting younger 🎀🧸 by polaroidblxe
Always getting younger 🎀🧸by polaroidblxe
Ava was a well-behaved, average 13-year old girl. Her dad was always going on business trips, so she gets left with her mom at home most of the time. The day before Ava'...