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Taken And Forced -DDLB- by SendMeN00dz
Taken And Forced -DDLB-by SendN00dzPlz
On a gloomy day, Daiki gets taken and forced to be a baby. Will he accept his fate and live life like a baby, or will he flee the mad man and go back to his 'ordinary' l...
DOM & Little Academy 1 by monasabay0010
DOM & Little Academy 1by Little Scooby
Part 1. This is part of the Tiggger saga. Before anyone knew about vampires and them taking over the word, there were humans in charge. These humans really messed up the...
Daddy's bitch (short story)  by ErnestPruneda
Daddy's bitch (short story) by Ernest Pruneda
A rough day at school leads to something even more rough
Mon Petit Macaron (a DDlb Story MxFxM) by LetitiaRosee
Mon Petit Macaron (a DDlb Story LetitiaRosee
It's the 2600s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Beau (little) becoming vampires Theo's (Daddy Dom) and Louisa's (middle switch) Petit Macaron...
Little Wolf, Retold.°On Hold° by _Gantrick_
Little Wolf, Retold.°On Hold°by _Gantrick_
Read the warning page. Fin Swan, Bella's younger twin brother. When Bella decides for the both of them, they are moving to Forks Washington how will Fin's life change wi...
The CONvention: A Diaper Dimension Story by LostBBoyBear
The CONvention: A Diaper LostBBoyBear
Set in our own world, two women comes from the dreaded Diaper Dimension to find new candidates to be adopted by their species, the towering Amazons, or Bigs. Discovering...
Project Nurture: A Diaper Dimension Story by LostBBoyBear
Project Nurture: A Diaper LostBBoyBear
Long has the dreaded so called 'Diaper Dimension' been a place of abject terror and biased cruelty towards portal Littles (aka, us), but now, Dr. Edgar Thompson believes...
A Stuffy's Tale: One Bunny's Journey in the Diaper Dimension by LostBBoyBear
A Stuffy's Tale: One Bunny's LostBBoyBear
Set in the dreaded, or for some, highly sought after diaper dimension, the journey follows Hop, a stuffed bunny, who is thrust into being a companion of a newly acquired...
Love & Rodeo by painted_rodeo14
Love & Rodeoby painted_rodeo14
Keslie, is a 19 year old girl that has never been interested in boys but as she walks behind the chutes she sees his dark brown eyes meet hers can this change it all?
Princess Marinette by shipsssssss
Princess Marinetteby shipsssssss
Marinette is a normal average girl, aside from being ladybug and a tad bit clumsy. But her whole life is about to change. Marinette's class won a trip to China.But what...
Ex boyfriend( moth to the flame) //Neymar jr by NeysMothToTheFlame
Ex boyfriend( moth to the flame) LB
AN ICONIC 26 years old Liza Bitsadze , The it girl of 21 st century. She loves football and she's fan of Messi and Neymar jr too💕. She's number one in everything...
Pregnant by Adrien Agreste  by punkadrien12
Pregnant by Adrien Agreste by Punk Adrien
Ladybug was on patrol when a naughty kitty detransformed and the little bug saw. Marinette being ladybug had courage to talk to him. It. Went. To. Far. Now being pregnan...
Deal With the Devil by Ghost_Writerx3
Deal With the Devilby 𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕥
"What do you want from me?" "I... Want you. More specifically, I want you to come with me." The man smirks, slowly removing a hand from his pocket an...
Quarantined ¦¦ MLB  by Brixxmiraculous
Quarantined ¦¦ MLB by Brianna
As you know, the caronavirus is now a world whose pandemic going on for over a year, let's take a look back in March-July of 2020 but in the mlb world when the caronavir...
Little!5SOS Oneshots  by Goodnight-Socialite
Little!5SOS Oneshots by •ghost babie•
Basically just a book filled with Little!5SOS and Daddy!5SOS oneshots. ©Copyright 2017 Goodnight-Socialite Cover by @dulcetmikey
How An Elephant Saved Their Little, A Diaper Dimension Story by LostBBoyBear
How An Elephant Saved Their LostBBoyBear
As part of the Stuffy's Tale Series, follow Willy, a Little, and his personal stuffy, an elephant named Tusk, on their journey through the often perilous dreaded setting...
Miraculous Holders  by xoxo_tikki
Miraculous Holders by Nikki and Julie
Hey this is Julie. This is a story about the new team that includes Ladybug, Chat Noir, Queen Bee, Paon Bleu, Volpina, and Jade Turtle. Ladybug and Chat Noir get akumati...
Now That Is My Kind Of Night by Winterschild1922
Now That Is My Kind Of Nightby Winterschild1922
Luke Bryan and Lauren alaina have been best friends since they met in 2010. Both of them are successful country singers. They make plans to travel to Florida for a well...
Agent Crew by ConfusedKat
Agent Crewby ConfusedKat
Ruby Redfort is Spectrum's best - and only - teenage spy. So when she goes missing they obviously jump to it and do... absolutely nothing. LB is out of town and her repl...
Sky Full Of Stars: Ruby Redfort One Shots by lx90234
Sky Full Of Stars: Ruby Redfort L x
Ruby Redfort is a mischievous thirteen year old girl from Twinford with some interesting friends. These are just some random one shots that I've come up with. Some chara...