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moods / phan by phanci
moods / phanby :phanci
in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be...
When will you learn that I'm alive to?( VigilanteDeku) by NanaNijamii2
When will you learn that I'm Nala~Sensei
As a child deku kept getting bullied because of his smarts and his way of not showing his quirk. Katsuki, his brother figure would often protect him but even that wasn't...
You May Kiss the Bride by Queer_Insomnia
You May Kiss the Brideby Sleep Deprived
Stressing out about Pink's shattering, Yellow tries to calm Blue down... They've got more closer then before...Even more then when Pink was here.
Moods/Goals by Raebxby
Moods/Goalsby Unicorn🦄
Just read an like
Sonic Memes by Squished_Mello
Sonic Memesby ✮Llama✮
oh boy- guys look, I made this.
Painted Voices by nadheeeee
Painted Voicesby Nadrah~•
Poetry In Many Voices Painted Every Shade Of Feelings . . . . . Ranked #7 - #poetrycollection [04/08/2022]
Arshi OS : My Jalebi Baby by shweta_sweety123
Arshi OS : My Jalebi Babyby shweta_sweety123
When two souls in love finding a way out in the twists of life like a jalebi.. Will our Arnav & Khushi finds out a way to savor the sweetness & enjoy their life. .. Find...
Is anyone listening? by pandazwrites
Is anyone listening?by Pandaxx
Just scribbling stuff I can't talk about .... it's writing poems I guess... Check it out if u want.. Have a great day anyways xx
Proof That School can be a Mood by flyenthusiast
Proof That School can be a Moodby Felix
I would just like to say, that this won't be updated everyday, and it'll have have some swears and mAtUrE cOnTeNt. You can blame one specific friend. You know who you ar...
Life with ADHD by Sidneydog21
Life with ADHDby Sidney
My name is Sidney and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was nine.
A Very Random Book  by Fainted_Angel
A Very Random Book by it's just me
A book of stuff that I will post in and be random in 🥴
【 ➳ Haikyuu Aesthetics 】 by Toruu_Oikawa
【 ➳ Haikyuu Aesthetics 】by Toruu_Oikawa
- concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. [Aesthetics] - HQ Version !
Random shits シ by unquisitrice
Random shits シby Angelic
Just random things
ᴍᴏᴏᴅs🤤 by P1nkVodka--
ᴍᴏᴏᴅs🤤by ᴋᴀɴᴅɪɪ🤤
-мγ ѕнιτ -яєα∂ οя υ ∂οи'τ -∂οиτ ϲοммєиτ ωιτнουτ νοτιиg αи∂ νιϲє νєяѕє
cool words by WinterStorm101
cool wordsby WinterStorm101
Words that I think are cool and should be used more often.
the sound of my emotions by sunsetloverrr333
the sound of my emotionsby sunsetlover🌄💗
all of our emotions make a sound, and this is the melody of mine
The Lovely Words I Wish To Say by LolitaRoxy
The Lovely Words I Wish To Sayby LolitaRoxy
Here are some random sayings that depend on my mood. enjoy. :)
The Dark Side Of The Moon | ✏ by penchantress_
The Dark Side Of The Moon | ✏by r (taylor's version)
This is a book of poems written by me. They depict myriad shades, emotions, and colours. They were all written when I was in one of my 'moods' and they all have some mea...
MOODS {Palaye Royale} by thicc_boy_soldier
MOODS {Palaye Royale}by 💕💖💕💖💕
Remington, a highschool student in his late teens never felt normal... He was quite the opposite really, his eyes didn't turn red when he was mad or flash a dark purple...
Journal of moods by Hyper4stressed
Journal of moodsby Dead drunk
Butterflies don't dwell on a single flower like us humans who don't dwell on a single mood