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Dressed as a Stand-in for the White Moonlight by Kessho_Yuki
Dressed as a Stand-in for the Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Associated Names : 穿成霸总白月光的替身 Author : 曳萝 In the dog-blooded BL novel "Substitute", the main character is so pitiful that he doesn't realize until th...
The Dragon Cub| Game Of Thrones  by Ikonic_Fantast
The Dragon Cub| Game Of Thrones by Ikonic
Jaime realises Jon's true idenity when visiting Winterfell, remembering a promised made to Rhaegar, Jaime and Jon enter the game of thrones together Book does not belong...
Moonlight's Guidance  by MehFuckIt
Moonlight's Guidance by MehFuckIt
To be quite frank, it was tiring. The dream, then Lothric, then whatever the fuck was happening in The Lands Between. A normal being would have lost all semblance of san...
Betrayals ✓ [Book 1 & 2] by bjorghalla
Betrayals ✓ [Book 1 & 2]by Bjorg Halla
I had friends, I had a family, I had everything, But I lost it all, Because of her... ~Eliza I have friends, I have a family, I have everything, But I'm lost, Because I...
Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic) by hope_forever_18
Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic)by I like (ninja) toitles
"I'll tell you all the stories you want." In New York, the buildings are quiet as the people of Manhattan sleep. By the glow of the moon, the silhouette of a g...
Crissa's Mate by Califia
Crissa's Mateby Califia Montalvo
Following her graduation from high school, Crissa elects to travel from Canada to the dense mountains of Eastern Germany. There she takes part on a summer expedition to...
Untamed Flame || R. Floyd by Wolf_queen24
Untamed Flame || R. Floydby Kate
Robert "Bob" Floyd x Fem!OC "I vowed to always be there through thick and thin. I'm not about to abandon you now." "Even my stupid decisions? Yo...
The Forces Against Our Love. |Jim X Reader| by Author_J_
The Forces Against Our Love. | ..Clouded Author J..
---COMPLETED--- Why is they're always a good and a bad? A life-saver and a killer? An angel and a devil? - Why must they disagree and make our worlds fight against each...
XXXTENTACION Imagines by jahsehsgold
XXXTENTACION Imaginesby leo🤎
what the title says. ⚠️SMUTS⚠️
Aidelyn oneshots by EmoMarket
Aidelyn oneshotsby Aiden clark :D
Just some wholesome aiden and ashlyn oneshots from the webtoon school bus graveyard. Characters belong to lilredbeany! - ships - Aiden Clark x ashlyn banner - Ben Clar...
IN WHICH - new girl Kara Argent and her cousin move to a small town in California named Beacon Hills, unaware of why their parents had decided to move there, she began t...
𝐁𝐀𝐃 𝐌𝐎𝐎𝐍 𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐆, the originals² by -natasssha
there's a bad moon on the rise. | sequel to moonlight. | book two out of two. ...
The Lost Son | Ferry's Tale # 2 by angelapoppe
The Lost Son | Ferry's Tale # 2by Angela Poppe
"People in this town are more bound to fairies than they want to admit..." These words have been haunting Ferry for the past six years. Ferry Donovan is a six...
♡§TRIPE♡(taekook smut) by taekookkvYy
♡§TRIPE♡(taekook smut)by yuna kim__
top tae bottom kook tae is a mafia who came to stay in a hotel for a mission where kook works there as a butler and the the tention between them and a out the hot sex t...
Rejection Hurts by Babygurl82393
Rejection Hurtsby Barbara
Samantha's life fell apart the year her parents died. She had been a nerd her whole life, but no one had teased her because her dad was the packs Beta and her brother a...
Pokémon Astrionguard, Book 1: The Mew Fossil Thief by OracleTheMonarch
Pokémon Astrionguard, Book 1: TheMonarch
(This is made on December 20th 2023) This is a story of Ryu and his partner Yoru the Umbreon returning after a tournament outside of Tokyo. He reunites with his twin sis...
PULSE by artsninspo
PULSEby artsninspo
A tragedy, a new town and an asshole neighbour. There are no angels here, just people trying to make it through. Together, maybe...
Luna by writtenbyRobinmvw
Lunaby writtenbyRobinmvw
I had to write this story for class, but I love it so much and I hope you do too! It's a short story about a girl and her dad and it's inspired by a Studio Ghibli movie...
His Smile, Her Favourite Sight! by Desiappa
His Smile, Her Favourite Sight!by shahima
Even though I know that she hates me, I still love her every day. She ignores me like hell but I love her like heaven. The mistake that was made by me years ago, still...
Nature's beauty  by hemasree__123
Nature's beauty by yuktha hema sree
Nature is the only thing which can cure everything. This beautiful nature is still there somewhere where there is no stress, depression, heart break,etc ...But the natur...