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Fifty Shades of Mothman by _Nova_Comics_
Fifty Shades of Mothmanby Nova
A Mothman x male reader story. (smut) After years of searching for the famous Mothman. You finally find him, only he's much more than you expected. (Still in progress)
Monsters x Reader by SuckerPunchMyGuts
Monsters x Readerby Deactivated
CRYPTID by YvetteRussell
CRYPTIDby Yvette Russell
Famous for her popular ghost-hunting channel PARANELOPE, Penelope has only ever wanted one thing: to find solid, irrefutable proof of the supernatural. But when her ex-b...
Electracademy by LoneFandomgirl
Electracademyby Valkyrie Wing
Everything is real. That's the motto of Electracademy a school for everyone from mind readers to werewolves to anyone with unusual powers.Carly Hope has always been diff...
Lego Monkie Kid Cast In My Room?! A Different Tale! by Axolotl-Lover
Lego Monkie Kid Cast In My Axolotl-Lover
What if the Monkie Kid crew were transported to a different oc's home? Harper Mothwing is descended from Chief Cornstalk, the original Mothman. Her and her family live i...
Monsters Of The Shadows: A New Beginning (NOT A FINISHED BOOK) by XxMOTHMANxx8089
Monsters Of The Shadows: A New XxMOTHMANxx8089
After being kidnapped A young boy gets strange powers that will change his life forever. (Note the book is not finished) This Book Is About the West Virginia Cryptid Mo...
ᖴOᘜᘜY ᑎIᘜᕼTՏ (ʜᴜᴍᴀɴ!ᴍᴏᴛʜᴍᴀɴ × ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ) by urgay_cousin69
ᖴOᘜᘜY ᑎIᘜᕼTՏ (ʜᴜᴍᴀɴ!ᴍᴏᴛʜᴍᴀɴ × ʀᴇᴀᴅ 𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱
Idk what I'm doing but I swear it starts going somewhere eventually
The Monster Mash (GXG) by ASMorrow
The Monster Mash (GXG)by Auburn
After losing her best friend to the Boogeyman, Mackenzie Mills goes from girl gang member to coward, but Mack has hope she can start fresh at a new school. However, when...
The MothMan Encounter by Schizts
The MothMan Encounterby T. Anthony M.
It is the 1960's in Point Pleasant West Virginia. Twelve year old Anthony Grizzle hears talk of a man sized creature around town. He goes searching for it but doesn't ex...
Cryptid x Reader One Shots by mothmanismybf
Cryptid x Reader One Shotsby mothmanismybf
a collection of one shots of some lit cryptids. request if you want I guess
Mothman x femreader by Giavanna032309
Mothman x femreaderby Currentlydoingyourmom
please don't ask I should have been doing schoolwork also I am a literal child I'm sorry 116in mothman how the fawk I'm fucking sorry 15 in mothman no like no
bfu pic dumps by LeATHERMoUTH1312
bfu pic dumpsby e l l
ye, totally not attracted to shane, hah, me? never
Beelzebub-Lord of The Flies by gargoylegremlin
Beelzebub-Lord of The Fliesby s i m p
A Chimera ant becoming a hunter? Impossible. Apparently not.
Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit by AnimalX23
Animal X: Natural Mystery Unitby Ben Wilkins
inspired by the short-lived animal planet documentary series of the same name, comes my concept for an animated series of Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit. filled with act...
The Betting Game by XmarichatshipperX
The Betting Gameby XmarichatshipperX
Ladybug and Chat Noir make a bet. If cat boy catches more criminals than Ladybug she was to go on a date with him. However if Ladybug wins Chat noir has on move on from...
💛barry b benson x a bagel💛 by add_custom_text
💛barry b benson x a bagel💛by add_custom_text
a shy and ✨quirky✨ bagel is inspired by the actions of barry b benson to run away from its bakery and get justice for bagels around the world. but little does barry know...
Bibwe accuwwate angew x giga chad moth man x Y/n by xXDrugDoerXx
Bibwe accuwwate angew x giga #ur mom
first is normal, second is owo-fied Angst
Moth man X Fly man by kiwilikebajablast
Moth man X Fly manby 😿
Fly man meets moth man while walking in to a club , they talk . What will happen next ?
Very hot sex by voregod2
Very hot sexby Vore Lover
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Shadows and Stuffing by Vaelki
Shadows and Stuffingby WanderingSpirit
When young Ashley Roderick is abducted by aliens, her loyal stuffed animals and the monsters that haunt her must form a reluctant alliance to rescue her.