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back for you • kth by soggykookie
back for you • kthby ֆօӄɨ
*READ THE PREQUEL FIRST* The sky was grey as the coffin shook and rattled until it tumbled down the pedestal to the ground toppling over and breaking the resident free...
Forgotten Flower (Editing) by Cutenekoexplosion
Forgotten Flower (Editing)by CuteNekoExplosion
Lotus is a friend of Rick O'Connell, she's been doing her research, and while doing it trying to find him for the past three years until he suddenly shows up looking all...
death is only the beginning | rick o'connell by everschapters
death is only the beginning | Serenity
Isabella Carnahan hasn't seen her siblings for a long time, if 8 months is long. When she goes and vists them, she is suddenly thrown into going to Hamunaptra and accide...
The Mummy Returns by StarWeasl18
The Mummy Returnsby StarWeasl18
Elizabeth Carnahan is returning for yet another adventure to fight a force trying to tear her family and love apart, but what will she choose, her family or the love of...
The mummy x reader by wolfchildmlw_15
The mummy x readerby wolfchildmlw_15
Join (Y/N) as she and her friends travel far into the dessert to find adventure, treasure, love, and .........mummies? Now that the creature lord Imhotep has been relea...
I Found by MsMiraMS
I Foundby Mira M. S.
❝I found love where it wasn't supposed to be - Right in front of me.❞ Being ignored and abandoned is one thing, but getting cursed for the mistakes of another is anot...
Brother Dearest (Part 4) by DeathFlower666
Brother Dearest (Part 4)by DeathFlower666
After a crazy time in Egypt, the gang's off the San Francisco for an entire month. But this isn't just any vacation. There, Cleo finally comes face to face with the one...
Sands of Time by AssassinPsyche
Sands of Timeby AssassinPsyche
Seven thousand years. He had been trapped in his own body for seven thousand years, in the dark away from everything. When your voice awoke him it solidified you were hi...
Ardeth's Weakness by Gallagher8
Ardeth's Weaknessby Gallagher8
This is a segway from The Mummy with Josephine and Rick to The Mummy Returns. It's Evelyn and Ardeth's growing love story, so if you crave Evy and Ardeth this story is f...
𝙷𝙴𝙻𝙻𝙾 𝙼𝚄𝙼𝙼𝚈 | TaeKook 💚💜 by euphoria_4422
𝙷𝙴𝙻𝙻𝙾 𝙼𝚄𝙼𝙼𝚈 | TaeKook 💚 TuTu_Min🐱
ඊජිප්තු මමියක් සහ හොල්මන් වලට බය ටොපක් අතර ප්‍රේම වෘතාන්තය.. 😌😂 එක එකාගෙන් බාල්දි නැත 😌✋🪣 🙈❤ ─────────────────── Fantasy 😻👍 Top 🔝 Bottom ⬇️ ...
The Ankh of Anubis... Trials of Fate Book III  by _Con-Stole_
The Ankh of Anubis... Trials of Con...Stole
Math class was hard enough; I didn't need the mummies. Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, has lost his most sacred weapon, an Ankh believed to possess power over life...
Gonner x Y/N by Fluffybimb0
Gonner x Y/Nby
rewrite of my other story! (gender-natural Y/N) Story line: You get home from school to see the kids from school posted a certain video. A strange kid in a pirate costu...
I'm in love with a monster - DRAC.  by harleyQuinnfan17
I'm in love with a monster - DRAC. by JAS 💜
" you are count Dracula, the vampire that was ostracised and outcasted by humans for being a 'monster'. the one who fed on the innocent, I don't believe those words...
Mummies & Daddies (WAYHAUGHT) by wrenlo
Mummies & Daddies (WAYHAUGHT)by
When Wynonna goes missing Waverly knows exactly who to turn to. Question is, what will it cost Nicole if she helps? A Wayhaught whodunit set in Egypt, because why not...!
Finding My Pharaoh by TheSpazzTastic
Finding My Pharaohby TheSpazzTastic
Cullen, an Irish American who's grandparents moved to the Americas with their son and expecting daughter in law, has lived a peaceful and uneventful life. Did all his sc...
The Mummy by franzplaylizt
The Mummyby franzplaylizt
Becca's life is turned upside down after she makes a mess of the library she works in only to find opportunity in the Egyptian desert for it to be disturbed when a mummy...
Goosebumps by LegolasOfMiddleEarth
Goosebumpsby ❤️Legolas❤️
Zach and OC Zach moves to the small town of Madison where he meets his new neighbor Sky, and her dad Mr. Shivers (R.L Stine) something happens and things start to turn w...
All Saints Street GroupChat by Izukusbrokenbones
All Saints Street GroupChatby Izukusbrokenbones
The lack of content for this series is horrendous Here's a crumb for the cultured children of this cruel world
Mummies Alive and the Carnovan siblings by karagreene01
Mummies Alive and the Carnovan aura
Presley has a twin sister named Rihana. Presley and Rihana are reincarnations of Egyptian royalty. Better description later, way later I do NOT own this pictures in any...