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My Hero Academia - Todoroki x Reader Oneshots by livehappy1346
My Hero Academia - Todoroki x livehappy1346
It's all in the title! I apologize if I spell any names wrong. Also, I've pretty much discontinued this book (read the last part titled "Authors Note: Thank You an...
My Hero Academia One Shots by nebulaictimes
My Hero Academia One Shotsby nebulaictimes
A collection of one shots of my favorite boys from My Hero Academia :-) *these are all fem!reader because they were originally written with fem OCs of mine so I'm very...
bnha oneshots || various x reader by choerrychuu
bnha oneshots || various x readerby choerrychuu
go beyond, plus ultra! bnha oneshot book♡ ~ discontinued! ~
Tokoyami One Shots by mommy108
Tokoyami One Shotsby mommy
Requests are open. If you use any of these one shots for Tokoyami comic/tiktok/video/fanart then please credit me. My boy Tokoyami needs more love, and more scenes. ⚠️ W...
Todoroki shouto oneshots  by honeyandrain
Todoroki shouto oneshots by honeyandrain
Yandere BNHA x female reader oneshots by bakudeku4life12309
Yandere BNHA x female reader Lori
this story will include: Hitoshi Shinsou 💜 Netio Monoma 💛 Izuku Midoriya 💚 Katsuki Bakugou 🧡 Denki Kaminari 💛 Ejiro Kirishima ❤️ Tenya Iida 💙 Mirio Togata 💛 Tamak...
BNHA Oneshots by -T3R3ZIPYROP3-
BNHA Oneshotsby GallowsCalibrator
Angsty stuffs I claim that is good for a depressed soul. If it actually helps is yet to be seen. This is a compilation of BNHA angst-shots I have written and will write...
Boku no Hero Academia (Various x Reader) by animehurts
Boku no Hero Academia (Various x 🥸
(SLOW UPDATES/REQUESTS OPENED) BNHA characters falling in love with you? Hell yeah. Go beyond...PLUS ULTRA!!!! *No copyright intended* *Credit to artists of the picture...
My Hero Academia x Reader Oneshots by anonymous_yeeterton
My Hero Academia x Reader Oneshotsby anonymous_yeeterton
Hey! This is my first series of one shots! I hope you enjoy it. I do take request, so please don't be shy to request. 🚫No lemons🚫 (sorry) ☁️Fluff☁️
mha oneshots by bakuhoeeee17
mha oneshotsby dorabakugou
just some random mha class 1A head canons/ oneshots<3 requests are open!! (the only one rn is tododeku angst/fluff but I'll keep adding more with other characters)!!!
My Hero Academia imagines by kurooandkenmassluts
My Hero Academia imaginesby sexyladies<3
My hero academia imagines and smuts -Kinky and soft -all characters are aged up over 18 -this is a shared book between two best friends -WE WILL TAKE REQUESTS 🙏🙏🙏
❥ʙɴʜᴀ ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs❥ by erinthAtscrub
❥ʙɴʜᴀ ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs❥by erinthAtscrub
✎ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs: open ・.。.:*・ ☁ ; fluff 🍋; lemon 🐋 ; angst 🍃 ; lime ・.。.:*・ chapter one: tododeku [☁] chapter two: tenyama [☁🐳] chapter three: tsuchako [☁🍋] chapter four:...
||Boku no Hero Academia x Reader|| One Shots by Hiyori-tan
||Boku no Hero Academia x Reader|| Hiyori-tan
Hey there and welcome to my BNHA One Shots Book~ I'll write some of my own ideas in here and take requests too, I'm not really updated with the manga tho, so I don't thi...
My Hero Academia One Shots/Drabbles by foxyskindablank
My Hero Academia One Shots/Drabblesby -ˏˋ foxy ˊˎ-
--requests open-- ♛ ➝ no lemons, yanderes or genderbend ♛ ➝ any gender reader and any character ♛ ➝ no character x character or ships ♛ ➝ angst, fluff, maybe lime ✘warni...
My Hero Academia Oneshots by ALittleCupcake42
My Hero Academia Oneshotsby katie
Common ships mixed with some rare pairs as well. I'll take requests if you have them. Best Rankings: #1 in myheroacademiaoneshots #12 in momojirou #18 in mhaoneshots #31...
My Hero Academia |Oneshots/Boyfriend Scenarios x Fem! Reader| by MalTheWeeb
My Hero Academia |Oneshots/ Mal
These are just basic My Hero Academia oneshots with your favorite husbando! If you have a request let me know!! Thank you for reading these dumb oneshots!!
bnha ⇄ oneshots by Naiilyt
bnha ⇄ oneshotsby Naiilyt
i'm a BNHA trash™, so I decided to write OneShots about some of my favorite characters. requests are O P E N
My Hero Academia (One shots, Imagines, Preferences+) by FandomTrashSammy
My Hero Academia (One shots, Sammy
just a collection of a bunch of reader inserts with the my hero academia characters. Most of these are reposted from tumblr or archive but I thought I'd put them here to...