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Aizawa's Apprentice {Dadzawa} by crimsongaze
Aizawa's Apprentice {Dadzawa}by CrimsonGaze
What would happen if Midoryia was saved by Aizawa instead of All Might?? And what would happen if Eraser Head passed on his quirk to Midoryia?? Read to find out. This i...
Best Dads Ever by Xaylik
Best Dads Everby Xaylik
Izuku moves to America with Eri and comes back with kids of his own, where he meets his old sensei. Watch as this live story unfolds and the adventure on the way.
behind the scenes by cultdev
behind the scenesby dev
short stories and extras of our beloved Zihao! Please read "Green Smog" before this story These stories will not be connected to the plot unless said otherwise...
My defenseless Omega(MHA IiDeku omegaverse) by wog-woman
My defenseless Omega(MHA IiDeku wog-woman
Cover By: @DipityWizard Izuku Midoryia is the ONLY omega in Class 1-A! What will happen when Villains, heats, ruts, and alpha commands all come at him? Will his secret...
BNHA Oneshots  (X Male Reader) by JayP24
BNHA Oneshots (X Male Reader)by Spike
Just a bunch of BNHA X Male Reader oneshots. Icons: ⚠️- Triggering Subject (specified at beginning of chapter) ☁️- Fluff (lovey dovey cuddling and stuff like that) 🍋...
My Hero Academia Untold: The Knights of Fafnir by ZXEmperor
My Hero Academia Untold: The ZXEmperor
In another universe Izuku Midoriya wasn't born quirkless. Instead he inherited the quirk of his father Hisashi. The Pro Hero Draco Knight. After receiving One for All fr...
Izuku The Deadpool Hero by Xaylik
Izuku The Deadpool Heroby Xaylik
*FemDeku* Izuku got abused at home by her sister and father who is the number 1 hero All Might. Izuku's mom tried to keep Izuku happy, until Izuku and her mom got in a c...
Temperature||A Todomomo Story|| Discontinued.  by BluesBooms
Temperature||A Todomomo Story|| Booms!
The Students of U.A are now moving into The Heights Alliance. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, Two students who are the center of attention. Yaoyorozu developed a crush but has...
the eyes that kills (BakuTodo) by Fruity_Tuity2
the eyes that kills (BakuTodo)by Fruity_Tuity2
it was an ordinary day in 1A but.. something was off, everyone was on edge, even Bakugo who was always screaming.. even he didnt feel easy, it was as if something in the...
wolf (Bakugo/ midoriya x reader) by kundere_artist
wolf (Bakugo/ midoriya x reader)by kundere artist
This is a rewrite of another fanfic. I'm rewitting it cause I liked the premise but the old ones to edgy so I wanted to remake it. Feel free to read it if you so wish. I...
Flip the Personality Switch by double_entendre
Flip the Personality Switchby double_entendre
Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou stumble upon a so-called psychic at a local fair who boasted the ability to completely change one's life. I mean, it's only 5 bucks. Wh...
DREAM (Boku No Hero Academia X Male Reader) by Or3kiiii
DREAM (Boku No Hero Academia X Oreki
This is a story of a teenage boy who wants to become the bravest hero. On his journey, he makes many friends and faces many hardships. Join (Y/N) Haruki on this journey...
Roommates (bakudeku smut) by Rnash27
Roommates (bakudeku smut)by Rfrog27
U.a high school having dorms with roommates. Bakugo and deku become roommates. Do you think they will survive being roommates together?
rodydeku Vigilante Deku Au by Noamwolf
rodydeku Vigilante Deku Auby noam kamil
this story is going to be on rodydeku and an au that i made myself, also it's my first story so it will change a lot because it's just my first time writing a story It h...
Fallen Hero Boku No Hero Academia Fanfic (Discontinued.) by Everything_Guy456
Fallen Hero Boku No Hero Everything_Guy456
This is a superhuman society, with eighty percent of us possessing some uncanny ability. Cities swirled with chaos and confusion following the appearance of these powers...
What? Soulmates? by Violet898330
What? Soulmates?by Quill
The future number one Hero fulls in love with the most wanted Villain? They're soulmates. Nothing can stop their fate of being together. I am sorry for the confusion in...
Why do you cry? //Dekubaku •DISCONTINUED• by Al3x_Alls__
Why do you cry? //Dekubaku • Al3x_Alls__
Why do you cry when i always come around you? If you don't like this ship or any of the ships you can leave or you can stay as long as you not rude Will delete any hate...
Cinderella male version.  (tododeku ) by BrickJojo
Cinderella male version. ( Brick Jojo
you guys already know I suck at this but I'll try. Only a few more months then hell be free. Free from his step mother hands. Freed from everything . He couldnt wait. H...
Do I Need To Remind You Who The Top Is? by Letty312
Do I Need To Remind You Who The Lettythesl**tly
Description: Heroes to Villain Mafia AU Class 1-A is having a reunion but Mina, and momo with the help Sero planned it so there will be drinks You all already know if Se...