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BNHA Oneshots  (X Male Reader) by JayP24
BNHA Oneshots (X Male Reader)by Spike
Just a bunch of BNHA X Male Reader oneshots. Icons: ⚠️- Triggering Subject (specified at beginning of chapter) ☁️- Fluff (lovey dovey cuddling and stuff like that) 🍋...
Deku Ships Parent Scenarios by SweetestShoto
Deku Ships Parent Scenariosby SweetestShoto
You could pair Deku with literally anyone and it would be the cutest ship ever. WHAT IF YOU WERE THEIR DAUGHTER?
I'm sorry, Deku... [My Hero Academia] [Completed] by LyellWrites
I'm sorry, Deku... [My Hero Lyell
Katsuki Bakugou, such a heat-headed, short-tempered and prideful man you will ever meet. He hates Izuku Midoriya - or does he? On the day of the Sludge incident, Bakugou...
𝙈𝙊𝙈𝙈𝙔by 𝖐𝖎𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖓 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖘
❝𝗢𝘂𝗿 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝗳𝘂𝗰𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗳!❞ ❝𝗔 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗱 𝗺𝗶𝗹𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗼𝘁!❞...
My Hero Academia x Pro-Hero Y/n Midoriya  by AshleyGryffindor
My Hero Academia x Pro-Hero Y/n AshleyGryffindor
Y/n was six years old when her father and mother, Hisashi & Inko Midoriya brought home her newborn baby brother Izuku Midoriya from the hospital. The first time she held...
A Very Fun Teacher (My Hero Academia X Gojo Male Reader) by Gale4Lifes
A Very Fun Teacher (My Hero ㄖҜ卂Ҝ卂
"Don't worry, I'm the strongest." A phrase that annoyed almost everyone in UA. (Y/N) Gojo is a teacher in UA. A very playful teacher. Can make every woman fall...
Mercy by Marmaylay
Mercyby Marmaylay
Mercy is the compassion or forgiveness shown towards others in specific circumstances and situations. But she lived inside a place where it is completely void of kindnes...
Jeff The Killer & His Lover by yoaixay
Jeff The Killer & His Loverby xcurly girl
Jeff the Killer x Izuku Midoriya This love story is messed up, but an adventure worth to read.
General by yoaixay
Generalby xcurly girl
Izuku grows up with a hard life. Once his mom dies he joins the military with the villain Dabi, where the romance blossoms. watch this love story unfold.
behind the scenes by cultdev
behind the scenesby dev
short stories and extras of our beloved Zihao! Please read "Green Smog" before this story These stories will not be connected to the plot unless said otherwise...
The lazy and emo hosts by yoaixay
The lazy and emo hostsby xcurly girl
Shikamaru gets sent on a mission to protect his old friend outside of the village. This friend; Izuku Midoriya just got out of mental hospital. The two have some unfinis...
Uraraka x toga! Lemon by irluraraka
Uraraka x toga! Lemonby Kalluto_zoldyc.k
This mostly is in toga's point of view. I has so funny parts but some may upset and some a tiny bit of lewd content so be sure that your fine with that, I will say this...
Late Night Hugs (ShinKami) by MinaAshido_Is_Mine
Late Night Hugs (ShinKami)by Aneya williams
I'm only making this for my own selfish desire because if how much I simp over this hot Pika Pika And Shinsou.🤭🥴 But also I ship them so much!!!!
Izuku X Reader | Starbucks AU! by JunkieJunkie
Izuku X Reader | Starbucks AU!by bruh
It was just Tsuyu asking you to go to Starbucks how could that be life changing ? - This book is currently on hold cause I want to rewrite it but I might just complete t...
Why do you cry? //Dekubaku by BAKUBABE_BAKUHOE_
Why do you cry? //Dekubakuby ~Baku_Babe~
Why do you cry when i always come around you? If you don't like this ship or any of the ships you can leave or you can stay as long as you not rude Will delete any hate...
Remember me (Iidaxreader) book 2 by stupidpotato12
Remember me (Iidaxreader) book 2by Bees
Go read something else No seriously go read something else
The Assassin Next Door(MHA/BNHA x Assassin Reader) | Hiatus by _autumn2611_
The Assassin Next Door(MHA/BNHA _autumn2611_
A girl who raised herself to be strong when others viewed her as weak is suddenly hired for a job that didn't require killing, but teaching kids. Will she survive teachi...
SoulMates (POV ShinKami) by MinaAshido_Is_Mine
SoulMates (POV ShinKami)by Aneya williams
Let's play a game, shall we? Info is in first chapter. My name is Aneya, hope u love this book.This is the kinda rewrite but in a different POV, which is ShinKami, And p...
the eyes that kills (BakuTodo) by Fruity_Tuity2
the eyes that kills (BakuTodo)by Fruity_Tuity2
it was an ordinary day in 1A but.. something was off, everyone was on edge, even Bakugo who was always screaming.. even he didnt feel easy, it was as if something in the...