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Kirishima x Depressed and Drug using Reader(fem) by Bokugo_the_uke
Kirishima x Depressed and Drug Bokugo_the_uke
Y/n is know as the sunshine of UA. she doesnt have a friend group, but she's so sweet and helpful. she has crush on kirishima but she tries to keep it to herself. but be...
BNHA X Male Dog Reader  by Mekobird6767
BNHA X Male Dog Reader by Meko bird67 67
Your Father was a German shepherd and your Mother was a Silver husky. Your parents were shelter dogs your father was adopted without your mom. She found out she was preg...
☁️Bnha age regression oneshots☁️ by tobyisverytired
☁️Bnha age regression oneshots☁️by toby..🐝
This book isnt the best! It was the second book I've ever written so the grammar isn't too good and it's not written the best. It's also mostly shigadabi as that was my...
bnha zodiac book by white_lynxcos
bnha zodiac bookby call me lynx
A bnha zodiac book Plz no manga spoilers unless aloud by me
MHA Tourettes Oneshots (Hiatus) by Fander55
MHA Tourettes Oneshots (Hiatus)by Fander55
Just what the title says.
Secret love (erasermic fanfic) by dessarose14
Secret love (erasermic fanfic)by dessarose14
Not the best at descriptions,this is just a erasermic story ⚠️WARNING HAS SMUT IN IT⚠️ if you do not like weird sex scene do not read!! ⚠️MIGHT HAVE SELF HARM OR ATTEM...
Deku And The Beast by Astranger015
Deku And The Beastby 💥🧡Amy🧡💥
A bakudeku version of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast.
Little space bakugou one shots  by theuwu1
Little space bakugou one shots by Supppppp
Just a bunch of little space baku one shots 😊 (Slow updates sorry)
BNHA x Reader Lemoms by Maxoleom
BNHA x Reader Lemomsby Max
WARNING: very mature content/ x Female reader and gay Male reader🤘🤘
They're not coming back for me (Kiribaku) by LampLight143
They're not coming back for me ( Atlas Fernsby
What if the mission to save Bakugou failed? What if Shigaraki caught the blond hot head and brought him back with the villains? What if Bakugou finally realized that the...
Love being with you~Todobakudeku by CicicutieUwU
Love being with you~Todobakudekuby CicicuiteUwU
When Izuku lost his mother, his dad changed..... In bad ways. He would be mean and abuse Izuku. Izuku told no one until one day his two crushes came over and they overhe...
To Anothor World (Bnha×femnaruto ) on hold  by 0i4riya
To Anothor World (Bnha×femnaruto ) Li¥ah~~
I get you might be thinking why does she do so many crossovers with naruto or femnaruto well its because my imagination never runs out of these type of ideas ok ok enoug...
Crackhead energy: a bnha x reader textfic (new author) by Akiraisacatgod
Crackhead energy: a bnha x Akira
Heads up! This is my first book so be ready for my horrible writing skills, like, i have no plot I do not own bnha or its characters (Y/n) has the quirk called form, she...
All of Me(Todoroki x OC x Bakugo) by Loreleipb15
All of Me(Todoroki x OC x Bakugo)by Lorelei Barrett
What if there was a new student in the class 1A. One who caught the eye of Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou? What if she was a shareholder of one for all? What if she...
Aftermath of My Trauma *ShinKami* by NerdyWordy56
Aftermath of My Trauma *ShinKami*by NerdyWordy
Kaminari has survived many encounters with villains, including kidnapping, threats of death, home invasion, rescue missions, attacking other villains for safety reasons...
heavens goddess[really OP!reader] by weebs-simp
heavens goddess[really OP!reader]by weebmothergodsimp
the first few chapters are super bad so please read past those. Y/n was a nice sweet girl, she had no idea why everyone seemingly hatted her guts. what will happen when...
My New Pet || Omegaverse! Bakukami by GirlDekuAsh
My New Pet || Omegaverse! Bakukamiby ✨BakuBitch✨
⚠️ Warning mature and sexual content. ⚠️ Hi i'm Katsuki Bakugou I'm 24, I'm the number one hero and I also own a huge business, so i'm basically a billionaire, my mother...
MHA villain reader (my hero academia) by Muffinnyyy
MHA villain reader (my hero Muffiny<3
Mostly everyone from class 1A is missing. Except (y/n). (Y/n) isn't the "do good deeds" type of girl. Read to find what's goin on (any pics aren't mine) UNEDI...
Mi amor a seroxreader by Abby54968
Mi amor a seroxreaderby Fritz_y
(Y/n), top of her first grade class is challenged participate in a class assignment that may just change her life