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The Electric Gate by thissheepispink
The Electric Gateby thissheepispink
Six different students begin their senior year in another dimension in a school made for training killers. If they make it through their senior year they'll be sent to u...
CHOIX ACADEMY | Bk. 1 by Russian_Standard
CHOIX ACADEMY | Bk. 1by Δϻıʏο_ ɢɑʟɑxʏΔ
★ Choix Academy, a school giving gifted students a choice to choose their own career. It starts of with a new semester and the old one's re-entering, but what lies under...
The Four Girls in All Boys School by Pinky_Sweetiie
The Four Girls in All Boys Schoolby Rie
This story is all about the four girls in all boys school. For all the people around us, we can't tell who is the Enemy and who is the ally. Some enemies turned to lover...
Moonlight | vmin au by tae_luvrr
Moonlight | vmin auby Mihi
"You come here often ?" "Um...yeah?...kind off" In which jimin loves to go for moon gazing but one day he doesn't just gaze the moon but also a stran...
Avenging Love [Volume-I] by meera2408
Avenging Love [Volume-I]by meera2408
She's a girl full of confidence and resentment toward the bad. She meets him. And he's a boy full of secrets, and a typical mystery boy who's popular with his bad reput...
The Mind of Liam Dash by euphoriakissed
The Mind of Liam Dashby connie
For as long as Liam Dash could remember, he could hear people's thoughts. But he isn't some 100 year old vampire (like the one in novels his mother has read) or a powerf...
Even in the light, There is still fear.. In the dark by takunakiisntinit
Even in the light, There is Taku Naki
Can one teenage boy find out the story of the dark realm while staying in the light side? Will he and his friend learn what it means to be in the dark within all the lig...
Universal Impact by AleonCybrium
Universal Impactby AleonCybrium
Death wasn't an unfamiliar concept, but no one knows what awaits them after it, ironically I find found myself in said situation after I fell into the void, somehow I en...
Chosen Ones Season 1 by Bkhanh1991
Chosen Ones Season 1by BK Nguyen
This is the first season of a charmed fanfic detailing the story of the next generation of the Charmed Ones as Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell( children of Leo an...
Bond Of Our Love: Hananene fanafic:[TBHK] by RabidWolverine2
Bond Of Our Love: Hananene ℜ𝔞𝔟𝔦𝔡 𝔚𝔬𝔩𝔳𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔢
"My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness, my love" ************************************** Nene Yashiro, a first-year high school girl searches...
The Road of Time A novel by Camp54
The Road of Time A novelby
Seattle, 1974 In the summer of 1974, Mike Harrow, a 16 year old teenager, heads towards Markham Road, a place in which strange things happen. As he attempts to solve the...
The Metallic Mark(Male x Male) by BurningSagehhh
The Metallic Mark(Male x Male)by Shsl Supreme Leader
One day Emery Walker woke up to see a boy sleeping in front of him, when he woke him up they both started figuring out their "curse".
MORTAL & MALIGNANT by AliceSweetAlice000
MORTAL & MALIGNANTby AliceSweetAlice000
In all of history, there has always been a record of our most malicious moments. Mortal and Malignant is a fiction story based on a simple, teen girl who became entangle...
Forget me not  by dncc_y
Forget me not by Unknown
Zayne is a simple girl who live a peacefull life. But that all change, when her evil greedy step grandfather force her to marry a man she dind't even know. Aayon kaya an...
His Hidden Warriors S1 [COMPLETED] by UnidentifiedIsHere
His Hidden Warriors S1 [COMPLETED]by Mackenzie S. Peirce
When did life get so overwhelming? Maybe it was when she asked that wretched question, maybe it was when the guards took Cathy and told them she was gone. By gone, Layan...
Blue Silhouette by MyonlyWords1299
Blue Silhouetteby
Those who serve the law face challenges across the battlefield of those who are guilty of a crime, the power is in their hand to put those people to justice even if they...
Ma première femme : A Sairat story❤️ by sairatfandom08
Ma première femme : A Sairat Sairatian❤️
Cover by:- @theobscure_lamp The title of the story is "My First wife"(In English) "I love you Anisha...Why you left me alone?"Virat said while looki...
Abandoned Tower by mysticallyartistic
Abandoned Towerby ❀◒○Les Bananes○◓❀
When Hamilton found out that somebody had broken into his abandoned tower. He got scared. He hadn't gone in there in years. One day he did. And what he saw....
Children of Hameza by BabyArsenal
Children of Hamezaby BabyArsenal
Children of Hameza tells the story of Selica Bursnan, a young mage who left her small provincial town with dreams of becoming a member of the prestigious Magecraft City...
On Venus And Mars by Stormykin
On Venus And Marsby Isaac Inkling
"Most people say their first words when they're 1 or 2 years old. The grown-ups would get all excited and they'd tell stories about that day years later. But I sai...