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blind eye by HarleyRedding2
blind eyeby HarleyRedding2
about a girl who could see ghost and try to help ghost move on
The Silhouette Man by BayMart1n
The Silhouette Manby BayMart1n
Imani Bell's life takes a dark turn when she discovers a hidden compartment in her desk, accidentally releasing the sinister "Silhouette Man." Listening into...
Nail in Her Coffin: The Devil's Witch Book 1 by lumtrexa
Nail in Her Coffin: The Devil's Lumtrexa
It's not fun waking up in a coffin. Neither is it fun being caught in the middle of a cult of satanic vampire supremacists and a coven of witches. Nineteen-year-old witc...
I Love You So Much, You'll Know It  by _cinnamonst
I Love You So Much, You'll Know It by light
A crazy, jolly, and funny student who's so in-love with her professor Risa. Alice is willing to do anything para kay Risa, and Risa being Risa she's so uptight and cold...
INK AND INTRIGUE by writesbylilac
"6 futtiya insaan", I mumble, "aakhir samajhte kya hain apne aap ko" "tumhara pati", he replied
WANDERLESS by WritewithShurai
Armani is exiled from the island Azani after being remarked as "ill-fated" to their traditions. She becomes an outcast and soon enough longing for a place to c...
The Brooch  by PennySuzanne
The Brooch by Penny Suzanne
What would you do if your most prized possession was the very same thing that not only blessed, but destroyed, your perfect world around you? One young girl, Maple Joell...
Makeda by Chezra5
Makedaby Chezra5
Something is brewing on Keda. Lwando a young boy is planning something unimaginable after finding out a dark history between the Confederation and the Makedan Republic w...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: White Rose by luminesentry
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: White Roseby Vulfy Blossom
Credit to (Shiny Cobra) Jirachi's wish
Dark Island Book 1 by KevinPretorius
Dark Island Book 1by KevinPretorius
Three friends sat on a journey at sea hunting for legends such as the Flying Dutchman and treasure hunting but soon to find things taking a turn by discovering a mysteri...
Seven Nights of Terror (A Vtuber Story) by normal_writer1812
Seven Nights of Terror (A Vtuber normal_writer1812
(A story inspires by Nijisanji and other Incidents.) Kirameki Kaneko belonged to a very wealthy family. Born in a wealthy lifestyle, he already had everything he could e...
Internet 24 by TheStarfishKing
Internet 24by The StarfishKing
Agent Rico, the head of the 24th division of "Internet," is stuck in a room with his pet fish Laurel and forced to go through other agents' accounts of what th...
Book Two Of canterlot high adventures vol. 1: new journey begins  by HunterHall478
Book Two Of canterlot high Hunter Hall
here's part two of this story Btw: Hanna Barbara characters are immortal in their original universe Another inspired by Dawn hikira the hitwoman Vol. 2: partner in crime
Strange by milaniln_
Imagine that a routine day like any other becomes chilling, you will think you are falling into madness but what if things are not as they seem...
Life Within The Halls by reindolfwrites
Life Within The Hallsby Reindolf Owusu O.
Four students, each with their own secrets, find themselves brought together by chance. Gideon, Sandra, Jayden, and Victoria may not be friends, but when they find out t...
RAIN of your City by mhfahad
RAIN of your Cityby M.H. Fahad
Asif, a boy forced to leave his home country due to circumstances beyond his control, has been leading a sheltered life. He's a bit wary of breaking out of his shell and...
Wenclair by posty1_1
Wenclairby posty1_1
A story about Wednesday and Enid relationship after the fight at Nevermore.
The Burning Canvas by raestheries
The Burning Canvasby raethz
⛧☾༺༺༺༺🕯️༻༻༻༻☽⛧ Deep within the shadows of an ancient painting lies a malevolent force that seeks to consume all who dare to come near it. Its curse is deadly, and those...
Elixir of a true hearts bliss by Feii_bbs
Elixir of a true hearts blissby Feii_bbs
The protagonist, a girl that has to go through a zombie apocalypse along with her friends, admiring her crush she had no idea what impact he would have on her. She contr...
Secrets and Snakes by Casperboshoven
Secrets and Snakesby Casper
Elio Hensley, chief of police in a small town, and his team of officers have to do everything in their power once a man is found shot in a cabin in the woods to find the...