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Angelic Bond: Linked Memories by giorgostsirkopoulos
Angelic Bond: Linked Memoriesby George Tsirkas
Do you want to know more about Angelic Bond's story? Do you wanna take a deep dive in the mysterious lore of the Worlds, character back stories, past events decribed in...
The Kim's Secret by Crysthetticc
The Kim's Secretby Crystal
In the sprawling metropolis of Seoul, amidst the shimmering lights and bustling streets, a tale of mystery, danger, and resilience unfolds. Crystal, a young woman haunt...
Blood In The Water by ml_opotato
Blood In The Waterby Marianne Emerald Regalario
Would you give up your happiness for the sake of your family? Well, Czarhina Emanuel absolutely can. Her motto was 'family above all' but one person changed that within...
Poppy Playtime: The Heroic Forgotten Toy by LiamandBevmo
Poppy Playtime: The Heroic Liam Cargo
In this story of Poppy Playtime, the Traitor who was a human and now a monster betrayed his group for his life. As we go further in the story Traitor gets other monsters...
Her Tangled Destiny  by KajolSharma8
Her Tangled Destiny by KS~AVibe💫💫
She believed in DESTINY 🕉🕉 Her identity was UNIQUE .~Gauri Sharma . . . . . . . . . He was nothing ordinary He knew her deepest secrets but was bound to his vow to...
Midnight Traces by nll_flowers
Midnight Tracesby Han
Hanish dream of her classmate countless of time that she had no choice but to acknowledge his existence. "I don't like Aliff Qalish.. I like Huzair Irsyah." W...
Bride Of War - Kumudini  by Ankita18499
Bride Of War - Kumudini by Ankita Bawaskar
I am standing middle of the chamber deck up like a bride with heavy joda and jwelleries, wedding chain and sindoor in my partition waiting for my king husband whom i lov...
My mother is the sweet, silly, and innocent protagonist of an angsty novel. My mother was the substitute for the overbearing CEO's unrequited love interest who ran off w...
The Avallon Chronicles by LORAINEJD
The Avallon Chroniclesby ❁로레인❁
Cithara Aeloira Elizell was the last princess of Everdaile. Persistent to unravel the truth about her past, she had to choose between the forces of good and evil. Nevert...
The Empire (editing) | #Wattys2018 Longlist! by IsadoraQuagmire13
The Empire (editing) | 𝗚𝗘𝗟𝗜
Book #2 of the Campus Sleuths' Series. Enter the student life in the prestigious academe of Castillo High - where favoritism is a religion, the campus is a board game, a...
The Worst Journey Of High School by Queenart13
The Worst Journey Of High Schoolby ~•KesiTheArtist•~
Highschool is just a place where education is held. But the journey through THAT education is way different. Having those two iconic friends,making enemies with the typ...
Soukoku || ShinSoukoku One-shots by BeE_iS_DeAD
Soukoku || ShinSoukoku One-shotsby BLEEP-
Soukoku/ ShinSoukoku BSD one-shots, contains: Fluff, Angst (Maybe smut) Suggestions opened #485 in sad (1/6/23)
🌸The New Dancer🌺 by Fnafgirl63
🌸The New Dancer🌺by Fnafgirl63
What would happen if Ballora had a backup dancer? Normally she would have her minireenas and just her dancing on the stage, entertaining the guests at Circus Baby's Pizz...
Red Thread Of Fate by YellowPandaaX
Red Thread Of Fateby YellowPandaaX
I woke up in a strange room surrounded by pure white walls. I can't remember who I am or what happened to me. The only thing I'm told is that I need to make things right...
4 Famous Family. "They are too perfect" "I wish I could be one of them" "no one should mess with them!" "do you think we could Beat th...
Bayan Ng Mga Patay by ariawndy
Bayan Ng Mga Patayby ariawndy
𝚃𝙰𝙶𝙰𝙻𝙾𝙶 𝚂𝚃𝙾𝚁𝚈.. Genre: Myth, Horror, Crime, and Mystery
Pets by CartoonUmbreonIsBack
Petsby VincentCartoonUmbreon
Okay Then. It's Legend Story,Not Tragedy.
Wake Up, Witch by greenwriter
Wake Up, Witchby J.D. Ruiz
When a malevolent witch wakes up two-hundred years later in a completely different England, she has to solve the mysteries of her past with the help of an old immortal n...