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Danganronpa: ReProgrammed by Creepercraftguy
Danganronpa: ReProgrammedby Creepercraftguy
What would it be like in a world where the killing game went differently? What would it be like if different people lived and different people died? What would it be lik...
Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Rewritten. by Famalan
Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Famalan
Have you ever wondered, what if this character had survived? What if this character had been murdered? How would the story progress? How would the game end up? That is t...
My Opinions on Danganronpa Ships~ o(≧▽≦)o by justsomerandomweeb
My Opinions on Danganronpa Trash
I decided to make this because, well... I have nothing better to do with my life. (hello darkness my old friend-) Oh, and also because I (obviously) love Danganronpa.
What Rules Cannot Hold (A Naekusaba story) by Cracoviensis
What Rules Cannot Hold (A Cracoviensis
Mukuro Ikusaba, an Ultimate Soldier, is enamoured of Makoto Naegi, a seemingly unremarkable student whose ultimate talent is his luck. She quickly finds herself as his f...
Lucky - Naekusaba by ultimatevelocisloth
Lucky - Naekusababy hi can i get uuuuuuuuuuh
Everything was set for Junko's killing game. If she'd just gone about it the way she'd originally planned, it would've ended in unbelievable tragedy and despair. But at...
Stalker/ Mukuro x Makoto by HajimeKamakura
Stalker/ Mukuro x Makotoby HajimeKamakura
A little story about Mukuro X Makoto! The art doesn't belong to me :) In this story there is no hope and despair, there is also no ultimates or Hope's Peak Academy :)
He's My Toy! by anyapstl
He's My Toy!by anya
Byakuya Togami already understood the fact, he likes Makoto. He's a bit upset at himself for choosing a male and not a female, but confesses to Makoto anyway. Thinking h...
Memoirs of a Fashionista - Chronicles of a Soldier (MakotoxJunkuro) by Hect89
Memoirs of a Fashionista - Hext9
In an alternate world without despair, Makoto Naegi and Junko Enoshima become an adorable couple despite their opposite backgrounds and personalities. However, unbeknown...
Daganronpa: blue blood «retelling» by Stinkyfeet24
Daganronpa: blue blood «retelling»by Stinkyfeet24
Hi! This is my first story on this app, and I'm really excited to write it! This is a retelling if daganronpa v1, with the same characters, but different murderers and s...
[ DISCONTINUED ] Welcome to my Danganronpa Ship Oneshots book! This book is going to be full of oneshot collections from my favorite ships and it will also be full of c...
The Light Of Hope In The Face Of Despair by Cupa-Chan
The Light Of Hope In The Face Of Cupa-Chan
Mukuro Ikusaba x Makoto Naegi. Mukuro Ikusaba spent her life living in the shadow of her twin sister Junko Enoshima. Clouded by her sister's despair, she first experien...
The War For Hope by Cupa-Chan
The War For Hopeby Cupa-Chan
Mukuro Ikusaba has been through many wars, taking many lives, and achieving many victories. There's one battle that looms over her, with no foreseeable escape. The name...
Danganronpa Reaction's by what_is_this_trash_
Danganronpa Reaction'sby Lisanna
Soo.. I just wanted to do this. I will react to ships, characters, hmm... anything else... yeah.. Leave suggestions for things to react to. Bloop.
Lil' Eggie in a big world by 4appie
Lil' Eggie in a big worldby AP pie
The best fanfict you'll ever fucking read! Makoto has a harem now, and best of all... all of the characters are monsters! The perfect fuel for your weird fantasies :) Di...
multicolored rhinstones (pg saioumatsu) by pastelKUROchu100
multicolored rhinstones (pg Kahl BROflovski
theres a new student in the school, suichi saihara just entered hope peaks academy as the ultimate detective and even gains a friend, which is no one else than kaede aka...
Naekusaba Drabbles by Cupa-Chan
Naekusaba Drabblesby Cupa-Chan
Something I update whenever I feel like it. Little short one shot stories featuring my Danganronpa OTP Naekusaba
The reward for kindness is pain (Makoto Angst) {Makoto Harem/Naegami} by Theweepingdasher
The reward for kindness is pain ( Dot/Mui-Chan or -Kun
I lost the original desc so basically this is an au where makoto is always kind to people and saves people but in return he gets bullied or hurt for it and he's also tra...
A Hot Situation by Hect89
A Hot Situationby Hext9
Because of an aphrodisiac Naegi finds himself one day in a compromising situation with his girlfriend the Ultimate Fashionista and secretly Ultimate Soldier, Junko Enosh...
on the battlefield of love. by naekusaba_freak
on the battlefield of naekusaba_freak
mukoro ikusaba the super high school level soldier, a fierce, quiet, and cold girl... makoto naegi the super high school level lucky student, an awkward, outgoing, and h...
Mukuro x Naegi Fanfiction by EvilSnakeBoii
Mukuro x Naegi Fanfictionby Phoenix
I honestly don't know why I'm writing this but basically Mukuro survives her "execution" and is essentially abandoned by Junko to survive the killing game. So...