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1906|2YEON|ENG by 2yeonyjy
1906|2YEON|ENGby 🖤once|blink🖤
It's 1906, in which women are forced into arranged marriages and nobles still have a form of ignorance too: homophobia. [Historical-cultural references aren't completely...
Let's Say That We Chose Each Other [2Yeon Version] by ayyme_
Let's Say That We Chose Each Kay
Jeongyeon's best friend, Chaeyoung, is stranded in an airport due to unforeseen circumstances, thus keeping her from executing her plan to stop the wedding of her ex-gir...
Citrus  by Joheeeeeee
Citrus by Gobuki
Im Nayeon is a girl who loves fashion and is always worried about her appearance. She likes to go out with her friends, but has never kissed or dated anyone before. But...
Stranger--Original satzu fanfic by Twicepinkidle
Stranger--Original satzu fanficby Twicepinkidle_luv
Truth or dare, fate, luck, one of these happen in every story. But when these 3 things come together, does it bring good or Bad to sana, and her lover, Tzuyu?
Im Nayeon and Yoo Jeongyeon loved each other too much they've lost control.
I HAVE A LOVER by najeong_ot9twice
I HAVE A LOVERby Yoo-Lim Twice
A married couple who loose their Daughter, Can they save their relationship from the biggest mistake? Can they back to their old relationship? Can they forgive each oth...
The Fake Husband (A 2yeon FF) by N_nonymous
The Fake Husband (A 2yeon FF)by N_nonymous
The fake husband is a woman. Jeongyeon saves Nayeon from killing herself. Jeongyeon is so playful and loves to prank that she keeps everyone on their toes. Even Nayeon...
(2yeon)My Number 1 Bully by AuthorGraph20
(2yeon)My Number 1 Bullyby ᒪOᑌ᙭Y
This story is about 2yeon/NaJeong Fanfic. This story also contains Bad grammar so please excuse this issue if you came across one. There also some typos that I might not...
Your Lips Belong To Me by r34per_
Your Lips Belong To Meby yoobeepbeep
"Did I told you that I love you?" "Yes, that is the 17th time. Now would you please take these cuffs off me?" "Only if you tell me you love me t...
Pocket Watch || Saida by hkgrawr
Pocket Watch || Saidaby H.K.L
A saida story that's about Sana traveling 200+ years back, she didn't know how she got there and so she planned to go find a way to go back. But suddenly fell in love w...
My Possessive Billionaire by blinksince20xx
My Possessive Billionaireby Juana Iguana
JENLISA [G!P] FANFIC STORY Lalisa Manoban is a well-known multi-billionaire woman in the country of South Korea. She was known for being best at everything she does. Eve...
My Fallen Meteor by Treaka_
My Fallen Meteorby Treaka
Son Chaeyoung knows that God gifted him with one of the most handsome faces in the world-and everybody would agree to that once they see his gorgeously charming face-he'...
Rehab (2Yeon) ✔ by Tanishka_tk
Rehab (2Yeon) ✔by MostlyInDream
Yoo JeongYeon a drug lover... Im Nayeon a jolly girl... Both fell in love with all of their heart with each other. But...things will not stay same. [STARTED :- 30 APRI...
Last Wish... You (2Yeon) ✔ by Tanishka_tk
Last Wish... You (2Yeon) ✔by MostlyInDream
Im Nayeon want to do her 18 to do things before she dies. Im Nayeon suffering from some problem which will cause her to leave this world. Her 18 things is full of fun...
My Daddy Jeong 😏😎 by Htetwaimin239
My Daddy Jeong 😏😎by Htet Wai Min
18+လို အရေးအသားရိုင်းတာတွေ​ကြမ်းတာ​တွေပါနိုင်တာမို့ကြိုတောင်းပန်ပါတယ်ခင်ဗျာ သင်က roတာလောက်ဘဲ ကြိုက်တယ်ဆိုရင် ကျနော် warning ပေးတဲ့နေရာတွေကိုမဖတ်ပါနဲ့ခင်ဗျာ သီးသန့်ကြီးတေ...
My Love,1932 [Jeongmi • 2yeon AU] by ryuu_gotme
My Love,1932 [Jeongmi • 2yeon AU]by andyjace
[COMPLETED] Jeongyeon died years ago. Mina can't move on from her unconfessed feelings, and Jeongyeon's sudden death because of the friend she trusted so much. Nayeon, w...
My Oasis by yubuibui
My Oasisby yubuibui
Why can't my heart do what I want it to do? Why do I keep missing you?
I LOVE YOU 3000 -[BOOK 2]- by najeong_ot9twice
I LOVE YOU 3000 -[BOOK 2]-by Yoo-Lim Twice
This is the book 2 of I LOVE YOU 300. This time... Jeongyeon Fulfill his promise to Nayeon but..... Is it already late or No?.... Read it to find out... PLEASE SUPPORT...
Trial For Love by najeong_ot9twice
Trial For Loveby Yoo-Lim Twice
This is the book 2 of 'Perfect Accident'. But this time, They will face the test, The trial for their love... But are they able to pass it? Are they able to fight for th...