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Vehemence - an Original Quintessential Quintuplets Story by smartwolf85
Vehemence - an Original mr. wolf
(Y/N) just moved to Japan. The plan is to stay there for a year, away from his home, so he's not too enthusiastic about it. But he meets a certain few people, and sudden...
Una Mariposa sobre el Mar (TN x Nino Nakano) by ADRIP202
Una Mariposa sobre el Mar (TN x ADRIP
TN Akasofu es un joven que aspira a ser cadete de la Marina de Guerra de Japón. Durante mucho tiempo el se concentró en si mismo, pero eso se fue al caño cuando conoció...
The One For Me [Nino Nakano x  Male Reader] by despairdotcom
The One For Me [Nino Nakano x Ekoroshia
One day you are asked by Fuutaro to help on a new job he just got to tutor, 5 girls? Damn that's a lot.. This is the story of love between you and the second sister of...
My New Manager - Ichika Nakano X OC by AnimeFourmule1
My New Manager - Ichika Nakano X OCby AnimeFourmule1
This story takes place 4 years after the story of Gotoubun no hanayome. Fuutaro chose Yotsuba and the other 4 sisters accepted that. And among these sisters one of them...
Butterfly Tsundere (Nino Nakano x Male Reader) by Spiaal
Butterfly Tsundere (Nino Nakano Spiaal
Do I gotta make a description? Nah, we good. I don't own the Quintessential Quintuplets . All credits go to Haruba Negi.
The Matchmaker - A Quintessential Quintuplets x Male OC Fanfic by LeavePromUnattended
The Matchmaker - A Leave Prom Unattended
One day, one memory. Her first love, his mission. Tokugawa Daisuke had a memorable encounter with a girl that changed his life forever. Two years later, they have fi...
Love the tsun (Nino Nakano x male reader)  by nickuleanu
Love the tsun (Nino Nakano x Nick
Y/n is a teenager that looks good but don't really like attention. He never experienced love until...
Butterflies [Nino Nakano x Male Reader] by dpriest22
Butterflies [Nino Nakano x Male Ahzidal
We can never have too many Nino fanfics, so while VR isn't realistic enough to let us become Fuutarou the best thing we can do to fill the void in our hearts is to indul...
Reincarnated As A Tutor (Quintessential Quintuplets x Reader) by resevoir315
Reincarnated As A Tutor ( Resevoir
Y/N, upon death, is isekai'd into an anime. Thinking they would wake up with great powers, Y/N is stunned to realize that they were reborn as the main character to an un...
Quintessential Quintuplets × male reader one-shots (Gotoubun No Hanayome) by Q_lover
Quintessential Quintuplets × Q
One-shots about the Quintessential Quintuplets/Gotoubun No Hanayome girls. I don't know what more to add. I don't own any of the anime characters used.
Nino Nakano x Singer Male Reader  by Rugged_Noodle
Nino Nakano x Singer Male Reader by Senpai Noodle
Being a musician as a teenager is harder than you think. And this boy has proof. Y/n L/n, an aspiring musician who is slowly gaining some recognition around Japan, if n...
Disturbance - Nino Nakano x Male Reader (Quintessential Quintuplets) by Q_lover
Disturbance - Nino Nakano x Male Q
Y/n L/n, a young engineer residing in Tokyo found himself getting kicked out by a pink-haired girl from a cafe. What would happen if Y/n would receive a new project, to...
Intertwined Fates ( quintessential quintuplets x male oc ) by ultimate_dreamer11
Intertwined Fates ( Ultimate_Dreamer11
This is a story of a boy named Tristan Nicolas, and as you can tell from his name he's not Japanese he's actually French. 5 years ago while he was visiting Japan he met...
Studying and Tutoring is Hard (5toubun no Hanayome x M Reader) by Nigrogaos
Studying and Tutoring is Hard ( Nigrogaos
Y/N Hakari is Fuutaro's only friend from childhood that actually stayed with him to their highschool time. And he's also becoming a tutor. "That sucks. I would rath...
Gotoubun no Ko: Five Stars by Kakuto7D
Gotoubun no Ko: Five Starsby Kakuto
After the events in Classroom of the Elite, Hoshino Aqua crosses paths once again with Ayanokouji Kiyotaka at Ai's funeral. An encounter echoing their connection in a pa...
Cinco desastre para un héroe (Ben10xquintillizas) by yenderson123
Cinco desastre para un héroe ( Yender-basado-fic
En esta historia se ve como Ben 10 cae en el mundo de las quintillizas, tendra sus aventuras siendo apoyo a futaro siendo el segundo tutor Aunque siendo ben no creo qu...
Go Toubun no Hanayome One-Shots by kyoka004
Go Toubun no Hanayome One-Shotsby Westdoor31
This is a compilation of One-Shots that tackles each Quint Ship on various scenarios.
MY TUTOR IS A KAMEN RIDER!? (kamen rider build x quintessential quintuplets) by darksoulX72
10 years ago, the Pandora Box was discovered on the planet Mars and brought forth a catastrophe that would forever change the country of Japan. In the years following th...
Fūtarō's Adoptive Brother [Quintessential Quintuplets] by ZeSovietMan
Fūtarō's Adoptive Brother [ ZeSovietMan
Fuutarou Uesugi, in the original timeline, a man with a little sister and his father, teaching the Quintuplets. But in this timeline, Fuutarou has an adoptive brother wh...
Dependence - an Original Quintessential Quintuplets Story by smartwolf85
Dependence - an Original mr. wolf
**second book in the series** (Y/N) arrived back in his home country... but some want him back? He returns to Japan (reluctantly) and continues to tutor the Nakano quint...