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Little Devil (Quintessential Quintuplets x Child Reader) by Creepsies
Little Devil (Quintessential Creepsies
The quints have a cute younger brother. Wait, a cute younger brother? ___________________________________________________________________ There are absolutely no stories...
Go-Toubun No Hero by Bat_FF
Go-Toubun No Heroby Bat_FF
Y/N is a second year high-schooler with medium grades and a passion for History and rock music. He is also a member of the Hero Association and professional hero, known...
COTE x Quintuplets  by AyanogodSolos
COTE x Quintuplets by Saint
What if Ayanokouji replaced Fuutarou I Do Not Own Any Of These Characters
The Quintessential quintuplets in ANHS by shadowmonarch325
The Quintessential quintuplets 綾小路清隆
I am including Kiyo x Quints here. He will tutor them and slowly they will fall in love with him Kiyo will be some OC here. And, also I am removing Kei. No offence Kei s...
Multiple Anime reacts to COTE by shadowmonarch325
Multiple Anime reacts to COTEby 綾小路清隆
As I said , quintessential quintuplets, Oregairu, Kaguya sama: Love is war, Hyouka, Rascal does not dream of bunny senpai will react to Ayanogod and his life in ANHS Th...
Smart Inside, Stupid outside ( The Quintessential Quintuplets Fanfiction) by Rayner_Chan
Smart Inside, Stupid outside ( Eternal_Romeo
When a boy who is smart but his behavior can be called as stupid and clueless, oblivious to various situations. And then, what will happen when he meets the quintuplets...
Butterfly Tsundere (Nino Nakano x Male Reader) by Spiaal
Butterfly Tsundere (Nino Nakano Spials
Do I gotta make a description? Nah, we good. I don't own the Quintessential Quintuplets . All credits go to Haruba Negi.
My New Manager - Ichika Nakano X OC by AnimeFourmule1
My New Manager - Ichika Nakano X OCby AnimeFourmule1
This story takes place 4 years after the story of Gotoubun no hanayome. Fuutaro chose Yotsuba and the other 4 sisters accepted that. And among these sisters one of them...
Butterflies [Nino Nakano x Male Reader] by dpriest22
Butterflies [Nino Nakano x Male Ahzidal
We can never have too many Nino fanfics, so while VR isn't realistic enough to let us become Fuutarou the best thing we can do to fill the void in our hearts is to indul...
Haven (Miku Nakano Fanfic) by Franzel_Red
Haven (Miku Nakano Fanfic)by Franzel Red
Some people believe that music can bring everyone together. Kanae Hotaka, is an aspring singer who dreams to be one of the most well-known artists in Japan. Then there's...
Kuroko Nakano (The Quintessential Quintuplets) Long lost brother by 1diotk1d
Kuroko Nakano (The Angel De Vera
Kuroko is the missing child of Rena and Maruo Nakano. Kuroko gone missing when Maruo got into an accident while trying to save his son from Mudou. A married couple found...
Teaching Feeling  (The Quintessential Quintuplets X Reader) by Juxyo_Ashbell
Teaching Feeling (The Juxyo_Ashbell
It all began when my father asked me to tutor an acquaintance's daughters together with my only friend, Fuutarou Uesugi. For Fuutarou it was the beginning of a nightmare...
Anime Girls get ntr'd by Nexus_738
Anime Girls get ntr'dby Nexus _
You can request the waifu you want to get ntr'd
Effervescent Correlation (Yotsuba Nakano X OC) by homerdecutthroat
Effervescent Correlation ( homerdecutthroat
'...What is this, Yotsu-chan?' 'It's my test results! Shishishi!' '...You got a zero. Again.' 'Eeyup!' '.....What did I do to deserve such a stupid idiot for a best...
Butterflies In My Stomach [Nino Nakano x Male Reader] by apastelpurple
Butterflies In My Stomach [Nino will!
(Started September 29, 2022) Butterflies In My Stomach [Nino Nakano x Male Reader] Your name is Y/n Seiji and you have just moved into a brand new city! You got into a n...
Our Future daughter?! | Uesugi Fuutarou x Quintuplet/Various by UwU_Choco
Our Future daughter?! | Uesugi UwU_Choco
[Ongoing] A story about a girl from the future claiming to be the daughter of Uesugi Fuutarou and one of the Nakano sister. The problem is she can't remember which of t...
Teaching Feelings (The Quintessential Quintuplets X Reader) by Juxyo_
Teaching Feelings (The Juxyo_
It all began when my father asked me to tutor an acquaintance's daughters together with my only friend, Fuutarou Uesugi. For Fuutarou it was the beginning of a nightmare...
The Quintessential Quintuplets: Finding Love Again by SwofiestRawr
The Quintessential Quintuplets: 🍙Kawaii On’nanoko🍁
The Quintessential Quintuplets x fem! reader It all starts with one meeting...
the quintuplet watching 'go-toubun no hanayome' by hyper_gamer_x
the quintuplet watching ' rizali akbar
after their father arrived, the Nakamo quintuplet got a myterious packed from unknow person said this thing gonna effect the future. what they gonna react if they watchi...
Take Flight by CrescentRWBY
Take Flightby WriterCrescent
"Like a butterfly that emerges And unfolds its beautiful blue graceful wings Landing on a plant, where life and nature converges Flapping its wings and there it sin...