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Little Devil (Quintessential Quintuplets x Child Reader) by Creepsies
Little Devil (Quintessential Creepsies
The quints have a cute younger brother. Wait, a cute younger brother? ___________________________________________________________________ There are absolutely no stories...
Doki Doki (Ichika Nakano x Male Reader) by Paul_0918
Doki Doki (Ichika Nakano x Male Chovy
Ichika Nakano's life changed when she met that boy As you can see in the title its a Ichika Nakano x Male Reader story. I pick Ichika because of something happened in th...
The Twin Flame Spark (Nino Nakano x Male Reader) by NeverEndingNighto
The Twin Flame Spark (Nino Mommy Kafka
Y/N is the brother of Kokoro L/N. Kokoro is a good friend of Nino Nakano. They have been friends for years and Y/N has become close to Nino. He secretly has a crush on...
Cinco desastre para un héroe (Ben10xquintillizas) by yenderson123
Cinco desastre para un héroe ( Yender-basado-fic
En esta historia se ve como Ben 10 cae en el mundo de las quintillizas, tendra sus aventuras siendo apoyo a futaro siendo el segundo tutor Aunque siendo ben no creo qu...
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka x Quintuplets by Yp_idor
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka x Quintupletsby Graph_Leon
I decided to put Ayanokoji in the universe of the quintuplets. There will be no special exams, only regular exams and tests. Haruba Negi - author of Five brides. Kinugas...
Quintuplets of the Dead by August_Forger
Quintuplets of the Deadby August Forger
When an outbreak struck, our beloved Quints and MCs embarked on a journey of survival against all odds. Will they be able to make it alive with mere luck by their side?
A Nicer Fuutarou by GabrielHaruba
A Nicer Fuutarouby GabrielHaruba
What if Fuutarou was nice to Itsuki when they first met? This Fanfic is my idea of how things would have went between them (I'm bad at summaries).
Cold but Sweet (Quintessential Quintuplets X Ayanokouji) by Exotic_Animator
Cold but Sweet (Quintessential Exotic_Animator
I've seen a lot of Fanfics where the Quintuplets are transported to COTE, but never the other way around. So in this one, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji escapes the White Room and...
Jujutsu Kaisen; Reaction by shadowmonarch325
Jujutsu Kaisen; Reactionby 綾小路清隆
Anime reacting to Jujutsu Kaisen: Love is war, Quintessential quintuplets, Hyouka, Aobuta, Oregairu, and JJK characters themselves. Feel free to suggest other anime char...
Studying is hard! (Itsuki Nakano x male reader)  by nickuleanu
Studying is hard! (Itsuki Nakano Nick
Y/n has some problems. Him being a big introvert don't really help him. Knowing Fuutarou since they were little, he became his only friend since he doesn't communicate w...
Go Toubun no Hanayome One-Shots by kyoka004
Go Toubun no Hanayome One-Shotsby Westdoor31
This is a compilation of One-Shots that tackles each Quint Ship on various scenarios.
Vehemence - an Original Quintessential Quintuplets Story by smartwolf85
Vehemence - an Original mr. wolf
(Y/N) just moved to Japan. With the plan being to stay there for a year, away from his home, he's not too enthusiastic about it. But when he meets a certain few people...
The Fastest Tutor Alive: ITSUKI (Quintessential Quintuplets x Male Reader) by Guardian4674
The Fastest Tutor Alive: ITSUKI ( Guardian
First attempt at a Male Reader story so cut me a little slack
The Quintessential Quintuplets x OC  by Rayner_Chan
The Quintessential Quintuplets x Eternal_Romeo
Edward Mike is a childhood friend of Uesugi Fuutarou... Mike has always been considered as a prodigy because of the talents he showed to everyone like being able to read...
Smart Inside, Stupid outside ( The Quintessential Quintuplets Fanfiction) by Rayner_Chan
Smart Inside, Stupid outside ( Eternal_Romeo
When a boy who is smart but his behavior can be called as stupid and clueless, oblivious to various situations. And then, what will happen when he meets the quintuplets...
Butterflies In My Stomach [Nino Nakano x Male Reader] by apastelpurple
Butterflies In My Stomach [Nino Pastel
(Started September 29, 2022) Butterflies In My Stomach [Nino Nakano x Male Reader] Your name is Y/n Seiji and you have just moved into a brand new city! You got into a n...
Quintuplets of Blue (Old version) by TypicalUse
Quintuplets of Blue (Old version)by Gio
Currently in the works of 2 new books with the same premise and title as this. See latest chapter for more details. The new book should release when at least 5 chapters...
Ayanokouji x Quintuplets! by TheCoteGuy
Ayanokouji x Quintuplets!by Eleven
The Quintuplets attending ANHS. WOW SURPRISING!!! What's gonna happen? Will they affect the story? WHO WILL END UP WITH AYANOKOUJI?! Read and find out!
What It cost to be an egoist (BL x Go toubun) by KasuKasu69
What It cost to be an egoist (BL Kasumi
"Throw away that Sympathy of yours, Only Egoist survive here" That the words she hear when yotsuba Nakano get herself involved in the blue lock project. Upon b...
Dependence - an Original Quintessential Quintuplets Story by smartwolf85
Dependence - an Original mr. wolf
**second book in the series** (Y/N) arrived back in his home country... but some want him back? He returns to Japan (reluctantly) and continues to tutor the Nakano quint...